Who is Gumball Watterson?

Who is Gumball Watterson?

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Who is Gumball Watterson? is an out-of-show promo for The Amazing World of Gumball.


The trailer has Gumball explaining what other people think about him, using a heavily edited video of out-of-context quotes from people around Elmore. The edited video shows them saying that he is "the most amazing dude" and that they "don't have time to say all the good things" about Gumball. Gumball, looking smug, leans back in his chair, soaking in how the people of Elmore think he's awesome. He leans back too far, however, and falls off the chair.


Gumball: So who is Gumball Watterson? Here are some things people have said about me.
Lucy Simian: GUMBALL!
Carrie: Is the most
Anais: Amazing!
Darwin: Dude!
Nicole: Don't have time
Richard: To say all the good things
Mister Small: About...
Banana Joe: This!
Anais: Amazing!
Darwin: Dude!
Gumball: So, there you have it... [Falls]


  • This video is similar to another trailer, in which they are made by cutting scenes.
  • This promo reveals that Banana Joe does bodybuilding.
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