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Season 2 is coming to America on August 14, 2012!

What to Do: In preparation for the upcoming season, we ask our users to be on the look out for any new sneak peeks and other news about the upcoming season. Remember, now that new episodes are airing again, there will be a lot of new information to write-in. The rules still apply however. If you find information about the show before they air, make sure you link to your sources at the bottom of the article. It's a matter of principle; we try to be the best source of TAWoG information out there and to do so, our information needs to be accurate and have proof. If you're going to post pictures in the gallery, please make sure they are large and not thumbnail size. Also pictures are nice but we don't need a trillion of them. You're not required to post each frame.

Things to Watch out for: The next season will most likely invite many more users to the Wikia, so lets be a bit more aware of ourselves from here on out. Just as a reminder; You can cuss in chat, you can say vulgar things in chat, however, if something is deemed really offensive, you will be warned and can be banned from continued use. Inappropriate comments are only acceptable in the chat--the comments section in each article is somewhat exempt from the rule because it's hard to monitor, but because of that, you will not receive a warning before you're banned. Something to note is that very vulgar things and descriptive nonsense is more common in the chat at nighttime (US Time). Don't be subjective/too opinionated when editing articles--any articles using words like dunno, sorta, a lot, I, are unprofessional and will be undone. No cussing is permitted in the articles, unless the show explicitly refers to it.

If the rules are broken, you'll be given a ban of a week or higher. Depending on the damage. When the show airs, try to help out our fellow members who are unable to watch and get clips from episodes/promotional programs on Youtube and other medias. No pirating or downloading before it airs. No spreading information around if it hurts the show or lowers views.

Lastly, be more cautious of vandals. The show will also invite them as well, and whenever articles are edited, particularly by a Wikia Contributor, always compare the edits to see what they've changed and act accordingly. Happy viewing.

Though we're a pretty social fandom, remember to contribute to the wiki and keep up with blogs and messages. Our chatroom is very active as well. Please be warned however that compared to the G-PG rating of the wiki itself, the chat's rating ranges from G to NC-17. (MarioMariox2)


We ask that everyone please read the community rules on right side of the page, in "Recent Activity". Thank you! (MangoCat)


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Featured Article of July: Censorship of The Amazing World of Gumball

Cartoon Network Australia, Cartoon Network Asia,Cartoon Network Latin America and Cartoon Network Arabia has censored several episodes several of The Amazing World of Gumball. So far, twenty two episodes have been edited. The list of censored scenes is as follows: Episodes with Australian Censorship

See Censorship of The Amazing World of Gumball Episodes with Asian (Including the Philippines) Censorship

CN Asia often censors violence and suggestive material as well. So far, The Spoon was the most censored episode with 7 censors. The Philippines have the same censorship as CN Asia except for a few exceptions. Season 1

The Third

The following censor scenes was skipped to the boys leaving the bathroom. .The script that Tobias said "Uh huh, for twenty bucks" and Gumball said "What?" is cut. .Darwin first borrowed Gumball's ten bucks is cut. .Tobias heard that Darwin received ten bucks from Gumball and said "Great!" was cut.

There's a different one detected in the school gym scene.

The script that Tobias said "20 bucks" and Gumball said "10 bucks" was cut.

The Debt

Any script that Mr. Robinson said "What the...?" is cut. (read more...)

Latest Episode: The Fight

When Tina starts bullying Gumball, she demands to have a fight with him after school.(read more...)

Weekly Trivia!

Welcome to the Gumball Wikia trivia. Each week a trivia question will be set to evaluate your knowledge of the Amazing World of Gumball!
Whats the new style of animation being used in Season 2.

The poll was created at 18:06 on July 27, 2012, and so far 118 people voted.

Previous Winners: The first preview shown was at the BAFTA (not Comic-Con). The Picnic was the first written episode (Not the Responsible.) Gumball wanted a perm.

Featured Contributor of the Month: July

This spot will feature the contributor who has helped this wikia grow beyond expectations, and is picked for this spot only because they have worked to help this wikia grow.
Who should be this month's featured contributor?

The poll was created at 00:12 on July 4, 2012, and so far 153 people voted.

Rules: In order for a user to become a featured contributor, the user must have the highest amount of votes by the end of the current month.

Previous Winner: June- Randomced859

Community Poll: July

What do you think of the random Lightpoll thats now in front of the Watterson's house.

The poll was created at 18:06 on July 27, 2012, and so far 17 people voted.

Previous Poll Results: People think Penny's redesign is nice. The Genius is the Wikia's least favorite Episode. Something Bad happened at Nicole and Richard's wedding.

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