The Screamening is a movie in The Amazing World of Gumball that appeared in "The Spoiler." Gumball and Darwin went to see it at the cinema

In "The Spoiler," Gumball and Darwin want to see it, but lack the money for the tickets. Anais offers to buy the tickets for them if they bring her along, but the boys refuse, deciding instead to wait until Friday when they get their allowance. Throughout the week, several people talk about the movie around Gumball, nearly spoiling the movie for him. Eventually, they get their allowance and go to see the film. Anais sneaks into the theater with them and attempts to record the film to watch later. Unfortunately, Larry catches her and chases the trio across the aisles. They manage to escape by spoiling the ending for the movie-goers and getting lost in the leaving crowd.


The movie is about a dentist and his wife hiding in a remote cabin in the woods from the dentist's crazy uncle. Many things go wrong, however: the cabin is built on an ancient cowboy burial ground, their car breaks down, and a demon baby is living in the cabin's cellar the wife gets possessed. Near the end of the film, it is revealed that the demon baby was just a figment of the dentist's imagination, and that every character in the movie was just one of the dentist's seven split personalities.


  • According to Gumball, this is the only film in 10 years that is not "a remake, a sequel, a remake of a sequel, or a prequel of a sequel of a remake."

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