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The Dumb Race

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The Dumb Race was a event that occurred in The Goons. It was held at The Park and the participants were

The Dumb Race.

Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Richard, Rocky, Anton, Banana Joe, Idaho, Bert, and Tobias. Anyone who took off their blindfolds during the race was considered disqualified and the participant that ran the farthest without stopping won.

Race Results

10th: Idaho- Hit by a golf club.

9th: Banana Joe- Split by a chain link fence.

8th: Anton- Ran into a lake and was eaten by geese.

7th: Rocky- Hit his head on a low branch and fell.

6th: Richard- Larry accidentally proposed to him, causing him to do some deep thinking, taking off his blind fold in the process.

5th/4th: Anais and Gumball-They both forfeited at exactly the same time.

3rd: Bert- Accidentally pulled off his blindfold, disqualifying him.

1st/2nd: Darwin and Tobias. Its unclear if Tobias won,but Darwin hadn't taken off his blindfold and he ran into a tree but its implied he won, Tobias grabbed balloons early on and shouted "Im not Winning" and floated away, implying he left the boundaries possibly disqualifying him.


  • Since Gumball and Anais were eliminated at the same time, it is unknown who was eliminated first.
  • Goof: In the hospital following the race, Richard says that 2 adults were injured (himself and Rocky). But Richard was never injured, so Rocky was the only adult to be injured.

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