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"The Finale"
S02E40 - TheFinale titlecard
Season: 2
Broadcast number: 76
Production Code: GB233
Airing Information
Cartoon Network US premiere: December 3, 2013
Cartoon Network UK premiere: May 27, 2014
International debut: Africa: October 14, 2013

Arabic: October 14, 2013
Netherlands: October 30, 2013

Written by: Ben Bocquelet

Jon Birttain
Tom Crowly
Jon Foster
James Lamont
Tobi Wilson

Storyboarded by: Akis Dimitrakopoulos
Songs Featured
"Because We're Men" (shorter version)
Gallery Transcript
Episode Chronology
"The World"
"The Kids"
The Finale is the fortieth and final episode of season two of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the seventy-sixth overall.


The Wattersons are surprised to discover that their past actions have consequences.



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The Wattersons are at home, reminiscing and laughing as they go through their family album. The doorbell rings, Richard goes to answer it, and Mrs. Jotunheim is at the door. She states that since a large portion of Elmore has been damaged after her son's rampage; the Wattersons must pay for the damages and reconstruction. Shortly after she leaves, Principal Brown enters the house and announces that Gumball and Darwin must restart school all the way from kindergarten, shocking the whole family. Soon, Richard receives a phone call from the police about being sent to prison if he doesn't pay the fines for his reckless driving, but he just shrugs it off. The Wattersons discover they must pay the bill worth $800,000 by tomorrow, or they will lose their house. Anais realizes their past actions are causing consequences, but before she can formulate a plan, Gumball, Darwin, and Richard run off.

The guys quickly plan to get money and catch up on their schoolwork all in one day. Richard hijacks and recklessly drives the bus in an effort to speed things up, but ends up crashing into the Fitzgeralds' house and getting into a staged fight with Mr. Fitzgerald. Later, they change their plan so they could scam high-achieving students' parents into paying them a entrance fee for a nonexistent school. Evidently, the plan has backfired as the guys are chased by the police.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Anais plead Cupcake Woman at the Justice Department, who has massive piles of files on the Wattersons' past misdemeanors. Cupcake Woman sarcastically suggests they apologize to everybody and have them drop the charges against the Wattersons. Nicole enthusiastically takes her advice without realizing her sarcasm before running off with Anais and some files. They try to reconcile with Larry Needlemeyer, who claims the Wattersons are responsible for his many troubles. However, they realize too late that Larry has filed a restraining order against them.

All the Wattersons end up inside a prison cell with some inmates. It seems it is over for the family, but Gumball declares that it is not over yet. He then insults one of the prisoner inmates so that he punches his dad out of the cell so they can escape. Anais then plans for the family to make things worse, being a Murphy's law.

At school, Gumball and Darwin run through the hall, vandalizing a wall and knocking over a few students. They arrive in Mister Small's office and Gumball shoves Mister Small inside an envelope. Meanwhile, Richard and Anais arrive home and open the freezer, with Kenneth inside a jar. Richard then heats the jar inside the microwave. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at Hector's cave and insults his mother, which makes him upset.

Chaos ensues, and all the family members meet up with each other. They arrive home, knowing that they ticked off the whole town, and an angry mob of Elmore citizens form outside. The angry mob break into their house and attack the Wattersons. Gumball states that the only thing that could save them is reality being completely reset by some kind of magic device, which ends the episode abruptly (said magic device is the End Credits.)

End spoilers


Main characters

Minor characters


  • This is the last episode of Season Two.
    • In production order, however, it is only the 33rd out of the 40 episodes in the season.
    • This is also the last episode to air in 2013.
  • Despite the title, this episode is not the series finale, but the season finale.
  • This is the first episode to reference previous episodes, and the first to include footage of season one episodes as flashbacks.
  • Forty-three characters made an appearance in this episode, the most in the entire series.
  • This episode reveals that Richard has been in prison many times before.
  • It is revealed that Nicole can grow muscles at will.
  • This episode has many instances of leaning on the fourth wall:
    • Anais noticing that they were relatively unscathed after falling from such a large height in "The Responsible", a reference to the humorous laws of cartoon physics.
    • Richard explaining that when he is placed in prison, he is suddenly "just not in there anymore", a reference to the shift back to the status quo at the end of episodes.
    • Gumball noticing how they looked different in the family album, a reference to the transition in drawing style and animation that occurred between Season One and Season Two.
    • Gumball wondering why the episode looked like it would not end happily, a reference to how most episodes end happily.
    • Gumball stating that only a total reality reset could save them, a reference to how the ending of episodes tends to revert the town back to the status quo, also known as deus ex machina.
  • This episode reveals why Larry has so many jobs: all the damage the Wattersons have caused during his shifts ended up being paid out of his wallet, such as in "The Laziest".
  • The goldfish on the box of Fish Flakes in the freezer looks exactly like Darwin, but without legs.
  • This episode reveals that the events of "The Sock" gave Mr. Small claustrophobia.
  • This is the last full episode Logan Grove and Kwesi Boakye voice Gumball and Darwin.


  • The references to past episodes from this episode follows:
    • "The Responsible": Shows the clip of Gumball, Darwin and Anais falling from the sky.
    • "The Mustache": Shows the clip of Because We're Men before being abruptly cut off.
    •  "The Car": Richard recalls a past event through flashback in the same fashion he does in the episode.
    • "The Colossus": Referencing the time Hector destroyed the town. Later happens for a second time.
    • "The Bumpkin", "The End", "The Helmet": The montage of Richard's reckless driving shows clips from these episodes.
    • "The Robot": Darwin disguising himself as Bobert is similar to the events of the episode.
    • "The Storm": Gumball disguising himself as Alan resembles when Alan and Gumball got their heads mixed up.
    • "The Sock": References when Mr. Small got trapped in a filing cabinet.
    • "The Microwave": Defrosting Kenneth again. Also shows a clip from the episode.
    • "The Watch": Cupcake Woman refers to the events of this episode. Gumball and Darwin later steal the Senior Citizens' scooters again. Marvin is also mad at the Wattersons for blowing up the watch they were fighting over from that episode.
    • "The Job": The Pepperonis getting mad at Gumball and Darwin for dropping their "baby", despite getting a replacement.
    • "Christmas": Santa Claus getting mad at The Wattersons when they ran over him, despite forgiving them.
    • "The Lesson": Bomb Guy getting mad at Gumball and Darwin for causing his head to explode, despite being impressed.
    • "The Pony": Rob getting mad at Gumball and Darwin for kicking him down a manhole.
    • "The Limit": Orange Security Guard is still traumatized like he was in the episode.
  • This is Kenneth's second appearance in the series.
  • The music during Richard and Mr. Fitzgerald's "fight" is the same music from "The Apology" that resembles the Kirk Vs Spock music from Star Trek.
  • The bus from "The Kiss" returns in this episode.
    • Like in "The Kiss", Purple Moose is the bus driver of this exact same bus.
  • The scooters from "The Watch" return in this episode, in the exact same colors and driven again by Gumball, Darwin, and Richard.
  • Even though in "The Castle" he was fine, in this episode the Orange Security Guard is traumatized again.

Cultural References

  • In some scenes of the episode, Richard is dressed up like Margaret Thatcher.
  • The bus's license plate reads "Otto 24", a possible reference to Otto Mann, the school bus driver from The Simpsons.
  • Gumball and Darwin breathe into each other when they hyperventilate. Breathing into a paper bag is widely believed to treat hyperventilation, however it has no significant positive effect on those suffering from it.
  • When Richard car-jacks the bus from the Purple Moose, he throws him out in a way similar to the popular sandbox game, Grand Theft Auto.
  • Gumball's insult to the Goblin Prisoner is similar to the insult used in The Sandlot.


  • In the flashback to the ending scene from "The Helmet", the boat moves in the opposite direction than in the original scene: in this episode, it is shown going to the right, but in "The Helmet", it goes to the left.
  • Mr. Small sues The Wattersons because of the events of "The Sock ", despite the fact Mr. Small fell into the filing cabinet because he rocked on his chair, making it his own fault.
  • This episode contradicts The Goons, in which they state that the couch would be cramped with more than 3 people sitting on it. During the family photo album scene, The Wattersons comfortably fit on the couch altogether.
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