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Wanda The Wonderful Wand of Wonder
Wanda the Wonderful Wand of Wonder
Character Information
Species: Plastic wand
Friends: Richard
Enemies: The Robinsons
First Appearance: "The Dress"

Wanda The Wonderful Wand of Wonder aka Wanda is the nickname of an object that appeared in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is a plastic wand that first appeared in, "The Dress" in Anais' locker and its first major role is in "The Wand," when Gumball and Darwin find it in a box of Daisy Flakes, but Richard takes it, and dubs it "Wanda the Wonderful Wand of Wonder," believing it to be an actual magic wand. In "Halloween," Tina Rex was seen carrying a similar wand as part of her wizard costume and it can also be seen in The Bananas' yard sale in "The Oracle". It is unknown if Wanda will have another major role in an episode.


Wanda is a novelty plastic magic wand. It has a pink handle, and a yellow star at it's tip.


  • Wanda's name may be a reference to the Nickelodeon show Fairly Odd Parents, as one of the main characters in the show is called Wanda, and she is a fairy god mother who grants wishes.
  • In the Cartoon Network web game FusionFall Heroes, Gumball's main weapon looks exactly like Wanda, but it can do real magic.

Fake Wishes/Spells made with Wanda

  • "I wish I had six eyes!" (Gumball) (Nothing happened)
  • "I wish Gumball had six eyes!" (Darwin) (Nothing happened)
  • "I wish that this wand doesn't turn out to be a big fraud like that stupid wishbone!" (Richard)
  • "I wish for sausages to fly into my mouth!" (Richard)
  • "I wish the sink was fixed!" (Richard)
  • "I wish it was raining pancakes!" (Richard)
  • "I wish it was Christmas everyday!" (Richard)
  • "I wish I was taller!" (Richard)
  • "I wish I had a monster truck. Nah, a monster truck T-shirt!" (Richard)
  • "I wish I could be invisible!" (Richard)
  • "I wish it wasn't so hot!" (Richard)
  • "I wish for a cape!" (Richard)
  • "I wish you looked ridiculous! (Richard to Mr. Robinson)
  • "And, I wish your wife's head was a melon!" (Richard to Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson)
  • "I wish you two would fly away out of my sight!"  (Richard to Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson)
  • "Fall down spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Slow motion spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Reverse spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "In love spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Flying spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Inside-out spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Back to normal spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "I wish his face was your butt, and your butt was your face!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "I wish his butt was kissing your face, and your face was kissing his butt!"(Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "I wish you didn't have that ridiculous haircut!" (Mr. Robinson to Mrs. Robinson)
  • "I wish I hadn't said that." (Mr. Robinson to Mrs. Robinson)

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