Gaylord Robinson

Mr. Robinson

Mr. Robinson Young Adult


Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Mr. Robinson
Species: Puppet
Age: Unknown
Friends: The Senior Citizens, Jeff (formerly), Susan (formerly), The Wattersons (occasionally)
Enemies: The Wattersons (usually)
Relatives: Margaret (wife), Rocky (son), and an unnamed brother-in-law
Occupation: Retired
First Appearance: "The Debt"
Voice: Rupert Degas (Season 1)
Stefan Ashton Frank
(Season 2 onwards)

Mr. Gaylord Robinson is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the Wattersons' grouchy next-door neighbor. He lives with his wife, Margaret, and usually gets into arguments with her. They both raised one child, Rocky.


Mr. Robinson is a strange looking puppet-like creature. His body is shaped like a slightly rounded cylinder, and regarding relative height, he only stands a few inches above Gumball. Grey-blue fuzz covers his entire body, all except his large and protruding nose, which is pink.

Mr. Robinson wears a fancy navy blue blazer with a red striped tie and a white shirt underneath, plus a pair of brown pants and plaid slippers. He has large, rectangle, thick-rimmed glasses that help him see with his tiny eyes. He also has a noticeable unibrow. When he talks, his mouth opens in typical Muppet fashion.

When Mr. Robinson is yelling, he sometimes is frantically raised in the air in a fit of blind fury.


Mr. Robinson is known for his uptight and grumpy personality. He is obsessed with money, status, and arguing. He deeply despises Gumball, and can barely tolerate the rest of his family. This is because he considers them to be a tacky and cheap family, and views himself and his property as better than the Wattersons'.

He also has a very short temper, and can fly into a raging stupor if he is pushed too far. Despite his rough and angry behavior, Mrs. Robinson is not intimidated by his anger, and even though they are married to each other, he and his wife share an oddly healthy relationship that revolves around arguing and yelling at each other. Although, his attitude towards her changed quite a bit in "The Poltergeist."

On the inside, however, he seems to possess an energetic and bold personality, as shown in "The Debt."

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Debt": His first appearance and major role. Mr. Robinson supposedly saves Gumball's life, which convinces Gumball that he must repay his debt. He sings the infamous "I Wanna Be Free" number in this episode.
  • "The Painting": This appearance is debatable, but Mr. Small supposedly smashes a painting of Mr. Robinson in a powdered wig.
  • "The Goons": Darwin throws Anais' notepad on his windshield, obscuring his vision and causing him to crash his car into a fire hydrant.
  • "The Genius": (mentioned)
  • "The Poltergeist": His second major role. Mrs. Robinson, frustrated at the fact that she and Mr. Robinson haven't been arguing lately, kicks him out. Gumball hides him in the Wattersons' attic, where he and Darwin help him win back Mrs. Robinson's love.
  • "The Wand": Mr. Robinson appears in Richard's flashback. He also appears later on, and criticizes/makes fun of Richard when he wishes for the temperature to go down.
  • "The Car": His third major role. He is constantly pestered by Gumball and Darwin throughout the episode.

Season 2

  • "The Colossus": Hector destroys his house, but he is too busy reading the newspaper to notice.
  • "The Job": He gets thrown into the air by one of Richard's reality-distorting waves.
  • "Halloween": He faints when he hears a moose head speak.
  • "The Apology": The Senior Talent Show picture with him in it can briefly be seen.
  • "Christmas": He and his wife appear in the "Christmas is Cancelled" number. They also appear at the end along with the rest of the residents of Elmore.
  • "The Virus": A laser beam from Gumball's microwave burnt his turkey.
  • "The Tag": His fourth major role. He and Richard are having a trash can feud, so Gaylord starts pulling tricks on Richard.

Season 3

  • "The Fraud": The same painting of him in a powdered wig is seen in Miss Simian's office.
  • "The Boss": His fifth major role. He had an accident and he lost a lot of stuffing and was admitted to the hospital. Later on Rocky donated stuffing to him but he blew up in the end of the episode.
  • "The Butterfly ": He's seen driving his car around Elmore, purposely angering its citizens until he crashes his car into a lamp post. He later calls the Elmore Help Desk.
  • "The Spoiler": He can be seen in the movie theater with Margaret.
  • "The Nobody": He walks past Gumball and Darwin as they try to assign Rob a purpose in the world.
  • "The Money": He gets hit by the bus that Rocky is driving.

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Choices": He is mowing his lawn and gets covered in paint by Gumball.
  • "The Code": He changes the password to his wifi router and the Wattersons lose internet access.
  • "The Slide": He is seen mowing the lawn.
  • "The Box": He tells the Wattersons the truth about what was in the mysterious package.
  • "The Console": Gumball loots his house and he (unwillingly) allows Gumball to take anything.
  • "The Stars": His house is eaten by termites.
  • "The Diet": He is in his car.
  • "The Menu": He is seen fishing and Richard runs him over.
  • "The Singing": He sings a verse in "I'm Singing."
  • "The Deal": (mentioned)
  • "The List": (photo)

Season 6

Voice Actors



—"The Car"

[straining] That'!

—"The Debt"

You know, Margaret? Maybe those kids aren't so bad after all.

—"The Car"


—"The Car"

Close the window, Margaret.

—"The Colossus"

Bu-bu-bu-bu-but, please be careful with it!

—"The Car"

Margaret, we're out of canned toothpaste... [slips and slides on the floor]

—"The Tag"


—"The Car"

I wanna be freeee!

—"The Debt"


—"The Money'


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  • Gaylord's physical appearance and movements, like the rest of The Robinsons, is based on that of a Muppet.
  • Despite the fact that he has a first name, he prefers to be called "Mr. Robinson."
  • He is apparently able to cough up his heart and swallow it again, leaving him exhausted, but perfectly healthy otherwise.
  • It is shown in "The Debt" that he is a good singer and dancer.
  • Mr. Robinson owns a pearl-white 1964 Lincoln Continental, which appears in several episodes, most notably "The Car."
  • As the series progresses, Mr. Robinson becomes somewhat friendlier to Gumball and Darwin, with the exception of Season 4's "The Sale."
  • He is one of the few characters that did not undergo a design change in the second season.

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