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Nigel Brown

Nigel brown


Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Furry slug
Age: 50's
Friends: Miss Simian (girlfriend), Mr. Small, Gumball, Darwin (sometimes)
Enemies: Gumball and Darwin (sometimes)
Occupation: School principal, car wash rotary brush
First Appearance: "The Third"
Voice: Lewis MacLeod (Season 1) Steve Furst (Season 2 onwards)

Principal Nigel Brown is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the principal of Elmore Junior High. Because he is madly in love with Miss Simian, he is not very responsible when it comes to running the school, and does not seem to care about the well being of the students that much.


Principal Brown is a slug, with a thick coat of brown fur that covers his entire body, except for his eyes. He wears thick round glasses. He also has a nose that is hidden under his furry coat. In the "The Fraud" Darwin finds a pair of high heels in his safe. This explains why he walks in a certain way and why he makes a stepping sound when he steps. In "The Mystery," some of Principal Brown's fur was burnt off, revealing that he has tan-tinted skin. At the end of "The Mystery," he has sharp fang-like teeth, but, while in the nurse's office, he has regular teeth. Beneath his hair, his body appears to be humanoid, as seen in "The Burden", and later, "The Stars". Principal Brown speaks in a soft-spoken tone of voice, with a slight British accent. In Season 2 onwards, he gets a small re-design. His glasses are more "perfectly" shaped.


Despite being the principal of Elmore Junior High, he is shown to have a massive crush on Gumball's teacher, Miss Simian, and they are constantly flirting, much to everyone else's dismay. Because he spends most of his time thinking about and trying to please Miss Simian, he does not pay much attention to the students. In addition to this, Principal Brown has also been shown to get into the Wattersons' personal business, like in "The Painting." Although, in "The Genius," he did not care at all that the Wattersons would never see their son, Darwin, again. He is also very proud of his appearance, as shown in "The Meddler."

However, despite being annoyed with Gumball and Darwin, punishing them frequently for their antics, there are times where he does take his job seriously. He took their side in "The Apology," when Miss Simian tried to get the boys in trouble. Principal Brown knew she was trying to frame them, and insisted that she be the one to apologize.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Third": He can be seen briefly in the Schoolyard.
  • "The Painting": He is concerned that Anais' family is dysfunctional, so, he orders them all to change.
  • "The Mystery": Principal Brown is found wrapped in toilet paper, shaved, painted green, and stuffed in Gumball's locker.
  • "The Party": He and Miss Simian ambush Rachel's party.
  • "The Sock": He gets caught up in Gumball and Darwin's honesty shenanigans.
  • "The Genius": He breaks the news to the Wattersons that Darwin is being sent away.
  • "The Curse": He forces Gumball to wear an outfit more suitable to the school's dress code, after his regular clothes get torn into shreds. He then gives Gumball 7 hours detention for hurting his feelings.
  • "The Meddler": He gives Gumball detention for 8 hours, from who Gumball ruined his face, and later judges the cheerleader tryouts with Mr. Small.

Season 2

Season 3

  • "The Coach": He can be seen driving his car when Gumball crashes into Coach's fence.
  • "The Joy": He doubts Miss Simian's claim of the Joy infection, and later becomes infected himself.
  • "The Fraud": His second major role. Gumball and Darwin discover Principal Brown's diploma is a fake.
  • "The Void": He appears in the school yearbook.
  • "The Boss": He briefly appears in a photograph when the Soulless Office Worker talks about missing his kids.
  • "The Move": He appears at the end of the episode when he sees that Gumball and Darwin were trying to frame Jamie for knocking Tobias unconscious.
  • "The Law": He is seen driving his car during the Doughnut Sheriff's rampage.
  • "The Allergy": He gets knocked out by Idaho.
  • "The Mothers": He appears driving his car outside Elmore Mall.
  • "The Shell": He appears in the theater audience.
  • "The Burden": He is in his office, singing with Miss Simian.
  • "The Pizza": He leads a gang against the Wattersons.
  • The Lie": He first appears inside one of Miss Simian's desk drawers.
  • The Butterfly": He is in his car waiting for Gaylord Robinson to stop holding traffic.
  • The Saint": He, along with Miss Simian and the Librarian are yelling angrily at Alan.
  • The Safety:: He is part of Darwin's new police force. He is later arrested on charges of complaining about Darwin's regime.
  • "The Society": He gives Gumball three months detention. He later appears as part of the secret society.
  • "The Spoiler": He is at the Elmore Cinema.
  • "The Downer": He does not actually appear, but is mentioned by Gumball while he is at the park.
  • "The Triangle": He is the conductor of the school marching band. He later accuses Gumball and bans him from the marching band after finding out that he tried to sabotage Darwin's instrument.

Season 4

  • "The Return": Richard calls him and says that the kids have swollen heads, a cough, their skin is falling off, and they have black lumps. This leads him to believe that they have the plague.
  • "The Crew": He can be seen in a flashback, working at the car wash.
  • "The Others": He appears during Clare's happy ending.
  • "The Signature": He is at the town hall.
  • "The Pest": He is seen in Billy's puppet show.
  • "The Gift": He accidentally stabs Idaho while eating his lunch.
  • "The Parking": He drives off the side of the mall parking lot.
  • "The Routine": He is in his car.
  • "The Comic": He is in the crowd of people cheering for LaserHeart.
  • "The Uploads": He appears on an unseen video.
  • "The Wicked": His car is defaced by dirty water thanks to Margaret Robinson.
  • "The Girlfriend":
  • "The Advice": He and Miss Simian march to Gumball and Darwin, but the Abraham Lincoln Goat knocks him and Miss Simian down.
  • "The Love": He is part of the "What is Love?" segment.
  • "The Bus": His third major role. He is one of the criminals that hijack the School Bus.
  • "The Night": He is seen at the Teachers Lounge at Teri's dream.
  • "The Blame":
  • "The Compilation": He is seen with a whole group of people.
  • "The Scam": His office gets haunted, and he is later seen with the crowd of Elmore citizens cheering Gumball and Darwin to hunt Gargaroth.
  • "The Disaster":

Season 5

Scrapped appearances


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  • As shown in "The Genius," he screams like a little girl.
  • His name may be a reference to the Beavis and Butt-Head character of the same name.
  • In some episodes, a cyan colored character that closely resembles him can be seen in the lunch room.
  • A recurring gag in Season 2 is Mr. Brown having to stop his car, usually to make way for the Wattersons. This has occurred in "The Remote," "The Job," "Christmas," and "The Internet."
  • He seems to be more friendly to the Wattersons in Season 2.
  • Despite his feelings for Miss Simian, he threatened to fire her if she kept framing Gumball and Darwin in "The Apology."
  • He seems to be pretty intelligent, as shown in "The Genius," where he is seen to possess a Brain Academy mug.
  • He seems to posses the ability to move his nose in and out of his hair at will, as seen in "The Fraud."
  • He is revealed to wear red high-heels in "The Fraud."
  • It is revealed in "The Fraud" that he does not have a valid principal's diploma, which means he is not legally a school principal.
  • According to "The Crew," he is also working at the automatic car wash as a rotary brush.
  • It is shown in "The Burden" no matter how much hair he waxes, it instantly grows back.
  • He apparently grows a massive amount of hair every day, as shown in "The Stars."
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