The Creatures
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Female ♀
Species: Various
Enemies: Gumball
First Appearance: "The Picnic"

The Creatures are minor characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They are creepy and hostile monsters which inhabit the Forest of Doom. They first appear in "The Picnic," when they try to harm and scare Gumball and Darwin when the two get lost in the Forest of Doom.


Each of the creatures is a twisted, monstrous version or hybrid of an animal. Most of the creatures are either very monstrous or at least have malevolent and sinister intentions.

  • The Tree - A living tree with a face, which acted happy and inanimate around Darwin, but showed a malevolent expression and intention towards Darwin whenever he was not looking.
  • Evil squirrels - A duo of demonic, vicious and mutated-looking squirrels which Gumball and Darwin passed by in the Forest. Though Darwin and Gumball didn't notice anything odd about the squirrels, after the two were gone, the squirrels conspired to devour Gumball and Darwin's carcasses.
  • Deer-chicken hybrid - A hideous and monstrous creature with a deer-like body and a hideous chicken-like head. A hungry Gumball and Darwin saw this creature at a distance and, mistaking it for a real deer, tried to ambush and eat it. But upon seeing what the creature really was, the two were scared into apologizing and backing off.
  • Caterpillar - A colorful, one-eyed caterpillar, and apparently a harmless and benevolent creature of the Forest of Doom. Gumball and Darwin caught the caterpillar to eat it, but were moved into letting it go by the creature's cuteness, and how it had feelings so it could enjoy life, only for the caterpillar to be eaten by a bigger monster seconds later.
  • Fish-bird creature - A fish-like bird which ate the caterpillar creature, only to then itself be eaten by another, larger monster.
  • Tentacle predator - A large, predatory monster with a koala-like face with whiskers and octopus-like tentacles. It first appeared when it ate the fish-bird creature, only to then be itself ambushed and eaten by another monster. The tentacle monster shortly after reappeared with the other giant monsters to terrorize a defenseless Gumball, but was frightened off when Darwin stood up against the monsters for his friend.
  • Gryphon predator - A giant, one-eyed, predatory monster resembling a gryphon. It first appeared when it ate the tentacle predator, only to then be itself ambushed and eaten by another monster. The gryphon creature shortly after reappeared with the other giant monsters to terrorize a defenseless Gumball, but was frightened off when Darwin stood up against the monsters for his friend.
  • Minotaur predator - A massive, one-eyed, minotaur-like predator with a bear-like body and moose-like antlers. It appeared when it ate the gryphon predator, and then attacked and went after Gumball and Darwin. However, the minotaur predator and the other monsters with it were frightened off when Darwin stood up against the monsters for his friend.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Picnic": (debut) They try to kill Gumball and Darwin throughout the episode.
  • "The Kiss": The fish-bird hybrid appears flying in Darwin's happy place.

Season 2

  • "The Voice": The deer-chicken hybrid messages Gumball and Darwin on Elmore Plus, and they block him.
  • "The World": Several of them sing at the beginning of the episode, and later the minotaur and evil squirrel appear at the end.

Season 3


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