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August 13, 2011

hi im gumball watterson i live in elmore im born im may 2 2000  im 12 years old i go to a shcool called elmore junior high along my 10 year old brother darwin and my 4 year old sister anais my mom is 33  years old my dad is 33 years old too  my granny jojo is 80

MY Friends

carrie bananajoe tobias hector penny um she is my friend not my......oh  never mind masami at times teri idaho anton clayton only for conviensing me and darwin ocho mostly an enemy  and he is darwins friend lesile bobert   same with clayton  but he just came too me and be friended me molly alan for helping me get back darwin carmen for helping her get back alan my brain for helping me get back darwin keneth i though he was my son but he is my friend juke rich i mean rob dog mr. robinson mrs. robinson larry at times rachel after sal left thumb before  donut sherrif at times replay 2000  manager after mailbox tree two rats eating a kebob 100dollarbill  sezior citezens mr. small razor rocky prinsible brown at times mr. fitsgearald mr.  fitgearald after mrs. fitsgearald pennys sister after and way before hectors mom after i can`t spell hectors last name its too long daisy the donky for helping her get anais back happy place squrrle honesty bear idahos family


mrs. simian prinsible brown tina  are my biggest eneimies jamie mr. cuddles ocho masami at times sussie the hobo for stealing mine and darwins money larry at time donut sherrif before sal left thumb after replay 2000 manager before  3d cube dog  virus jelosy leslie my fake enemy its becuase of jelosy pants bully for shouting at me and darwin razor fake enemy silianes snake shooting star for being a faker monsters from the forest for doom lizard woman for stilling me and my moms chicken neck beard for thinking i poked his butt blue repair man for makeing me help neck beard  mr. fitsgearald before mrs. fitsgearald before pennys sister before

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