As some of you may have noticed, we have been experiencing some issues with our main page and chat. This has been investigated, and it turns out...

    You've been pranked by the staff of Gumball Wiki. Indeed – this main page swap with the Steven Universe Wiki was all part of the April Fools' 2017 scheme to conquer your hearts. This has been months in planning and we are glad that it was a success.

    Special thanks to:

    • Raava – for the original idea and organization.
    • Andrey – for the monumental 700+ lines of CSS.
    • The Steven Universe Wiki – for being our partners in crime.
    • Noah – for editing the CSS.

    And with that, let us review some April Guy funny moments.

    The Fools

    Rest assured that "accidental" kicks in chat were agreed upon beforehand. As for the people who have been fooled, it was all in jest, so please don't yell at us.




    The Geniuses

    Some users quickly figured out the changes were intentional, or came close to that conclusion. Such users include Aadit, Stick, Cici, Chan, Seastar, Water, Star, and others. Thanks for not ruining the joke.

    So yeah, sorry if we made you guys freak out too much. And don't worry there is no actual glitch, so you're safe from "unintentional kicks", they won't be happening any time soon. 'Till the next one, enjoy the screencaps.

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