Boy Spying

The Treehouse Girls were a group of six females and one male in The Amazing World of Gumball. The group consists of Masami, Molly, Carmen, Carrie, Teri, Leslie, and Penny.

Their main hangout is Molly's treehouse, where they talk about boys and other feminine subjects. Even though it is Molly's treehouse, Masami seems to be the leader of the group. In "The Pressure" (the group's only appearance together), she leads them into thinking that having a boyfriend is "cool", which causes several of them to lie about having one. Masami claims that her boyfriend is Darwin, despite him being less impressive than the boyfriends the other girls made up. At the end of the day, Masami tries to coerce Darwin into kissing her so she can assert superiority over the rest of the group. However, Banana Joe and Tobias arrive and chop the treehouse down seconds before they touch lips, and in the resulting confusion, Darwin kisses Gumball instead.

The destruction of the treehouse seems to have terminated the group, as all seven have not been seen together since the event, and without a lookout in which to privately observe the boys, they can no longer fulfill their purpose.

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