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Gumball's New Rival!?

[Gumball and Darwin sitting in the bleachers at Elmore Stadium. It's a sunny day and the cheerleaders are singing while Penny performs a move]
Cheerleaders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we are Elmore Junior High! 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10, spin around and start again!
Gumball: Woo, hoo, that's my girl!
[Penny blows Gumball a kiss and he catches it, and pats it on his chest]
Gumball: Right next to my heart, baby.
Darwin: Dude, what are you doing?
Gumball: What's the problem, can't a guy celebrate when his cheerleader girlfriend lands an amazing flip on a beautiful sunny day?
Darwin: Okay, I don't know what kind of reality you're living in. First of all, this isn't a sunny day. [lightning fills the screen with light, rain starts pouring and thunder starts roaring] Secondly, that move went wrong and you cheered. [takes a bite of his sandwich]
Carmen and Teri: Oh Penny, are you okay?
[Carmen, Teri and Leslie help up Penny, who is upside down on the ground]
Penny: [grunts] My face planted so hard, I've got grass on my tonsils.
Leslie: Well someone found it entertaining [Leslie and Teri look at the camera angrily].
Darwin: And finally, she's not your girlfriend.
Gumball: What? Well, then how come she blew me this kiss?
Darwin: That's ketchup, [Gumball looks at the ketchup stain] you just smeared it all over yourself.
Gumball: What the, what's going on?
Darwin: What's going on, is you've dragged me here to eat my lunch in the rain, so you can gawk at Penny like you do every day, even though you guys aren't even boyfriend and girlfriend!
Gumball: Oh yeah, well you look like a s-swollen...traffic...cone!
Darwin: Sorry dude, I didn't mean to offend you, I'm not saying it won't happen, but right now, you've got some competition [points at Leslie helping Penny walk back to class].
Leslie: Come on now, let's get you back inside.
Gumball: Who? Leslie, nah, they're just friends [looking at Leslie again]
Penny: [hugging Leslie] Oh, Leslie, what would I do without you.
Jealousy: [thinks that Penny and Leslie are dating] That's how it starts. Soon he'll be her boyfriend and you'll be history.
Gumball: No, it's not like that, he's a nice guy.
Jealousy: No he's not, and I'm going to put an the end of this, RIGHT NOW! [starts running to Leslie while grunting]
Darwin: [surprised] Wow.
Jealousy: [runs through the hurdles, passing by Bobert and Jamie, knocking Tobias unconscious with a baton, grabbing a football and hitting all the Elmore football players, and finally, reaches Leslie]
Gumball: Hey...Leslie...STITCH! [Tired from all the running, so Gumball passes out and sinks into the mud]


[In the school cafeteria, Leslie is talking to Penny about something]
Gumball: :[spying on Leslie and Penny with binoculars] You see, there's nothing going on. They're just eating lunch and chatting.
Darwin: What do you think they're saying?
Jealousy: So how do you like my stupid pink petals and my fat yellow face [Leslie's lips are following the words] Oh, I'm so pleased you like it. I use it to steal GIRLS FROM PEOPLE!
Carrie: [appears and flips her hair] Who are you talking about?
Darwin: Gumball is jealous of Leslie.
Carrie: Leslie, why?
Jealousy: Because he's trying to steal MY GIRL! [barges into the cafeteria, leaving Carrie and Darwin shocked]
Leslie: You know, you should seriously consider becoming a carnivore.
Penny: Why?
Leslie: Because before it ends up on your plate, [shows a picture of a carrot being peeled] this is what they do to vegetables!
Penny: Mm...humm.. yeah, I'm not sure that baloney is such a good option though.
Leslie: Well, at least I'm not eating my own kind...[Leslie's voice turns blurry; Penny sees a possessed Gumball, but doesn't recognize him because he is distant; Gumball strangely running towards them, but does not appear to get any closer]
Penny: Uh huh. [Jealousy is still running towards them] Yeah.
Leslie: In cold water...[Jealousy is still running, when he finally arrives, he starts slapping Leslie's pot; Leslie pushes him away effortlessly]
Jealousy: [tired] Curse this feeble body, you should work out more. [continues slapping Leslie's pot]
Penny: [looks at Gumball angrily] Gumball, what is wrong with you?
Jealousy: What's wrong with you [slaps Leslie's pot three times], hanging out with this loser, instead of me.
Penny: Come on, Leslie, let's get out of here
Jealousy: [jumps and attempts to kick Leslie] Hadouken! [misses and falls on the ground]
Gumball: Penny, I'm so sorry.
Jealousy: No I'm not!
Gumball: Shut up.
Jealousy: [slaps Gumball] You're pathetic.
Gumball: [slaps Jealousy back] You're pathetic, you insecure weirdo. [notices his left hand being possessed] Oh. [gets slapped and falls to the ground; he laughs nervously before passing out]
Jealousy: Looks like I have to take care of this myself!
Carrie: [surprised] Wow.
Darwin: I know, I've never seen him like this.
[In the school hallway, a possessed Gumball is talking to Principal Brown.]
Jealousy: And the case is solved, Commissioner Brown, arrest this man. [points at Leslie]
Principal Brown: What are you talking about?
Jealousy: The case of the stolen trophy, which I have just found in his conveniently open locker.
Leslie: Principal Brown, I think it's pretty obvious what's happened here.
Carrie: [looks at the broken glass pieces and points at Gumball] He did it.
Jealousy: [nervous] Ah hah, uh, um, see ya later [changes back to Gumball]
Gumball: Huh, what, what's going on? [puts the trophy down]
Leslie: Uh, what's going on, is that we're about to open your locker and find a crowbar.
Gumball: [confused] Okay.
Jealousy: [whispers to Gumball] Dude, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Gumball: Why, what did you make me do now? [opens his locker and several items, including herbicides and vandalized pictures of Leslie, fall out; Gumball is shocked] What's all this?
Jealousy: Um... Plan B? [Gumball hits his face]
Gumball: [chuckling worriedly] Well, at least there's no crowbar. [the crowbar falls out as well and Gumball is shocked again]
Principal Brown: Wow.
Carrie: I know, right.


[In Principal Brown's office, Penny stands between Leslie and Gumball.]
Penny: Gumball, I think you owe Leslie an apology.
Gumball: I would apologize but.... he'll beat me up again.
Leslie: Oh! I'll do nothing of the sort!
Gumball: Not you, him.
Leslie: Who?
Jealousy: Me, you neck-to-face, CO2-breathing, self-pollinating, photosynthesizing, soil-eating, root-drinking, deciduous, petal-headed punk!
Leslie: See, he hates me, it's been like this all day.
Gumball: Look, I don't hate you, it's just... I'll explain everything when I get out of prison.
Principal Brown: Prison? [chuckles] Gumball, we're not the police.
Gumball: Wait, you mean I'm not wearing handcuffs?
Principal Brown: Of course not.
Jealousy: Well, then, good luck finding me in Mexico! [starts slamming himself into Principal Brown's door continuously until he faints; the door finally opens]
Penny: Gumball, please make an effort with Leslie.
Gumball: Yeah, okay.
[Scene changes to the park, where Gumball and Leslie are walking together.]
Gumball: [sighing happily] I'm pleased we've got to spend this time together.
Leslie: Me too, Penny was right, we do have a lot in common.
Gumball: Phew, it's hot. Oh, a bench in the shade. [chuckling] [pats the other side of the bench, showing where Leslie should sit]
Leslie: [both sighing happily] You know, after today, I never thought you and me would become friends.
Gumball: Well, I guess sometimes life is just full of...
Jealousy: SURPRISE! [pulls a rope, then many slugs, snails and wormss start falling from the tree onto Leslie, who screams] Ah... I see you've met my hungry little friends.
Leslie: I can't move!
Jealousy: That's right, I glued you to the bench. [laughs evilly] I guess we won't be "insecting" you at school tomorrow [laughs evilly] Wait wait, I-I can do better, [taking a deep breath] we'll see how pretty you'll look after this, "larva boy" [laughing still] No, still not good enough, [taking another deep breath] that will teach you for being a creepy crawl... Ah... you get the point [walks away]
Leslie: WHYYYY!!
[Scene changes to the school cafeteria, where Penny is eating with Gumball and Darwin then the bell rings]
Penny: I'm so pleased you and Leslie are finally getting along.
Darwin: Yeah, because for a while there, you completely lost it.
Penny: Where is he by the way?
Gumball: Uh... he had to take care of something that was...
Jealousy: BUGGING HIM!
Gumball: Nailed it! [a door is heard being slammed open]
Leslie: Penny, keep away from him, he's insane!
Jealousy: How did you get away? I glued you to the bench!
Leslie: You glued my pot to the bench! [the camera shows Leslie, not wearing his pot]
Penny: Oh, Leslie. Are you okay?
Jealousy: [yells] STAY AWAY FROM HER! [runs to Leslie and starts plucking his petals] She loves me, She loves you not, She loves me, She loves you not!
Penny: [terrified] DARWIN, HELP!
Darwin: Dude, chill out. We have to do something, I don't recognize him anymore!
Carrie: I think I know what to do. [flips her hair]

Carrie's House

[Carrie is lighting a circle of candles on the floor]

Carrie: Don't break the circle of pepper. It's our only protection.
Penny: From what?
Carrie: Jealousy. It's taken possession of his body. And it must be EXPELLED! [Jealousy tries to escape the circle of pepper, jumping at Carrie, but a green shield keeps him contained] Gumball, if you're there, give us a sign. [Gumball shows up in the mirror's reflection; he fogs up the mirror and writes]
Darwin: [reads] "Writing in this way is difficlut". Yeah, that's Gumball alright.
Carrie: Good, it's not too late. Now, we must present the root of his jealousy. Leslie, [Jealousy growls at Leslie] take a step forward.
Leslie: I feel like I'm close enough already, how about you guys take a step back?
Jealousy: [jumps at Leslie] STUPID PINK PETALS, FAT YELLOW FACE. [roars]
Leslie: [whimpers] Why is he so mean?
Darwin: Come on, man. His face isn't that fat.
Penny: It's just disproportionate compared to his really weedy body.
Darwin: Yeah, and because it's round, it's kind of full-looking, and the yellow makes you focus on it.
Penny: So, if it is a little fat, it's not that fat.
Darwin: It's just very very plump.
Penny: Fat-faced people have feelings too you know, Gumball.
Leslie: Alright, can we just get this done. Carrie, what's the next step?
Carrie and everybody: Everybody, join me. [chants] Jealousy begone, [Darwin, Leslie and Penny also chant] Jealousy begone, Jealousy begone, Jealousy begone, JEALOUSY BEGONE [Jealousy is released from Gumball's body]
Darwin: [watches a green flame circling Gumball] What is that?
Carrie: It's Jealousy, in it's purest form. [Gumball coughs]
Penny: [gasps] Gumball, are you alright?
Carrie: No, no DON'T! [Penny steps into the circle of pepper and it explodes; Jealousy is released from the circle and starts flying around Carrie's bedroom, cackling]
Jealousy: How come you have more comic books than I have? That makes me ANGRY! [throws the comic books at them, but Leslie and Carrie use Darwin as a shield]
Darwin: [gets hit by three books] Ah, Oof, Agh!
Jealousy: [Flies into the TV] I want a TV in my room! [blows up the TV] Your bed's really sturdy, mine's not just well-made! [throws the bed at them].
Darwin: Ahh!
Jealousy: Aww, I've always wanted a dimmer switch!
Darwin: What do we do?
Carrie: I don't know!
Darwin: What do you mean you don't know?
Carrie: I just read about it on the Internet, I didn't think it wasn't going to work.
Jealousy: [throws Carrie's shoes at them one by one] How many pairs of shoes do you need? You don't even have feet!
[A door slams open, revealing an angry Leslie armed with a vacuum cleaner]
Leslie: Hey! Over here, you green freak!
Darwin: Leslie! [he and Carrie join Leslie at the door]
Leslie: [cocks vacuum cleaner like a shotgun] I've got a vacuum bag with your name on it!
[Leslie turns on the vacuum cleaner. It sucks in Carrie, who gets half her face stuck in the vacuum cleaner's tube.]
Leslie: Ah no, turn it off, turn it off!
[The vacuum cleaner shorts out, releasing Carrie; her face is deformed in the shape of the tube.]
Carrie: [takes a hair out of her mouth] Gross.
Leslie: [Jealousy flies towards him] Aaaah!
Jealousy: [possessing Leslie] I wish I had my own bedroom! Like you! [points at Carrie, then proceeds to possess her]
Jealousy: [possessing Carrie] I wish I had my own body! Like you! [proceeds to possess Darwin]
Jealousy: [possessing Darwin] Huh...I'm actually quite happy with my life. [leaves Darwin's body]
Jealousy: And you! [points at Penny] You betrayed me...if I can't have you, nobody will! [starts to inflate himself]
Gumball: Aah!
Darwin: What is he doing?
Carrie: He's gonna explode! Gumball! You have to stop being jealous!
Gumball: I can't! Not as long as Penny is going out with Leslie!
Darwin: [gets squeezed by the inflating Jealousy] Aah! Penny! You gotta break up with Leslie!
Penny: What are you talking about? We're not dating, we're cousi--
[Camera cuts to outside Carrie's house while Jealousy explodes with a bright green flash. Then cut to Gumball flying backwards in slow motion]
Gumball: Wait, did you just say he was your cousin?
Penny: Well duh, everybody knows.
Gumball: Well duh, I didn't.
Leslie: There's a lot of things you don't know about me, Gumball.
Gumball: Oh.
[The slow motion effect ends and Jealousy implodes, pulling everyone into the center of the room. Everyone is lying down on the ground, panting]
Gumball: I wish you said that earlier.
Leslie: Yeah, so do I.
Gumball: Sorry man, I just didn't know.
Penny: [stands up and dusts herself off] Well, I think that was a good lesson for you. Jealousy is a pretty ugly thing, Gumball!
Gumball: Yep! [stands up and straightens his back, making a snapping sound] I get it!
Carrie: Haha, that's okay. [punches Gumball on the arm] You made it, man!
Gumball: Hehe!
Jealousy [possessing Penny]: Get your hands off of him, you undead, ectoplasmic, transparent, paranormal, spooky, floating, fringe-flicking freak!
Gumball, Carrie, Leslie and Darwin: ...Wow.
[Episode ends]
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