Gumball Wave

Pals Before Gals was a pact made by Banana Joe, Tobias, Darwin, and Gumball in the episode "The Pressure." The pact has a strict no girls policy. It is likely that the group disbanded after "The Pressure," due to the fact there has been no mention of the group after that episode.


  • As shown in "The End" and "The Party," the group's perspective on girls has changed, likely meaning that the group disbanded.
  • Tobias, one of the most dedicated members of this disbanded group, reversed his preconceptions of girls after Season 2 and now unsuccessfully flirts with girls in school.
  • "Pals before gals" is a parody of the saying "bros before hoes."
  • Gumball was the only member who was not willing to join the group. Instead, he was forced to.