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Who is Gumball Watterson?

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Who is Gumball Watterson? is an out-of-show promo from The Amazing World of Gumball.


The trailer has Gumball explaining what other people think about him, using a heavily edited video of out-of-context quotes from people around Elmore. The transcript of the said video is as follows:

Lucy Simian: GUMBALL!
Carrie: is the most
Anais: Amazing!
Darwin: Dude!
Nicole: don't have time
Richard: to say all the good things
Mister Small: about...
Banana Joe: this!
Anais: Amazing!
Darwin: Dude!

Gumball, looking smug, leans back in his chair, soaking in how the people of Elmore think he's awesome. He leans back too far, however, and falls off the chair.


  • This video is similar to another trailer, in which they are made by cutting scenes.
  • This promo revealed that Banana Joe does bodybuilding.

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