Orange Guards

Orange Employee


Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Humanoids
Occupation: Security guards
Agent (Guard 1 in "The Spoiler")
First Appearance: "The Bumpkin"
Voice: James Gower

The Orange Guards are minor characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. Guard 1 first appeared in "The Bumpkin." He is apparently one of the security guards for Chanax Inc. Guard 2 also appeared in "The Limit," where he attacks Nicole with a tazer to stop her from hurting anyone. However, she pulled the prongs out, then attacked him, and stared intently into his eyes, which caused him to age rapidly with fright. In "The Finale," Guard 2 appeared along with the angry Elmore citizens attacking the Wattersons inside their home. 


The guard's bodies are orange, as well as their pants and gun holster. They wear white shirts, and their ties, badges, and their shirt pocket's lining are the same color as their skin.

After being scared by Nicole in "The Limit," the hair of the second guard has become white, and remained that color even in "The Finale."

Episode Appearances

Season 2

  • "The Bumpkin": 1st guard appears near a elevator where the wattersons are in their car.
  • "The Authority": They are seen working.
  • "The Limit": 2nd guard appears in the Elmore Shopping where he catches the wattersons red-handed for eating in the store. When Nicole gets mad and the guard tries to stop her she makes him look into her eyes and starts to rapidly age he helps the wattersons and tells them to never come back.
  • "The Castle": A orange security guard is at the party at the Watterson's house.
  • "The Internet": A orange guard is one of the drivers involved in a massive pile-up.
  • "The Finale": A orange guard is in the crowd watching Richard fight Patrick. Later, another orange guard can be seen in the crowd of angry people attacking the wattersons.

Season 3

  • "The Kids": A orange security guard tries to calm down Gumball and Darwin but only asks them to leave the store peacefully.
  • "The Extras": A orange guard 2's first major role. He sings "Just Notice Us" with the other characters.
  • "The Gripes": Two orange guards are seen in the mob of citizens donating to the Wattersons.
  • "The Mothers": Three guards tackle Banana Barbara for going off with a dress without buying it.
  • "The Butterfly": A green version of 2 guard appears in the mall on a escalator.
  • "The Safety": They are part of Darwin's new police force.
  • "The Spoiler": A orange guard is seen in the cinema.

Season 4

  • "The Return": A orange guard is at the parking talking with Richard.
  • "The Check": A orange guard is seen working at Darwin's business.
  • "The Parking": Two orange guards are seen in the cinema.
  • "The Routine": Troll versions of them appear at the booth. They tried to stop Richard from escaping but failed.
  • "The Wicked": A orange guard is trying to stop Margaret but runs away just like the others.
  • "The Traitor": A orange guard is seen in the cinema watching a movie.
  • "The Scam": A orange guard is seen chanting to Gumball and Darwin to hunt Gargaroth.

Season 5

  • "The Boredom": Orange guards are seen in the mall.
  • "The Choices": Orange guards are seen protesting with Mr. Small.
  • "The Loophole": An orange guard tries to stop Bobert but he bends his finger backwards.
  • "The Diet": An orange guard is seen in the crowd watching Richard.
  • "The Heist": An orange guard tries to stop Richard from robbing a bank but turns out to be a coward and jumps out of the window running away.
  • "The Worst": Two guards are seen at work.

Season 6

  • "The Lady": Richard tries to make friends with an orange guard, while assisting him as a mechanic. Richard hands him the jack that was being used to lift the car which falls onto him, causing real pain to him much to Richard's shock.


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