Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Zombie
Friends: Gumball, Darwin, and Clayton (former enemies)
Occupation: Student, musician
First Appearance: "The Skull"
Voice: Unknown

Razor is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He made his first appearance in "The Skull." He is first seen chasing Gumball, Darwin and Clayton, which was actually a part of a story made up by Clayton. His true form was revealed afterwards. He made his second non-speaking cameo appearance in "The Hero," where he is seen in the back of the bus. He made a third appearance in "The Name," inside of Gumball's subconscious.

He is in a band called 'The Soldiers of Pain,' as stated by Miss Simian in "The Skull." According to his student file, he is in 5th grade.


Razor is a green and purple skinned skeletal creature. He has long, greasy black hair, and wears thick black glasses. He wears a slightly torn pink shirt, and yellow pants. In Clayton's mind, he is seven feet tall and muscular, but grows even buffer as time goes on. In reality, he is much shorter, and has a scrawny appearance.

Episodes Appearances

Season 2

  • "The Skull": He chases Gumball, Darwin, and Clayton throughout the school, which is actually one of Clayton's lies.
  • "The Bet": (name written)
  • "The Hero": He is seen in the back of the school bus.

Season 3

  • "The Joy": He is on a photo.
  • "The Name": He appears in Gumball's subconscious.

Season 5

  • The Test": His student file is seen on Miss Simian's desk.
  • The Ollie": He goes to the skate shop at the mall.


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