Mr. and Mrs. Senicourt

Mr. Senicourt

Mrs. Senicourt

Character Information
Gender: Male ♂ and Female ♀
Species: Cats
Age: 40s (in flashbacks)
60s (currently)
Relatives: Nicole (daughter)
Richard (son-in-law)
Gumball (grandson)
Darwin (adoptive grandson)
Anais (granddaughter)
First Appearance: "The Choices"
Voice: Clive Russell (Mr. Senicourt)
Liza Ross (Mrs. Senicourt)

Mr. and Mrs. Senicourt are minor characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They are Nicole's parents. They made their debut in "The Choices."


Mr. Senicourt is a short and overweight snowshoe cat with a head shape and short whiskers similar to his daughter. He has cream white fur with brown fur on his ears and brown circles on his eyes. He wears a white collared shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows and is tucked into his pants, and a dark blue tie. He also wears dark gray pants and dark brown loafers. His face is always in a grumpy expression.

Mrs. Senicourt somewhat resembles her daughter, Nicole. Like her, she is a blue cat, but with a more round face, pointier ears, smaller oval shaped eyes, longer whiskers, a longer tail, and a different mouth type. She is thin and taller than both her husband and her daughter. She wears a yellow-orange sleeveless turtleneck blouse, a long dark blue skirt with a brown belt with a white buckle, and brown heeled sandals.


Mr. Senicourt is a short-tempered and grumpy person, and hardly ever seems to be in a good mood. Like his daughter, he is easily angered and can get violent. He also appears to be unusually strong, as he was able to plunge the engine of his car out with a single punch. He also seems to disapprove of Nicole and Richard's relationship as he slammed the door at the young Richard when he brought flowers for Nicole and neither he nor his wife were at Nicole's wedding.

Mrs. Senicourt, unlike her husband, is very calm but somewhat snobby. She seems to value success over love and is determined for her daughter to become very successful. However, she has a softer side as she was saddened by Nicole moving out, suggesting that despite her ambition for Nicole having a successful life, she truly cares deeply about her.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The End": Nicole mentions Mr. Senicourt and talks about him being 102 years old.

Season 3

  • "The Man" (flashback/Mr. Senicourt's voice only/mentioned)

Season 5



  • In "The End," Nicole mentions that Gumball, Darwin and Anais' grandfather lived up to be 102 years old; this could either mean that Mr. Senicourt has died or that this statement has been retconned.
  • Mr. Senicourt bears resemblance to Grumpy Cat, a popular Internet personality and meme.
  • Nicole may have inherited some of Mrs. Senicourt's perfectionist behaviour, as demonstrated in "The Fridge."
  • Senicourt is Nicole Bocquelet's (Ben Bocquelet's real-life mother) maiden name.
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