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Steve Small

Mr small

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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Cloud-like primate
Age: 40's [1]
Friends: Gumball, Darwin, Principal Brown, Miss Simian
Enemies: Tina Rex
Occupation: School counselor
First Appearance: "The End"
Voice: Lewis MacLeod (Season 1)
Adam Long (Season 2 onwards)
Color Scheme
coat cloth eye eyes

Mr. Steve Small is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the hippie school counselor at Elmore Junior High. Although his job is to advise the students, he tends to act like the one that needs the most help.


Mr. Small is a tall, fluffy cloud-like creature. He wears a rainbow-patterned shirt, black bellbottoms, and blue and yellow sandals. White fluff covers almost all of his body. This fluff is more plentiful on his forearms, feet, and head. He also has a small ponytail to keep his hair tied back, which may or may not be long, as it was when he was younger. His eyes are round and colored olive green with red pupils, resembling a green olive.

Back in Junior High, his hair was very long, going mid-back. He also used to have a pink shirt with a sideways Yin Yang symbol on it, which he wore with bluish-white jeans.

Starting from Season 2, Mr. Small gets eyebrows, and the buckles on his sandals get smaller.

He usually speaks in a calm, quiet, South American-like accent. However, when he is feeling angry, he speaks in a loud "drill sergeant" voice, possibly parodying the stereotype that drill sergeants have southern accents.



Mr. Small is the guidance counselor of Elmore Junior High, meaning that his job is to assist students with personal problems, and help them make the right choices in life. However, because most of his counseling techniques seem to lie on the strange and somewhat ineffective side of the spectrum, most kids who enter his office seeking assistance leave confused and no better off than they were previously.

For example, in the episode "The Painting," Mr. Small attempts to help Gumball and Darwin deal with their destructive energy, but, his attempts prove to be less than helpful, as most of his teachings involve things such as screaming in an attempt to relieve oneself of excess anger, and expressing oneself through coating them in paint, and allowing them to track it all over the room.

Hippie nature

Mr. Small has been described as a hippie and a new ager many times, which is somewhat reflected in his mannerisms and appearance. He seems to enjoy meditation, and is overall a mostly mellow person.

He has a large array of spiritual paraphernalia such as incense, healing crystals, and other such things he uses to help the students he counsels. He also seems to go through phases on interest with such items, always hopping on whatever the current new age fad is at the time.

Eccentric behaviours

Mr. Small is one of the stranger people in Elmore. In "The Dress," there is a short scene of him bending over backwards while greeting someone. He sometimes shows signs of bipolar disorder, such as in "The Meddler" where he has a violent outburst in response to Penny's cheerleader tryout.

He also seems to have a bit of a short patience as well, such as when he yelled at Gumball for doing the wrong move when they were doing an interpretive dance. Sometimes, when his patience grows extremely short, he pulls out his secret weapon; the Silence Snake, a sock puppet which he uses to scream at kids to make them be quiet. On the outside, Mr. Small seems kind, but on the inside, he is very mean and impolite, in which he keeps a secret. A part of this is revealed in "The Pizza," when he apologizes to the Wattersons before attempting to attack them to have them as food.

This is somewhat contradicted when he helps Gumball and Darwin in "The Void," even getting mad at Darwin when he throws his own brother into the Void in a rude manner. But he could have just helped them though so he can find Janice. He also helps Darwin in "The Allergy," possibly using the opportunity to prove that his alternative medicines and medical techniques work.


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Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The End": He struts by Gumball and Penny's fake wedding in the foreground.
  • "The Dress": He greets GumballOopsEggWobbleUnderpants while literally bending over backwards.
  • "The Spoon": He is mentioned on two posters in the background of the gas station. One says "Mr. Small's Modern Dance Academy," and another says "Mr. Small's Small Kwon Do."
  • "The Painting": He attempts to teach Gumball and Darwin to use their energy in a less destructive way.
  • "The Gi": He appears as his younger self in Nicole's flashback.
  • "The Secret": He and Miss Simian are disturbed by a picture drawn by Gumball in Darwin's notebook.
  • "The Sock": He teaches Gumball and Darwin about honesty.
  • "The Club": He appears as the instructor of Nicole's anger management class.
  • "The Wand": He appears in the yearbook in Richard's flashback.
  • "The Ape": He appears as his younger self twice in Nicole's flashback.
  • "The Meddler": He is seen judging the cheerleader tryouts with Principal Brown.
  • "The Fight": He attempts to solve Gumball's bullying problem, but he's too scared of Tina and ignores them.

Season 2

  • "The Banana": He teaches a class, and attempts to resolve Gumball and Darwin's problem with Banana Joe.
  • "The Phone": He is seen meditating in his office while Gumball tries to get Darwin's phone back.
  • "The Job": He is seen being delivered a questionable vegetarian pizza.
  • "The Words": He realizes Darwin isn't being polite to other students (and him), so he tapes his mouth shut.
  • "The Bet":  He nearly runs Bobert over while rollerblading.
  • "The Sidekick": He chases Gumball and Darwin to give them money.
  • "The Dream": In Gumball's dream, he is on the phone in the school hall. He takes his head with the phone when he hangs up.
  • "The Photo": He's the school photographer in this episode.
  • "The Tag": He is hit by a garbage bin while rollerblading.
  • "The Lesson": He reads poetry about shoes to Gumball and Darwin as their punishment.
  • "The Game": He teaches a class, and asks for volunteers for upcoming events.
  • "The Promise": He mistakes Banana Joe for a phone at the supermarket.
  • "The Castle": He is one of the guests at The Wattersons' house. He is seen eating a piece of meat, in spite of his vegetarianism.
  • "The Boombox": He interacts with several students, and later celebrates Miss Simian's (false) retirement.
  • "The Sweaters": He counsels Gumball and Darwin about their conflict with Carlton and Troy, and later he attempts to massage Gumball's sore buttocks during the tennis match.
  • "The World": He trips over a sewer lid while rollerblading.
  • "The Finale": He gets stuffed into an envelope by Gumball and Darwin, and later, he is a part of the angry crowd attacking the Wattersons.

Season 3


Mister Small: Hey, new girl! How's it going?

—"The Dress"

Mister Small: So, tell me, who's bullying you?
Gumball and Anais: Tina Rex!
Mister Small: TINA REX?! [all of his colors drain from his body, he throws Gumball and Anais out of his office] DON'T TELL HER YOU SAW ME!

—"The Fight"

Mister Small: [smashing painting with baseball bat] This is not painting! This is not painting! This! Is! Not! Painting! [lights the painting on fire] Burn, you relic of convention!

—"The Painting"

Mister Small: Now, be the color orange. [Gumball does the wrong pose] That's yellow, I said orange! [Gumball does another pose] That's it.

—"The Painting"

Mister Small: Your mother called!
Gumball and Darwin: Oh!
Mister Small: She says she hates you!

—"The Sock"

Penny: I know, it's just... I had some emotional problems this afternoon an-
Principal Brown: Only that we're making cuts today and someone's going to have to be pretty bad for it not to be you.

—"The Meddler"

Construction Man: (after noticing Mr. Small is eating meat) I thought you were some kind of vegetarian eco-warrior?
Mister Small: Only so I can get that rush of superiority from making other people feel guilty.

—"The Castle"


  • His appearances are usually preceded by a strum of the sitar.
  • It is revealed in "The Bet" that he is a licensed roller blader, although he isn't very skilled at rollerblading.
  • Mr. Small, being a puffy cloud-like creature with many colors, slightly resembles Masami and Tobias.
  • Sometimes the rainbow pattern from his shirt seems to stay put, and only the part of it that's on his shirt changes depending on the camera angle and his position - as if his shirt was a window looking out on the pattern. This effect is most noticeable in "The Fight."
  • Mr. Small listens to mystic chants and whale songs in his spare time, and he also seems to enjoy sitar music, since it was playing throughout his scenes in "The Painting," and "The Sock."
  • As seen in Nicole's flashback in the episode "The Gi," he used to make fun of Richard's "Cottontail Cavalier" costume back when they were in middle school. This flashback also reveals that Mr. Small went to Elmore Junior High as a kid.
  • While wearing his interpretive dance suit in "The Painting," it is shown that his fluff hides his real body structure, because, underneath it, he is very bony and skinny. This is also seen when he is wearing his rollerblading suit.
  • In the episode "The Lie," Mr. Small rips off the hair on his face with tape, revealing that he is actually more of a primate than a cloud.

    Mr. Small without hair on his face

  • He is a vegetarian, meaning that he abstains from eating meat. However, in "The Castle," he is seen eating a slab of ham. According to him, he only pretends to be a vegetarian for the "rush of superiority" from making other people feel bad.
  • It was revealed that Mr. Small's first name is Steve in "The Wand." He is named after one of the show's designers, and was designed by him as well.
  • He owns a van he calls Janice. Janice has appeared three times (so far) in the series: in "The Void","The Question" and "The Nobody".
  • Mr. Small believes in some conspiracy theories as revealed in "The Void." Aside from the world putting mistakes in the void, he believes that red heads are the descendants of an alien race.
  • According to the episode "The Fight," Mr. Small is quite terrified of Tina.
  • In "The Boombox," he sort of views Miss Simian as an enemy, because he was happy about the retirement.
  • In "The Finale," it is revealed that the events of the episode The Sock gave him claustrophobia, which is fear of enclosed spaces.
  • Mr. Small can play the guitar, as shown in "The Painting," and "The Gripes."
  • In "The Fraud," he admits that he isn't a US citizen.



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