Mr. Chanax
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Paper
Age: 400+ years
Friends: Goblin
Enemies: Gumball, Darwin, and Rocky
Relatives: Newspaper Employee (alter-ego)
Occupation: Boss
First Appearance: "The Boss"
Voice: Dan Russell

Mr. Chanax is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. After 400 years in his business, he decided to "retire," and "spend more time with his family." The company then replaced him with the Goblin after Mr. Chanax died. He has made his only appearance in "The Boss." He makes a brief cameo in "The Apprentice," where his remains are framed in the hallway near the bathrooms.


Mr. Chanax looks similar to the Newspaper Employee. The reason for this is because he is using the Newspaper Employee's body, and is hidden, due to the grumble nature. He is revealed when unfolded, and he has a more sinister (and detailed) face.


He seems to be obsessed with power and control (since he feeds on the spirits of his employees, and controls what they do). But despite successfully doing this to many of his employees, he is incredibly weak, getting frustrated when he can't control Gumball and Darwin (since he can only control those who signed a contract with him), and dying when Rocky's contract is torn in front of him.


Mr. Chanax can feed on the spirits of his employees, and control what they do, as long as if the contracts the employees sign lasts.


  • The fashion in which Mr. Chanax reveals himself is very similar to how Voldemort revealed himself in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
  • He is the fifth character to die onscreen in the TV series, along with Virus, Ant-One, the Anton Clones, and Zach.

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