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  • I live in Colorado
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is High School Freshman
  • I am Male
Transformers fallofcybertron trailer

Don't mess with Optimus Prime!

Hey everybody! I just want to say I love the Amazing World of Gumball. This is my favorite show on CN next to Adventure Time and Regular Show. And also, as it says on my user name, I'm a huge Transformers Fan. I absolutly loved the cartoons and the movies. My favorite was the generation one series. I've played all the games and now Fall of Cybertron is here!!!! I LOVE this game sooooooo much!!!! It is the best Transformer game ever!

Fall of Cybertron Trailer:

Transformers Fall of Cybertron - 90-Second Launch Commercial01:32

Transformers Fall of Cybertron - 90-Second Launch Commercial

What I love

  • The Amazing World Of Gumball- no duh
  • Tranformers- obviously
  • Everything about Cartoon Network- been a fan since I started watching TV
    Autobot logo

    Autobots! Rollout!

  • Tennis- I love playing Tennis, it's my thing
  • Movies- love watching movies with my brothers
  • Call of Duty- greatest war game I've ever played

What I hate

  • No it alls- They make me really mad
  • Cartoon Network shows that only last for a month- There's no point to them
  • Spammers- If I knew a spammer, I would punch him in the face
  • Video games based on movies- not refering to the Transformers games, I love those.

Friends (people I've come to enjoy on the wiki)

  • Noah54: Friend of mine at school
  • Cperry111: This guy is awesome and a great friend
  • Blue P.: An awesome friend
  • DarPower: Funny dude
  • Globaluna32: She welcomed me to the wiki, I thank her for that
  • Dfire63: Great friend of mine at school
  • MarioMarioX2: He seems cool
  • Alfrediscoolbro3229: Friend of mine at school
  • Gumballamiyumi: Russel is hilarious and random
  • Zargy: This guy is just too funny
  • Legomachinemer787: This person is pretty cool
  • StickVentures2: Great friend and also is awesome
  • PhazonGumball123: He's a badass
  • PennyFitzgerald: It's Penny, who isn't friends with her
  • GumballWatterson89: Who wouldn't be friends with Gumball
  • Pricerocks245: A cool Call of Duty fan, like myself
  • Maskedman0000: He has no fear
  • Cartoonfan7360: He's funny and awesome


When I first saw promos for Gumball, I thought it would be the stupidest show ever. But when I gave it a chance and I saw the very first episode, I fell in love with it. Greatest animation in a cartoon and imaginative characters make The Amazing World Of Gumball the best cartoon ever.


Now users have been giving me nicknames and you can use them too.

  • Tranny: Russel calls me this a lot, espicially when he's pissed at me in chat
  • GummyTransFan: This was used once, but I still remember it
  • GTF: Short abriviation for my name, this is easier and I would know if you're talking to me
  • Transformer: Used many times in chat
  • TransformerFan: Some users called me this
  • GumTransFan: Sometimes I've seen this being used

Now a Brony

Apparantly, thanks to Phazon, I am now a brony. But I will just get this out of the way. Rainbow Dash is best Pony (sorry John Marston, you're still my favorite pony that isn't part of the show) , and favorite episode I guess was the Discord episode. But I will not say this to any of my friends at school. For they will harrass me like no one has ever seen. I'm sorta like The FireyJoker, a person on youtube who did a review on MLP FIM. He kinda liked the show and that's just like me. So haters, f**k you and what not. Don't judge me....DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!!!!

My true identity

IMG 4314

What I look like.


What I think I look like.

Favorite Video Games

  1. Call of Duty Black Ops- It's just plain awesome
  2. Transformers War For Cybertron- Great Campaign, great multiplayer, love it
  3. Call of Duty MW3- Amazing
    Decepticon logo

    Decepticons! Mobolize!

  4. Red Dead Redemption- Very fun well played Western
  5. Starfox 64- It may be an old game, but I still love playing it.

Favorite Movies

  1. Chris Farely Movies (ex: Black Sheep, Tommy Boy, Almost Heroes)- RIP Chris
  2. Transformers Movies 1-3- I don't know why people didn't like the 2nd Transformers
  3. Saving Private Ryan- best part is the ending
  4. Battle Los Angeles- great movie
  5. The Hangover- inspiring

Favorite Cartoons

  1. The Amazing World Of Gumball- Yep


  2. Adventure Time- What time is it?
  3. Regular Show- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. All Transformers cartoons- Can't get enough
  5. The Looney Tunes Show- Not as good as the old looney tunes but it's ok
  6. Beavis and Butt-Head- Hilarious
  7. Napolean Dynamite- It's pretty good
  8. Spongebob- I don't like the new episodes
  9. Sym Bionic Titan- Sucks it got canceled
  10. Star Wars The Clone Wars- I've seen every season

Favorite TV shows

  1. Phsych- My brothers and I love watching this
  2. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide- One of the greatest


    shows ever
  3. Even Stevens- No need to say but I LOVE THIS SHOW
  4. The Walking Dead- My cousin got me hooked on it
  5. It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia- Hilarious show


  • Get 1,000 edits: status completed- On this day Wednesday March 2, 2012, I have reached 1,000 edits
  • Be a rollback: status completed- Mango has awarded me the power of being a rollback
  • Become chat mod: status incomplete-
  • Hope account survives after computer is turned in: status completed- It has survived
  • Get 2,000 edits: status complete- Sunday June 17, 2012, I have reached 2,000 edits
  • Become admin: status incomplete-

Transformers Fall Of Cybertron

This is the direct sequel to Transformers War For Cybertron. It follows the story of the autobots escaping their destroyed home of Cybertron. There is a trailer on Youtube that anyone can look up. It comes out Fall 2012.

Transformers fall of cybetron dinobot grimlock 1 concept art
Transformers-fall-of-cybertron 2011 10-21-11 001

Optimus prime fall of cybertron video game aaron limonick poster wallpaper concept art painting g1

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Exclusive Trailer

Dino7 1319224405

The Best

A bunch of kids at school said, "Oh dude, you've got to watch My Little Pony, it's so awesome!" I didn't want to reveal that I was a brony because of the harrassment, but then Phazon asked me who is best pony on chat. So I found this picture and he is truly the best pony ever.

Tumblr ls0b6sGxGr1qmfxuyo1 500
John Marston is best pony.

That's not part of the show.

My made up pony

Here is my made up pony and he looks totally badass, I thank Cartoonfan for helping me make him.

His name is Grimshot Theral Frost or GTF for short, yeah it's my name in my OC pony. Most call him Grimshot.


Mental Note:

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