Should we implement a "Contributor of the Year" contest?

The poll was created at 15:13 on August 19, 2012, and so far 19 people voted.
I want to know if anyone would like to have some kind of tournament-like voting poll for the previous monthly contributors to take the title of Contributor of the Year 2011 - 2012. I'm not planning to give any rewards but show-off value and a feature in the front page of the wikia. It's a simple gesture of saying "Thank you" to those people who've spent a hard amount of their time to the development.
But some people in the list aren't even online anymore!
Doesn't matter! The fact is they DID contribute during the days where it mattered. Remember to vote not because of what they will do, but of what they have done (thought being currently active in the wikia matters as well).
So you'll be doing this all by yourself?
I expect this'll be the case, but if someone could spare some of their time to help, I won't face away from it. However, they should go through me about it, mainly because only admins are able to edit my blog posts, and obviously because we don't want unwanted things to go in.
I wanna be in the contest!
As much of a helpful user you are recently, but are not voted as a featured contributor (probably because you've only resided in the wikia just recent, or you were outvoted by somebody else), you will not be going in. Remember that though this is a way of gratitude to those users who've spent their time here, it does NOT mean that we're not grateful of your contributions.
When do you plan to implement this?
As obvious as LeonSkunk's win is on the horizon, we will have to wait until September, where the next monthly featured contributor will change (which will allow old featured contributors of the previous year to be added again - if they've proved their worth)
I find no reason to (not) implement this contest
The implementation of this contest will be determined by how the community reacts, and not to be decided by one person. If 70% or over of the total votes would like to have this, then I see no reason why not. Less than that would be questionable (50% - 69%), and may be discussed more with the admins and regulars, and if majority say no (0% - 49%), then obviously nobody wants to see it.
So what's the reward for winning?
Like I said, nothing of great value. Your name and avatar will be revealed in the main page, in the RECENT NEWS section. If you're first, your name and avatar will be gigantic compared to the other two to be featured (second and third). How long will they be up there? Maybe two months, more or less.
Why are you doing this? You're new and have no idea how the community runs. Why you, of all people, are making this?
Because I don't see anyone else doing it themselves. These people deserve any amount of gratitude, but I feel that they are receiving too little of it. See the comments? Most of these idiots curse at people like Globaluna, DarPower, and Gumballamiyumi, all of which are nominees as a featured contributor! Will this contest solve them from doing menacing things to the wikia? Of course not. But I hope that it'll help people realize that they were voted by the community as good contributors for a reason. Having their faces avatars forged in the main page, at least for a month of two, helps.

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