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The Spoon is the eighth episode of season one of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Gumball and Darwin unknowingly become accomplices in the robbery of a convenience store.


It's Nicole's birthday and Gumball, Darwin, and Anais get her presents, but Richard forgot to get one for her. He can't buy a gift for her because he needs to watch the kids. Then Richard sends the boys to the gas station. They pick out a holographic card that has a person on it, angry and normal. A robber comes in and scares the cashier with an old, rusty spoon, he then raids the cash register. Gumball and Darwin are about to pay for the card when the robber sees them. The robber then lies to them, saying he wants them to collect something for the Bald People charity, Gumball and Darwin find lots of stuff, including shampoo, which they think is a perfect gift for Bald People. As Gumball gets the shampoo from the bottom of the pile, the pile falls and reveals a safe. Soon the police man comes and looks around, he is trying to eat a snack when he comes in, but he is a donut and it goes through the hole in him, which happens to be his mouth. Gumball and Darwin find him a snack, which ironically is a donut, he drives off after that. The boys try to open the safe to no avail, until the safe says they just have to say please.

Meanwhile, Nicole comes home from work and notices that the boys aren't there, she asks Richard where they are and he tells them. Nicole then tells him to put his pants on (which she is always telling him) and then the family goes to the gas station to get them. When they are there the robber ties them up and tapes their mouths shut. Gumball and Darwin see them and ask why they are tied up. Then, they see the robber and realize he doesn't work for charity and start running. Richard swallows the tape and crawls around, and finds a hot dog on the floor and licks it. Nicole then finds some ice cream and puts it on her rope, Richard bites through it and Nicole goes to save the boys.

Gumball and Darwin crash into the wall, and the robber takes their bag. Nicole then find them and picks up the bag and a hot dog. The Doughnut Sheriff comes back and sees Nicole with the bag, Darwin and Gumball unconscious, and the cashier tied up. Nicole then gets arrested after the officer sees what happened there.

Later, Richard, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais go to the jail and gave Nicole a cake for her birthday. Then, the police man comes in with the real robber, and says Nicole is free to go, but he needs 5 minutes to fill out her paperwork. "5 minutes is all I need", Nicole says, leaving the robber very worried.


Minor Characters


The gallery for "The Spoon" can be found here.


  • One wig brand in the gas station had the name "Gendi" on it, a reference to George Gendi, who is one of the storyboarders for the show.
  • This was the last episode in the United States to be paired with another new episode on the day of its premiere.
  • When Sal is talking to Larry at the beginning, a poster of Ocho is on the top shelf, and a poster featuring Mr. Small is visible in the background as well.
  • Goof: While Gumball and Darwin are riding on the helium can they fly through a wall then out the side of the screen.
  • In reality, a gas station store would not be so big because when Gumball and Darwin are riding on the air pressurized tank, it was the size of a store like Target and gas station stores are usually about 100 ft sq.
  • Running Gag: People getting scared by a rusty spoon.
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