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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Dr. Wrecker
Species: Cyclops
Age: 13
Friends: Tobias (formerly), Teri (formerly), Alan (formerly), Leslie (formerly), Carmen (formerly)
Enemies: Gumball (nemesis),
The people of Elmore (as of "The Nobody")
Occupation: Student (formerly),
First Appearance: The early reel (prototype)

"The Party" (final concept)

Voice: Hugo Harold-Harrison,
David Warner ("The Nemesis" to "The Disaster")

Rob is a major antagonist character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is formerly a student at Elmore Junior High and was first seen in a poster of the show posted online. In later seasons, he becomes the villain of the show, and Gumball's sworn enemy.


Rob is a cyclops with a very slim blue body. He has a single large eye located in the center of his face with a pink iris. He has extremely long, skinny limbs, pink hands, and an over-sized head. His body is very thin and is covered by a pair of red shorts, an orange sleeved yellow T-shirt, and a brown backpack. He has medium-length brown hair, which slightly covers his eye. He also wears dark orange shoes with black buckles and gold laces.

In Season 2, he gets a minor redesign. He becomes a 2D character.

After his escape from the Void, he becomes disfigured due to the Void attempting to pull him back in as he clung on to Janice. His head and shoes are now much more polygonal, and parts of his face and his arms periodically display distorted static. The left half of his head is now bare, and the hair that remains has also become polygonal in shape and solid brown in color. His single eye is now pale yellow and his pink iris of his eye is gone, becoming a plain black pupil, and has a single brown eyebrow. His skin tone has changed from blue to white, and his left shoe has been reduced to chartreuse wire-frame. His other shoe and right hand have changed color to black. He wears the same yellow shirt and red shorts, though the sleeves of his shirt are missing, and his backpack is polygonal too.


Rob is formerly a friendly, sociable person who will say hi to anyone, and will help people he knows if he happens upon them. He does, however, get deeply offended when someone forgets his name. When one of his friends forgets his name, he scolds them, and will even hinder their progress if he can. Two examples of such friends are Gumball and Darwin, who usually mistakenly call him Rich. This is shown twice in "The Pony" - the first time, he blocks their progress and scolds them, and the second time, he denies them the DVD they were chasing.

After his escape from the Void, he loses his memory for a while and lives in the basement of the Wattersons' house. During this time, he keeps a low profile, discreetly stealing food and other trinkets from his unwitting hosts. One day, however, he steals a bit too much, causing Gumball and Darwin to become suspicious. They eventually track him down, and after cornering him, they force him to explain his actions. The boys suggest he become their arch-nemesis - a suggestion that triggers his memory. He recounts how he begged the boys for help as they passed him in the void, and how they ignored him and went for Molly. His villainous backstory set, he swears vengeance on the boys and agrees to become their arch-nemesis.


  • Rob
  • Ross (by Gumball)
  • Rich (by Gumball and Darwin)
  • Ralph (by Gumball)
  • Rolph (by Gumball)
  • Rog (by Gumball)
  • Bob (by Gumball and Darwin)
  • Rose (by Gumball)

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Party": Rob is seen at the party with Tobias, and playing catch Molly, using Alan as a ball.
  • "The Genius": Rob is seen on Fessebook and Elfotomore during the scene where Gumball first encounters the internet. He appears to be friends with Alan, Teri, Leslie, and Carmen.
  • "The Fight": Rob is seen cheering on the fight between Tina and Gumball.

Season 2

  • "The Pony": He meets Gumball and Darwin on the streets, but gets kicked into a manhole by Darwin. Later, he is seen trapped in the sewers.
  • "The Internet": He briefly appears on one of the pop up windows.
  • "The Finale": He is seen in the angry crowd of Elmore civilians attacking the Wattersons.

Season 3

  • "The Void": Rob makes a cameo appearance in the Void, perceived by the world as a "mistake" for reasons never explained, although the fact he is a very minor character, or his lack of purpose in life brought up in later episodes are the most likely reasons. He can be seen standing in the background by an early version of the Wattersons' residence.
  • "The Nobody": This episode marks Rob's first "major" role. He has managed to escape the Void, but is now disfigured as a result, and has started living in the Wattersons' basement. He also has lost his memories of who he is. He eventually remembers who he is thanks to Gumball and Darwin, and now seeks revenge on them for abandoning him.

Season 4

  • "The Nemesis": His second "major" role. After many attempts to capture Gumball and Darwin, he gives up. The boys, feeling sorry for him, help him with getting better at his villainous role, even giving him the name "Dr. Wrecker." Although they succeed in making him much eviler, they also fuel his hatred for them.
  • "The Uploads": He briefly appears on one of the videos Gumball and Darwin click, saying "Revenge" in his evil voice.
  • "The Love": He is part of the song "What is Love?"
  • "The Bus": His third "major" role. He had an evil plot to get a million dollars and destroy everyone on the bus with an explosive briefcase. He was defeated at the end of episode when briefcase explodes, sending him flying and landing on a police car.
  • "The Disaster": His fourth "major" role. He finds a remote that is capable of time travel, fast forwarding and rewinding time and uses it for revenge on Gumball.

Season 5

  • "The Rerun": His fifth "major" role. Like in "The Disaster" he has the remote that controls Elmore.


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  • Rob made a cameo on the computer in "The Genius," and it shows that his friends are (in order) Teri, Alan, Leslie and Carmen, also, it shows him wearing a mustang mask in the desert on Fessebook. This same page reappears in "The Internet."
  • Technically, Rob, Bobert and Banana Bob have the same name, since they are both shortened forms of the name Robert.
  • Originally for Season 1, Rob was animated with CGI. In Season 2, he was changed to a 2D animated character, probably to make him easier to animate. In "The Nobody," he is back to being animated in CGI. This makes him and Blitzer the only characters to be animated in both 2D and CGI.
  • In his current form, his midriff switches between being pink and static.
  • He got his first major role in the episode "The Nobody," where he is shown to have escaped from the Void.
  • In "The Nobody," it is revealed that Rob never had a mother or any siblings, although at the time when he stated this he was suffering from amnesia.
  • He is the second character to have a permanent change in the show, the first was Penny.
  • He is aware of the fact that the world he lives in is fictional.
  • He claims to have a major in Canadian History, despite never being confirmed to have graduated from Junior High.
  • He is the only character aware of the events that happened during "The Rerun."

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