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Tina Rex



Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Age: 14
Friends: Gumball,
Darwin ,
Bobert (formerly)
Enemies: Ocho,
Anton (at times),
Banana Joe,
Idaho and Gumball (formerly)
Relatives: Mr. Rex (father)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "Early reel" (prototype)

"The Third" (final concept)

Voice: Dan Russell
(Season 1)
Stefan Ashton Frank
(Season 2 onwards)

Tina Rex is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. As suggested by her name, Tina is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She is the fearsome bully of Elmore Junior High.


Tina is a large and extremely fearsome Tyrannosaurus. Unlike her father, Tina has a more realistic appearance, with an emotive face, and an actual personality. Tina is covered in thick, brownish-gray scales from head-to-tail. She has a huge mouth full of enormous, white carnivore teeth, and very noticeable halitosis.

In Season 2, Tina gets a redesign - she has a more blackish-grey color and looks more realistic. Her eyes also get less slanted, and more circular.


Tina is the resident bully of Elmore Junior High and is likely one of the meanest and strongest, if not the meanest and strongest out of all of them. She regularly torments her underlings at school, such as Ocho and Anton, both of whom she can stomp on with ease. Jamie is her best friend and partner in crime.

Tina lives in the Junkyard with her father, which suggests that they are either too poor to afford a house or too large to fit in one. Tina has apparently never owned a toy before, which caused her to steal Anais' Daisy the Donkey plushy. She claimed that she wanted to give it back, but her loneliness made her want to keep it for herself.

Despite Tina being a bully, it has been suggested on many occasions that she is a sensitive, and somewhat insecure individual at heart. It has also been said that Tina bullies others due to the lack of recognition for her femininity. It has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy - she only acts like a monster because she looks like and is treated as a monster. She admitted to being quite scared of Nicole, in the Season 1 episode, "The Fight."



Tina frequently torments Gumball. This is prominently shown in "The Fight," when she chases Gumball throughout the school, ending with Gumball getting injured due to running into a door. When Nicole confronts Tina's father at the end of the episode, Tina tells Gumball that she does all those things to him because she was just having fun and that she thinks of him as a good friend. However, there are also cases that Gumball mocks Tina's talents too, causing her to run through the school to catch him, as seen in "The Flakers." In rare cases, Tina helps Gumball sometimes, as in "The Others."

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Scrapped Episode


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Gumball: Keep very still. Her vision is based on movement.
Tina: That only works in movies.

—"The Quest"

Tina: That's very touching. But, now you better start running.
Gumball, Darwin, and Anais: Why?
Tina: My dad eats trespassers.

—"The Quest"

Clayton: I could build you a bridge...
Tina: [steps on Clayton] No! Let me carry you in my mouth! [roars, showing her large, smelly mouth]
Gumball: Uh, I can just walk around... Like this. [walks around a puddle that his admirers have suggested ways to cross]
Tina: Oh, she's so clever!

—"The Dress"

Tina: Look, there's Gumball!
Masami: And he's naked! [everyone laughs at naked Gumball]

—"The Dress"

Hector: Hey, Tina! Can I have the next dance?!
Tina: You can have this one. [drops Gumball on the ground]

—"The Party"


  • Her name seems to be a play on "T. Rex."
  • She is the tallest girl at Elmore Junior High.
  • Tina's design is based upon the tyrannosauruses from King Kong and Jurassic Park.
  • In an early production poster, her design has low quality, and a more cartoon-like appearance.
  • Tina bears a resemblance to Tiny the T. Rex from the film, Meet the Robinsons.
  • Tina auditioned for cheer-leading, as seen in "The Photo," however, was unable to do a split; which was essential in the audition.
  • In "The Fight," Tina considered herself a friend of Gumball's.
  • Tina is one of the few characters to be a female voiced by a male. The others are Miss Simian, Coach, and Sussie.
  • There is an Exo suit based on her in Project Exonaut.
  • She is quite frequently seen with her mouth open.
  • In "The Words," it is shown that she has a habit of tapping her fingers on her desk.
  • She possibly had feelings for Bobert, because of how she reacted to his words in "The Bet."
  • Tina, her father, and Molly are the only dinosaurs that appeared on the show so far.
  • She had no speaking roles in Season 3.
  • In the Early Reel, she was known simply as "T. Rex".
  • In a video of Elmore Stream-It it is revealed she is 14 years old.

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