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How to Request

Please write the request you want and the reason behind it. If you want me to block someone, please present proof via picture (chat) or history (pages). Please make sure you capture the perpetrator where the chat/page is almost full of his vandalism.
One liner spam (such as just saying akjsdasasda once - at least in the picture provided) and really bad editing (Ermac27) will be ignored, unless action becomes too consistent and frequent.
Please make sure that the title will be the request, with the target (e.g. Block from Chat - PhazonGumball, or Edit - The Debt/Gallery)


Press the button below to create a new section, or simply use the comments section. Non-requests and other discussions will be DELETED.
Please leave your signature by typing ~~~~ if you will press the button below.

Sample request: Block from Chat - Denmax

Request: Block from chat
Target: Denmax
Reason: He hurt my feelings! :C
Proof: 8S3Uu.png
Request by: -- Denmax (talk|contributions|sandbox) 02:12, August 7, 2012 (UTC)
WARNING - the image is fake


i keep trying to find the song on the wikia home page but it keeps screwing up. Can someone give me a link??? Pwetty pweez? Totaldarwin (talk) 03:28, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

Here's the link.---Rsz_1rsz_power_button_black.pngArmadillos lurk in your toaster Rsz_1rsz_power_button_black.png

Is there a more "formal" wiki of fanon stuff? It might be of interest to some users if there was documentation of fandom trends.

I ask this because I think the "Fanon-Randomness Wiki" is a bit misleading when you just section it as "fanon". At most it should only be considered an affiliate.

Bring back sidebar buttons?

There used to be these buttons on the left that would show pictures of the characters, the season of the episode, etc. (e.g. if it was The DVD, a season 1 episode, a button with a 1 on it would appear. Gumball and Darwin would appear as buttons too since they were main characters.)

Elmore Stadium

Can i edit Elmore Stadium? - Gumballisawesome09871/ Mr. I Couldn't Be Bothered to Sign My Post

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Thanks, Blue Pant .- I'm the hero this wiki deserves... ...But not the one it needs right now. 02:38, August 1, 2014 (UTC)

Annoying Ads

Ads keep popping up when I try to visit a page.

--Gumball 01:32, October 11, 2014 (UTC)

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