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Sarah G. Lato
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Also known as: Scoop Dogg ("The Potato")
Species: Ice Cream
Age: 12
Friends: Gumball and Darwin (love interests), Penny, Masami, Teri, Carrie, Carmen, Leslie
Enemies: Tobias
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "The Banana"
Voice: Jessica McDonald
Color Scheme
Cream Cone eye Lips

Sarah G. Lato is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She was first introduced in "The Banana," and her first major role was in "The Sweaters." As of "The Void," she seems to be a member of the cheerleading squad.


Sarah is an anthropomorphic ice cream cone. The ice cream portion of her body is yellow and the cone is orange in coloration, with brown stripes. She has thin legs and arms the same color as her head. Her lips are colored red.


In her initial appearances, she seemed to be soft-spoken and rarely made speaking appearances. Later episodes show otherwise, however. In "The Sweaters," it's shown that she can be a bit forceful in getting things her way. Such is seen when she tries to persuade the Watterson brothers with all her might to partake in the tennis game with Carlton and Troy. She is also a stalker, as revealed in "The Fan." She seems to see things played out as a sort of sitcom, with herself as a character, even carrying around a tape recorder that plays a laugh track and accompanying music. Sarah is also extremely obsessed with Gumball and Darwin, whom she views as her only friends, and appears to also erotically fantasize about them.

She has tried to cure her obsessive personality by going to therapy sessions with Mr. Small, but they have not helped. This is emphasized by the fact she has tried to skip the meetings but feels compelled to go to every one due to her obsessive-compulsive personality.

Despite her obsession with Gumball and Darwin, she does possess common sense and can be irritated by Gumball's idiocy and obliviousness. Such was the case in "The Potato" where she tried to explain how much of a bad idea it was to send Idaho, the potato, see Darwin, who was fighting off his potato cravings. She also demonstrated that she does have a temper, once becoming annoyed when Tobias was taking Gumball's place as the loser and ruining his and their lives, with Darwin having to restrain her from beating him with a bat.

Both "The Comic" and "The Test" give insight into Sarah's more nerdy side. In "The Comic," Sarah is obsessed with superheroes, specifically writing fanfiction about a superhero version of Gumball. "The Test" shows her knowledge of the world of sitcoms, as she is quick to point out all the cliches and tropes of lazy sitcoms to Darwin. In this same episode, an online test describes Sarah as the "anime-obsessed fangirl who obsesses over the loser" (i.e. Gumball).

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3

  • "The Fan": Her second major role.
  • "The Coach": She is one of the victims of Jamie's bullying.
  • "The Joy": She is behind Darwin when he shows the back of his head is burning, melted.
  • "The Recipe": She participates in the swimming class.
  • "The Name": Zach licks her at the bus stop.
  • "The Fraud": She is in the corridor with the Eggheads, Penny, and Carmen.
  • "The Void": She's part of the cheerleading squad.
  • "The Move": She throws a small piece of herself at Tobias when he tries to date her.
  • "The Law": She is in a line for ice cream. Later, her head falls off when the Doughnut Sheriff drives on the sidewalk.
  • "The Allergy": A piece of herself smears all over Teri's face at the schoolyard.  
  • "The Bros": She is seen in the school bus.
  • "The Mirror": She is seen in the schoolyard.
  • "The Lie": She is seen inside the school bus, listening to Gumball talk about Sluzzle Tag.
  • "The Butterfly": Patrick accidentally knocks her over.
  • "The Saint": She hugs Alan, but is chased away by Carmen.
  • "The Oracle": She is one the many people who want to be the 1,000,000th costumer.
  • "The Safety": She is one of the students who watch the safety video in horror. Later, at the end, she, along with Carmen, Tobias, Banana Joe and Leslie salute Gumball and Darwin as they walk passed them in the hallway, followed by each of them slapping themselves in the face.
  • "The Society": She appears at the school play auditions, and later as a member of the secret society.
  • "The Countdown": She (and alternate versions of herself) can be seen in Miss Simian's classroom.

Season 4

  • "The Return": She is on the school bus, wondering where Gumball and Darwin are.
  • "The Check": She appears in Darwin's charity fantasy, where she, Carmen, Tobias, Masami, Carrie, and Leslie have been turned into zombies as result of Darwin's toxic waste management.
  • "The Pest": She appears in Billy's puppet show.
  • "The Gift": She is one of the many Elmore Junior High students rushing to the mall to get Masami a Mic Graves original (she's one of the few who made it the furthest, until Darwin melted her).
  • "The Comic": Her third major role. She tries to be the person Gumball and Darwin will save.
  • "The Uploads": She appears briefly at the end in a viral video, happily cuddling a pillow with Gumball and Darwin faces on it.
  • "The Hug": While trying to hide from Hot Dog Guy, Gumball knocks her down, drops a physics book on her head and tries to hide in her locker, but ends up messing up is face.
  • "The Wicked":
  • "The Traitor": She briefly appears in the episode.
  • "The Girlfriend": She says "Hey, guys." to Gumball and Darwin, which enrages Jamie. Sarah states she is overreacting, causing her to go balistic. As a result, Jamie does things to her offscreen (...and it's not pretty). She later runs away because the bus blew up.
  • "The Advice": She's seen being chased by the Abraham Lincoln Goat, and later gets injured by Gumball and Darwin making the hallway floors slippery.
  • "The Points": A stink bomb goes off in the school science lab, knocking out Sarah, Carmen, and Juke.
  • "The Bus": She is on the hijacked school bus.
  • "The Night": It is revealed that she sleeps with her head in a freezer. She later appears in Hector's dream, where it's revealed that Hector has a crush on her. He then kisses her on her cheek and she's flattered and giggles.
  • "The Misunderstandings": She is at the mall.
  • "The Blame": She, along with Gumball, Darwin, Penny, Tobias, Banana Joe, Carrie, Masami, Alan, Carmen, Leslie, and the Eggheads, rebel against their parents and Felicity for banning video games, by convincing them that books are an even worse influence.
  • "The Slap": She appears in Miss Simian's classroom.
  • "The Fury": She is seen Miss Simian's classroom.
  • "The Compilation": She appears briefly near the end of the episode, singing along to the song all of the residents of Elmore are singing.
  • "The Scam": She appears in Miss Simian's classroom, and later appears at the cafeteria.
  • "The Disaster": Gumball accidentally runs into her and kisses her due to the lights going on and off. When he picks his head up, some of Sarah's face and lipstick smears on his face, and then Penny shows up, devastated at the assumption of Gumball cheating on her.

Season 5

  • "The Stories": She, along with every student and teacher at school are forced to listen to Molly go on and on about her stories that start off exciting, but don't end that way. She later intentionally lets Jamie hit her in the head with a dodgeball so she won't have to listen to them anymore. And later, she and everyone try to give Molly a story worth listening to.
  • "The Boredom": She is at the mall.
  • "The Vision": She appears in Gumball's and Darwin's visualization of Alan's manifesto, spreading the word that Alan would make a great class president.
  • "The Code": She's in the school cafeteria.
  • "The Test": Her fourth major role. She gets Gumball to take an online test to determine what part he plays in the world. When it tells him that he's a loser, he tries doing the exact opposite of what he'd normally do, but soon after, Tobias takes his place as the loser. Sarah is then determined to get back Gumball's role as the loser, and along the way, he grows ill while Tobias turns his life into a sitcom.
  • "The Loophole": She leaves class with the other students.
  • "The Potato": Her fifth major role. She tries to help Darwin stop eating potatoes.
  • "The Console": Gumball summons her to battle.
  • "The Catfish": She is seen at school.
  • "The Grades": She is in class.
  • "The Weirdo":


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  • Sarah appears as the first new student of Miss Simian's class.
  • She seems to be one of the tallest girls in school (excluding Tina).
  • According to character models, she was originally named Dolly.
    • This can be seen as in the Elmore Junior High Yearbook, as she was named Dolly.
  • She had her first speaking role in "The Voice."
  • She was originally a student at Richwood High, which is odd as she now attends junior high.
  • She is named after the show's producer, Sarah Fell.[1]
  • Despite being considered a new student in "The Sweaters," she appeared in 13 episodes before it.
  • Her middle initial and surname are a play on "gelato," the Italian word for "ice cream."
    • Her last name "Gelato" was revealed in "The Fan."
  • She is a mangaka, a person who draws manga. However, in "The Comic," she draws American-styled comics instead.
  • Despite being an anthropomorphic ice cream herself, she is seen eating ice cream in "The Fan," "The Law," and "The Butterfly."
  • According to character designer William Laborie, Sarah was originally a replacement for Molly in Season 2, right before the events of "The Void."[2]
  • Gumball and Darwin didn't know her name in "The Voice," even though they were the ones that showed her around the school.
  • Sarah is one of three girls in Gumball's class whose first name doesn't end in an "ee" sound; the others being Tina and Carmen.
  • In the episode "The Potato," Sarah gave herself the nickname "Scoop Dogg," parodying the name of the hip-hop/rap artist Snoop Dogg.


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