The Amazing World of Gumball - Trailer-0

The Amazing World of Gumball - Trailer-0

The Trailer is an out-of-show video of The Amazing World of Gumball.


It begins with the camera passing by Principal Brown's house as a voice says "In a world in chaos...". Principal Brown is visible in the same shot and can be seen watering his lawn then waves to the camera. The screen fades to one of the halls in Elmore Junior High as Carmen and Alan attempt to kiss, however Alan pops because he's balloon, and Carmen is a cactus. The scene cuts to Gumball and Darwin doing dramatic poses. Gumball asks Darwin what is with his voice. Darwin replies that it's his movie voice. Gumball says that his voice sounds like a gargling gravel. Darwin stands up with his flippers on his hips. He asks if Gumball wants to make the trailer average or good. Gumball replies whatever. They count to 3 and jump out of the screen showing a sign that says heroism. Darwin is up a tree crying help, and Gumball trys to save him with a garbage bin while William, Anton and Banana Joe watch them. Darwin yells great and falls down straightly into the garbage bin. Another scene shows a family feud of Gumball and Richard fighting over the remote. Anais laughs and Nicole looks confused. The remote falls into Richard's mouth and whenever he hiccups, the TV changes the channel. Another scene shows a sign that says danger where Gumball throws a fire extinguisher and accidentally hits Tina and she chases him. Another scene shows Marvin that is slowly riding to a sewer hole. Another scene shows Gumball snatching Anais's ice cream and Anais gives him several slaps on the face. Another scenes shows Richard jiggling his pecks left while Nicole laughs as Mr. Small watches from afar and has his eyes on fire after that. Another scene shows Penny kissing Gumball, then he starts blushing madly. The next scene shows Richard making a sandwich then it accidentally falls making him scream dramatically. In some short scenes, Darwin shows off his muscles, Banana Joe takes off his peel, Carrie tries to possess, Doughnut Sheriff saluting, Bobert in combat mode, Hector stomps a car, Sussie smiling, and finally, Gumball and Darwin jumping out of the screen while a TV shows a massive explosion. The last scene shows everyone saying the show's title.



  • This trailer revealed that Darwin has "a movie voice."
  • This trailer also reveals that Darwin has butt cheeks on the back of his head.
  • This trailer revealed that Carmen and Alan are a couple.
  • Principal Brown's voice is different from the series.
  • In international airings, a brief scene with Anton screams after Darwin falls on the dumpster is present.[1]
  • "Weird Like You And Me," a song from season four of the series, references this trailer.
    • It is referenced again in "The Nemesis" when Gumball and Darwin sing Rob's name at the bus.


  • When all of the characters say "The Amazing World of Gumball," Sal Left Thumb and Anton appear to move with the camera view.
  • When Gumball is running away from Tina, his voice echos.
  • After the scene with Carmen popping Alan, Molly is absent from several frames, despite being visible seconds before.
  • During the whole "movie voice" scene in the school hallway, Darwin has no eyelashes.
  • At the end of the trailer, the Wattersons briefly warp over the rainbow transition circle.


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