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Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Chinikin puppet
Age: 12 (Seasons 1 and 2 until "The Pony")

13 (currently)

Friends: Gumball, Darwin (unrequited), Penny
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "The Quest" (prototype) "The Ghost" (final concept)
Voice: Aurelie Charbonnier
Fergus Craig[1]
Ben Bocquelet (wails, screams, and laughter)
Maisy Wilgoss (in "The Uploads")
Color Scheme
Skin Dress eye other

Sussie is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a student in Miss Simian's class.


Sussie is a chinikin puppet with googly eyes. She wears a blue plaid dress with white shoes. She has no hair, unlike most characters on the show.


Sussie is shown to be a little odd, and somewhat obnoxious. In "The Ghost," she spits out her hot cocoa because of Gumball's stinky breath, and in "The Party," Penny and Masami give her annoyed looks because of her sloppy eating habits. She apparently likes eating, a trait that can be seen throughout Rachel's entire party. In "The Pony," she is shown to be rich. She also tends to talk a lot, as shown in "The Words." Despite this, Sussie is apparently good friends with some of the cheerleaders, since she was sitting with them in "The Party." In "The Bet," Miss Simian refers to her as a freak. Despite her odd oddness, Sussie can also be surprisingly profound as seen in "The Question," where she was the only character to give Gumball and Darwin a proper answer to what the meaning of life is.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Ghost": Gumball tests out his bad breath by talking to her. It works - she regurgitates her hot chocolate upon smelling his breath.
  • "The Mystery": During the discussion regarding who harmed Principal Brown, she inputs that she saw him after school, meaning that the perpetrator must be someone who stayed after school.
  • "The Party": Gumball considers her as a date, but as he asks her, she burps in his face, causing him to wince at the smell. She is later seen at The Wilsons' house, standing in the same spot, and eating for the duration of the party.
  • "The Sock": Sussie has a small appearance in the first scene, where Miss Simian is disgusted by her drooling on her homework.

Season 2

  • "The Apology": She gives a disgusted look at Miss Simian's butt.
  • "The Words": She annoys Darwin on the bus, and is later seen in Miss Simian's classroom where Darwin insults her.
  • "The Skull": Darwin holds up a photo of her, and reveals that Gumball once kissed her while he was on morphine.
  • "The Bet": She's seen in Miss Simian 's classroom, offended by Miss Simian telling her she's a freak-show owner.
  • "The Pony": She is in her birthday party, waiting for someone to come. This is also her first major role.
  • "The Dream": In the second dream, she is in Penny's face, and Darwin unwillingly kisses her.
  • "The Sidekick": Darwin comments on her sloppy eating habits.
  • "The Storm": She's seen on the playground screaming "Names! Names! Names!"
  • "The Photo": She's seen in the hallways turning off and on the lights because she thinks it's "night and day."
  • "The Voice": Gumball and Darwin apologize to her, despite having never done anything wrong to her.
  • "The Promise": She offers her seat to Gumball in the school bus.

Season 3

  • "The Joy": She is one of the students who get infected by the Joy Virus. 
  • "The Bros": She's on the playground eating chicken skins while talking to Penny.
  • "The Question": She feeds mayonnaise to pigeons and discusses the meaning of life with Gumball and Darwin at the park.
  • "The Triangle": She is part of the school's marching band.

Season 4

  • "The Nemesis": She's on the public bus.
  • "The Uploads": She is in a video teaching the viewers to to remove blemishes.
  • "The Origins: Part Two": She is seen as a baby with her parents while Darwin tells them how to get to Elmore.


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  • Sussie is actually a chin (see first image in the gallery). This style of character is called a chinikin. However, many people confuse her for a thumb.
  • Her name is also under debate. Her name could be Sussie (based on correct grammar), Sussy (based on how Gumball pronounces her name in "The Ghost"), or Susy (based on how Gumball spells her name in "The Party").
  • In an early storyboard drawing for "The Quest," Sussie was originally going to be the one throwing Anais' doll around with Tobias, but for some reason, the storyboard artists switched her with Carrie.
  • Sussie is performed by Ben Bocquelet's girlfriend, Aurelie Charbonnier. British comedian Fergus Craig provides the voice of Sussie, while Ben Bocquelet provides the wails, screams, and laughs.
  • For the reason above, Sussie is one of Ben's favorite characters, and because Ben finds Sussie "elusive and funny."
  • On Gumball's date list paper in "The Party," Sussie's name is spelt as "Susy." This may be her name's actual spelling, or a spelling fail on Gumball's part.
  • She is the third Elmore Junior High student who didn't first appear in "The Third." The first two were The Eggheads, who first appeared in "The End."
  • Sussie is filmed by having Aurelie lay down on something, like a bed, against a green screen with her head upside down between it, and her chin being the only thing seen, as her head is covered with Sussie's clothes and body.
  • Her name is spelt as "Saucy" in the closed captions for "The Party," which is incorrect when it should be Sussie. This also happens with the subtitles.
  • While Sussie does not have a profile on the American website, on the Japanese website, she does. Her profile may be viewed here.
  • She tends to repeat the last thing people say, as shown in "The Words."
  • In "The Bros," it is revealed that she loves chicken skins when Penny gives her some.
  • In "The Question," it is revealed that she behaves the way she does intentionally in her attempt to live life to the fullest.
    • Although, according to "The Origins: Part Two," Sussie was quite intelligent as an infant, but her parents accidentally dropped her on the ground, unfortunately causing her to have mild mental retardation, which contradicts Sussie's reasoning in "The Question."
  • Her verbal patterns and overall behavior is very similar to that of Homsar, from the Homestar Runner webtoon.


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