Sal Left Thumb


Sal Young

Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Fingerprint Guy (by Nicole in "The Spoon")
Dangerous Criminal (by Darwin in "The Kiss")
Species: Fingerprint
Age: 40s
Friends: Darwin ("The Kiss" only), Dolphin Man (in "The Choices"), Spray-Paint Bottle (in "The Choices")
Enemies: Larry, The Wattersons, Doughnut Sheriff
Occupation: Criminal
First Appearance: "The DVD" (poster)
"The Spoon" (debut)
Voice: Kerry Shale

Sal Left Thumb is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a very dangerous criminal, with a large bounty on him. He made his first appearance in "The Spoon," where he was the main antagonist.


Early Concept

He was originally a School kid as seen in Early Production Art, he looked more realistic and had no Bandana nor arms.

Final Design

Sal Left Thumb resembles an over-sized, sentient fingerprint. He usually is seen wearing a domino mask, likely to keep his identity a secret. His limbs are very long and skinny, and are rather small compared to the rest of his body. He possesses the ability to flatten himself on the ground, and appear as a regular fingerprint, which, besides the fact that the police are somewhat irresponsible, is possibly the reason why he is hard to catch.


Sal Left Thumb is a dangerous and infamous criminal in Elmore. As such, he has a very abrasive personality - he is more than willing to harm anyone, or at least threaten them. and everyone that gets in the way of his criminal activities. He often taunts his victims, such as when he sarcastically told Gumball and Darwin that he was a charity worker accepting donations, when he was clearly robbing the store, or how he calls everyone a "sucker" when they fall for his tricks. He has been like this since he was a kid, because he used to laugh at Richard's "Cottontail Caviliar" costume.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The DVD": He briefly appears on a wanted poster, during the chase.
  • "The Spoon": His first major role. He attempts to rob the gas station with only a spoon.
  • "The Prank": He makes a cameo appearance in the Elmore Daily newspaper.
  • "The Gi": He appears in Nicole's flashback.
  • "The Kiss": Darwin says hello to him while he is trying to break into someone's car.
  • "The Genius": He is on a computer screen window.
  • "The Date": He is seen as a drawing on a sheet of cardboard.

Season 2

Season 3

  • "The Puppy": He appears on a flyer when Gumball is running from the Evil Turtle.
  • "The Shell": He appears in the Elmore Daily.
  • "The Pizza": He is seen robbing the Wattersons of their car along with several other citizens and is later seen looting from Ripley 2000. Also, he is seen on a wanted poster on the wall of the scene where the Wattersons find Principal Brown flat on the ground.
  • "The Friend": He makes a cameo in the newspaper.
  • "The Countdown": He tries to rob the Hexagon Lady, but is frozen in time.

Season 4

  • "The Night": He appears on a poster in the gas station.

Season 5

  • "The Boredom": He is seen trying to rob a car and singing a musical number
  • "The Choices": He offers a ride to Nicole.
  • "The Singing": He steals from the Hobo and gets arrested by the Doughnut Sheriff.
  • "The Nuisance": He appears at the town meeting, steals the Wattersons tv, and later mugs Gumball in an alleyway.


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  • He went to Elmore Junior High with Richard, Mr. Small, Patrick, and Nicole.
    • He, like the Exercise Bacon, was originally going to be a student in Gumball's class.
  • According to a wanted poster in "The Spoon," he has a bounty of $25. A wanted poster of him was also seen in "The Kiss" and "The Pizza."
  • Despite his dangerous nature, his preferred weapon for robbing is a simple, dirty spoon, which scares only a few people (namely Larry, Gumball, Darwin, and Richard.)
  • He makes a cameo appearance in School House Rush, on the title screen background underneath Darwin's arm. He appears to not be wearing his usual domino mask.
  • His song in "The Boredom" reveals he wanted to pursue a career in music, but turned to crime because he was rejected by the producers.
    • The end of the song also revealed that Sal can not sing anyways.

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