There are many songs that have been sung in The Amazing World of Gumball. This page lists them all in chronological order. All songs on this page are either said to have been written by George Gendi or one of the show's writers.

List of songs

Below is the list of songs in The Amazing World of Gumball according to the episode where the song was sung. Note that the underlined names mean the song is "minor" (these songs last around twenty seconds or less).

Season 1

"The Debt"

"The Dress"

"The Laziest"

"The Prank"

"The Gi"

"The Refund"

"The Goons"

"The Sock"

"The Genius"

"The Mustache"

"The Date"

"The Curse"

Season 2

"The Knights"

"The Job"

"The Apology"

"The Words"


"The Bumpkin"

"The Pony"

"The Hero"

"The Tag"

"The Lesson"

"The Limit"

"The Castle"

"The Boombox"

"The Tape"

"The Sweaters"

"The Internet"

"The World"

Season 3

"The Kids"

"The Fan"

"The Joy"

"The Extras"

"The Gripes"

"The Vacation"

"The Boss"

"The Mothers"

"The Burden"

"The Bros"

"The Lie"

"The Butterfly"

"The Question"

"The Saint"

"The Downer"

"The Egg"

"The Money"

Season 4

"The Crew"

"The Signature"

"The Sale"

"The Parking"

"The Uploads"

"The Wicked"

"The Origins: Part Two"

"The Advice"

"The Love"

"The Awkwardness"

"The Night"

"The Roots"

"The Blame"

"The Slap"

"The Compilation"

  • Nobody's A Nobody by Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole, Richard, and other Elmore residents.

"The Scam

​"The Disaster"

Season 5

"The Rerun"

"​The Boredom"

"The Copycats"

"The Potato"

  • Potato sung by Gumball, Sarah, Mr. Small and a potato.

"The Fuss"

"The Vase"

"The Matchmaker"

"The Box"

"The Cycle"

"The Stars"

"The Grades"

"The Diet"

"The Ex"

"The Sorcerer"

"The Uncle"

"The Weirdo"

"The Singing"

"The Deal"

"The Petals"

"The News"

"The Puppets"

Season 6

"The Lady"

"The Sucker"

"The One"

"The Cage"

Other songs

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