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A poster featuring some of the minor characters.

List of characters (arranged in alphabetical order) who do not have enough known information for them to have a separate page. Names that are not verified appear in bold italics. If a character has appeared more than once, was significant in the plot, or had at least one speaking role, he/she is worthy of their own page (e.g. Exercise Bacon, The Internet, or Charlie.) If a character has an unknown gender, just list them as "Unknown" unless the character explicitly shows masculine or feminine traits.


Image Name Gender Species Episode Appearances Description
An image of the character. If the image is large, please scale it down. The character's name. The character's gender. The species of the character. Episode the character was seen/mentioned in. The character’s description.



Image Name Gender Species Episode Appearances Description
AR Alan's Relatives Male ♂ and Female ♀ Balloons "The Fuss" They mourn the loss of a family member.
Albert the Pervert tawog clipped Albert Male ♂ Slime "The Responsible," "The Internet," "The Finale," "The Parking," "The Ex" He is a babysitter. Richard found him on the internet for Anais in "The Responsible."
Alligator Goon Alligator Goon Male ♂ Humanoid Alligator "The Flakers" It is seen smashing the protagonist in "The Tale of Zelmore".
Alligator Alligator Unknown Alligator "The Ollie" It is seen when Gumball is skateboarding past it.
Al Paca Al Paca Male Human "The News" He is seen as the best livestock in a county fair in Texas and is also seen discussing "important issues" in the G8 summit via growling.
Alternate Gumball Alternate Universe Gumball Male ♂ Cat "The Plan" He comes back from the future to tell the mistake that Gumball has made.
Anais's Brain Anais' Brain Female ♀ Brain "The Dream" When Anais is trying to explain Gumball's complicated dream, her brain is seen and undergoes a brain cramp follwing with Anais collapsing.
Anais's Dolls Anais' Dolls Female ♀ Dolls "The Robot," "The Date," "The Remote," "The Castle," "The Tape," "The Night," "The Grades," "The Outside," "The Deal," "The Puppets" (mentioned), "The Line," "The Rival" The bunny doll is named Mrs. Pumpernickel (even though the purple one is also named as such in "The Robot,") and the humanoid one is named Mrs. Biggerlocks.
Anais Rip-off Anais Rip-off Female ♀ Rabbit "The Copycats" She was supposed to be Anais' counterpart in The Incredible World of Chi Chi, but since China has two-child policy she was scrapped (In show it was said that she was scrapped due to being female).
Animals Animals Unknown Forest Animals "The Voice," "The Boombox," "The Internet," "The Plan," "The World," "The Extras," "The Compilation," "The Worst," "The Sucker" They appear when Gumball and Darwin are finally freed from pressure and strife.
Ants Ants Unknown Ants "The Third," "The Helmet," "The Loophole," "The News" They cross the road unharmed thanks to Bobert stopping a car.
Apes Apes Unknown Apes "The Countdown" They are seen in prehistoric Earth. They also worship Gumball and Darwin.
AppleKid Apple Kid Male ♂ Apple "The Name," "The Countdown," "The Awkwardness," "The Grades," "The Best," "The Rival," "The Faith," "The Anybody" (as one of Clayton's disguises) He is Banana Joe's cousin. Zach bit him in "The Name."
ApplePeople Apple Mom Female ♀ Apples "The Countdown," "The Best," "The Nuisance," "The Line" She appears riding the public bus in "The Countdown." Archie the Duck Male ♂ Duck "The Triangle," "The Fuss" He is the mascot of Elmore Junior High.
Babies Babies Male ♂ and Female ♀ Babies "The Wicked" The babies appear to be a butterfly, a tooth kid, Suzy, an unknown baby with bonnet, a yellow baby, a clam kid, a milk bottle, another clam kid, a plant, a pizza baby, a square baby, a yogurt cup, an egg nest, and a block kid.
Baby Panda Baby Panda Unknown Panda "The Allergy"

When Darwin is about to sneeze, Gumball must choose between the direction of the baby panda or someone's baby.

Bacteria Bacteria Male ♂ Bacteria "The Virus," "The World," "The Singing" They are seen when Virus fights them off in "The Virus."
BaldGuy Bald Dude Male ♂ Blob "The Dress," "The Genius," "The Internet"
BarneyTheHamster Barney Male ♂ Hamster "The Colossus," "The Voice" (mentioned) He is Hector's pet hamster. According to his mother, Barney is in hibernation, although Gumball and Darwin immediately notice that he is deceased and has been poorly taxidermied in "The Colossus."
Basketball player Basketball Player Male ♂ Gorilla "The End" He appears when Gumball is skipping the channels.
Battleaxe Battleaxe Male ♂ Axe "The Dress" He is seen skipping along while Gumball thinks of a fake name.
StonerBird Beanie Bird Male ♂ Bird "The Wand," "The Ape" He only appears in the flashbacks.
Bees Bee Male ♂ Bee "The Kiss," "The Fridge," "The Bumpkin," "The Tag," "The Downer," "The Catfish," "The Rival"
Becksy Bexy Female ♀ Fish "The Shippening" She is one of Sarah's original characters brought to life by the Magic Notebook. Her name is short for Albexandra, she was raised by her uncle and his twin dogs, and her catchphrase is "This bird is out of control!" She bears a large resemblance to Darwin and dated Zechariah before Gumball and Darwin broke them up. She greatly resembles the fan character, Sklyn the Fish .
Big Troll Guard Big Troll Guard Male ♂ Troll "The Routine" He attacks Richard when he refuses to pay the toll.
Bill Bill Male ♂ Banknote "The Heist" He mistakes the bank for a dating agency.
1bbb21 Billy Parham Lookalikes Male ♂ Eggs "The Mothers," "The Triangle," "The Lady" After dressing up as Archie the Duck, these fans ask him for an autograph. In a rush Gumball draws over all three of them, causing them to cry.
The Puppets Bird-Plane-Bird Unknown Bird Plane "The Puppets," "Waiting For Gumball" He is seen flying in the sky in The Puppets and in Waiting For Gumball, occasionally squawking.
TheLine45 Birds Unknown Birds "The Line"
Bluebird Blue Bird Unknown Bird "The Safety" It appears in the educational video.


Blue Cyclops Male ♂ Humanoid "The Saint," "The Awkwardness," "The Box," "The Grades" He briefly appears watching the Clown turn Alan's parents into balloon animals in "The Saint."
Blue Frog Blue Frog Male ♂ Frog "The Void" He appears when imitating a humming engine then was chased by the two dodos in "The Void."

It might be a reference to Crazy Frog.

Blue Guy Blue Guy Male Humanoid "The Romantic" It appears as part of the crowd in the Elmore Mall.
Blue Security Guard Blue Security Guard Male Humanoid "The Safety"
Blue Wig Blue Wig Unknown Wig "The Third," "The Dress," "The Robot," "The Ape," "The Fight," "The Flower" They only appear in the School Cafeteria.
Bobby Bobby Male ♂ Lego person "The Butterfly" He is Hank’s son. He is seen in an airplane window in "The Butterfly."
Book Kids Book Kids Unknown Books "The Genius" Gumball spots these two books in the library, reading each other.
CanIBorrowYourGlue-1 Box Squid Unknown Squid "The Ape," "The Fight," "The Banana," "The Flower," "The World" They make cameos in the School Cafeteria.
Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus Unknown Brachiosaurus "The Kids" It briefly appears when Darwin rollerbladed on his back with a caveman during the montage of Make The Most of It in "The Kids."
I'm a brick wall(ftw) Brick Wall Male ♂ Wall "The Third," "The World" He is seen when Gumball is cycling down a side-walk, (on a tricycle which he bought for $70 off Rosie earlier in "The Third."
Bulb Broken Lightbulb Male ♂ Lightbulb "Halloween", “The Compilation
Brownbear Brown Bear Male ♂ Bear "The Roots" He fights off with the Crocodile Woman over a TV.
Brown Owl Brown Owl Male ♂ Owl "The Poltergeist," "The Wand," "The Ape" He only appears in the flashbacks.
Brown and Green Security Guard Brown Security Guard Male ♂ Humanoid "The Mothers," "The Butterfly" He appeared as one of the security guards tackling Banana Barbara in "The Mothers."
No image available Bucktooth Watterson Male ♂ Unknown "The Watch" (mentioned) He is Gumball's great-great-great-great-grandfather.
Bunny Bunny Unknown Rabbit "The Voice," The Compilation" It sings in "Nobody's A Nobody."
Burgie the Clown Burgie the Clown Unknown Clown "The Menu" It is the mascot of Joyful Burger.
Butterfly Safety Butterfly Unknown Butterfly "The Kiss," "The Safety," "The Wicked"
Byrdie's dad Byrdie's father Male ♂ Puppet "The Slide" He is seen letting Gumball, Rocky, and Darwin in his house, all "In The Name Of Love", which is a running gag in this episode.
Candies Candies Unknown Candies "The Flakers," "The Night," "The Puppets" They appear in Richard's hallucination.
Capture 11202013 134627 Captain Elmore Male ♂ Human "The World," "The Nobody," "The Gift," "The Traitor," "The Test," "The Guy," "The Menu," "The Petals" He may be a parody of Captain America and Superman.
Carmen'sMom transparent Carmen's mother Female ♀ Cactus

"The Shell," "The Nobody," "The Wicked, "The Blame," "The Boredom," "The Choices," "The Cycle," "The List," "The Candidate"

She appears in the theater audience watching the play in "The Shell."
Carrie'sgrandmother Carrie's grandmother Female ♀ Ghost "The Pony" She is a disembodied hand with two popping veins and red painted fingernails.
Caveman Caveman Male ♂ Humanoid "The Kids" He briefly appears riding a skateboard with Darwin during the montage of Make The Most of It in "The Kids."
Cd CD Unknown Compact disc "The World," "The Compilation" It sings in "Nobody's A Nobody."
CGI Mouses CGI Mice Unknown Mice "The Treasure" They are seen in one of the ripoff films.
CGI Panda CGI Panda Male Panda "The Treasure" He is seen in one of the ripoff films.
Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Female ♀ Unknown "The Butterfly"
CheesePerson Cheese Person Unknown Cheese Wedge "The Anybody" They appear in the cinema watching Stellar Odyssey.
No image available Clayton's father Male ♂ Clay "The Move" (mentioned) He is mentioned by Clayton.
Clover Clover Male ♂ Clover "The Curse"
Cockroach Cockroaches Unknown Cockroaches "The Hero," "The Gripes," "The Outside" They appear when Darwin ordered the woodland animals to trash the Wattersons' house in "The Gripes."
No image available Cody Male ♂ Humanoid "The Upgrade" Assists Gumball, Darwin, and Bobert in the Bobert Store.
Cow Cow Unknown Cow "The Allergy," "The Man," "The Scam," "The Menu," "The List" She is briefly seen when Darwin sneeze blasts in "The Allergy," and another one appeared when Richard tried to bite the cow in "The Man." Creepy Skull Unknown Skull "The Night" It appears in Alan's dream. Cyclops Hand Unknown Hand "The Night" It appears in Alan's dream.
Monster2 Cyclops Woman Female ♀ Cyclops "The Boss" She is a receptionist in Chanax Inc.. She tries to eat Gumball, Darwin, and Rocky, but misses them, and falls out the window in "The Boss."


Image Name Gender Species Episode Appearances Description
DarwinTheFirst Darwin the First Male ♂ Fish "The Game," "The Origins" He is the Wattersons' first pet. Nicole discovers his remains underneath Gumball's bed in "The Game."
Darwin the Second Darwin the Second Male Fish "The Origins" He is the Wattersons' second pet, until he eventually dies, due to falling out of the fish tank.
Darwin the Third Darwin the Third Male Fish "The Origins" Unlike Darwin, he is the Wattersons' third pet, until he dies due to the fish tank falling of the Wattersons' car.
Darwin the Fourth Darwin the Fourth Male Fish "The Origins" He is the Wattersons' fourth pet. Unlike the others, he is black, making Richard paint him orange, until he dies.
Darwin the Fifth Darwin the Fifth Male Fish "The Origins" He is the Wattersons' fifth pet. He is seen at the lake, where Banana Bob, and Banana Joe are fishing, until they catch the fish, making the fish leave the tank.
Darwin the Sixth-0 Darwin the Sixth Male Fish "The Origins" He is the Wattersons' sixth pet, until he eventually dies, due to Nicole mistakenly putting the water tablet inside the bowl instead of the cup.
Darwin the Seventh Darwin the Seventh Male Fish "The Origins" He is the Wattersons' seventh pet, until Leslie kicks the fish bowl, mistaking it for a soccer ball.
Darwin's Brain Darwin's Brain Male ♂ Brain "The Goons," "The Sweaters," "The Recipe," "The Ollie" He is seen dancing when Darwin opened his head and when Gumball take a peak on Darwin's head.
Is that my fish mom? Darwin's Mother Female Fish "The List" She was first introduced in "The List."
Debbbie Debbie Female Pea Pod "The Rival," "The Sucker" She is Julius' girlfriend.
Decaying Flowers Decaying Flowers Unknown Flowers "The Kiss"
Dolphin Dolphin Unknown Dolphin "The List"
Draqueen Draqueen Male ♂ Long-legged circle "The Genius"
Deer kid Deer Kid Female ♀ Deer "The Awkwardness" She can be seen playing tag with her friends.
Doctor Literature Doctor Literature Female ♀ Book "The Saint," "The Cycle," "The Shippening" She offers to help Martin in "The Saint," she "helps" Richard in "The Cycle," and she is shipped with Leonard Daniels in "The Shippening."
Dodo Dodo Unknown Dodo "The Void" They are seen chasing away the Blue Frog before Mr. Small, Gumball, Darwin, and Molly escape the Void in "The Void."
Dog Dog Unknown Dog "The Club" The dog is shown to be a part of the synchronized swimming club in The Club.
Dogs Dogs Unknown Dog "The Origins: Part Two," "The Vision" Darwin helps them escape from the Pest Controller's van.
Dogcop Dog Cop Male ♂ Dog "The Heist," "The Faith"
Dolphin lady Dolphin Lady Female ♀ Dolphin Humanoid "Halloween"
Dragon Dragon Unknown Dragon "The Boredom," "The Vegging" He can be seen at the end of the episode along with the Manly Warrior, Colin, and Felix.
Driver Driver Male ♂ Unknown "The Vacation" He offered the Wattersons a ride out of the desert, prompting them to run away, believing the car had no driver, due to his short stature in "The Vacation."
Duck 2 Duck Unknown Duck "The Colossus," "The Internet," "The Procrastinators," "The Apprentice," "The Traitor," "The Guy"
Eagchi Eagle and eaglet Unknown Bald Eagle "The Uploads," "The Origins: Part Two," "The Signal," "The Rival"
Old Lady Elderly Woman Female ♀ Human "The Safety" She appears in the public service announcement attacking Little Teddy.
PSFix 20170606 162001 Fake Muriel Female ♀ Humanoid "The Catfish" Gumball and Darwin use this profile to make friends with Grandpa Louie.
Farmer Farmer Male Human "The News" He is seen winning the best livestock prize in a County Fair in Texas.
Fingathing2 Fingathing Male ♂ Unknown "The End," "The Gi," "The Poltergeist," "The Wand," "The Spoiler," "The List" He only appears in flashbacks, minus his cameo in "The End" and "The Spoiler."
Firehydrant Fire Hydrant Male ♂ Fire Hydrant "The Compilation" He gets bothered by the blue Sausage Dog trying to mark his territory, and sprays water at him.
No image available Fireman Pete Male ♂ Unknown "The Egg" (mentioned)
Fishdinner Fish Dinner Unknown Fish "The Check," "The Compilation," "The Diet," "The Worst" It sings in "Nobody's A Nobody."
Fish Fishes Unknown Fish "The Origins: Part Two," "The Roots" They guide Darwin back to shore after he is flushed into the sea.
Brs65 Fly Male ♂ Fly Anais' Flickr, "The Bros" It was trapped in a jar, and had a dynamite stick attached to its body in "The Bros."
Footballer Big Football Players Male ♂ Humanoids "The Curse," "The Flower," "The Name," "The Butterfly," "The Pest," "The Sorcerer," "The Lady," "The Faith"
TreeKiss Four-Eyed Tree Male ♂ Sentient Tree "The Kiss" This kind tree is seen when Darwin brings Gumball to his happy place, mainly to recover from Granny Jojo's traumatizing kiss.
Franklin Junior High Principal Franklin Junior High Principal Male Pixelated Human "The Best" He is the principal of Franklin Junior High.
Frank The Butcher-0 Frank The Butcher Male Beast "The Cage" He is first seen in Elmore Junior High when he gets rejected by Mr. Corneille and is later seen outside of the school sweeping the sidewalk.
Fridge Creature Fridge Creature Unknown Demon "The Sorcerer"
Frog Frog Unknown Frog "The World," "The Sorcerer," "The Weirdo" He briefly appears singing The Amazing World of Elmore in "The World."


Image Name Gender Species Episode Appearances Description
Vegging Council Galactic Council Aliens Unknown Aliens "The Vegging"
Super Slime Blitz Hosts Gameshow Hosts Male ♂ and Female ♀ Snails Super Slime Blitz They are exclusive to Super Slime Blitz.
Garbage Bag Garbage Bag Male ♂ Trash "The Ghost," "The Kiss," "The Knights," "The Tag," "The Photo," "The Procrastinators," "The Move," "The Butterfly," "The Comic," "The Stories," "The Singing," "The Petals," "The Nuisance," "The Rival," "The Vegging" This garbage bag makes an appearance when Darwin brings Gumball to his happy place. Blue and orange versions of trash bags appear in "The Stories," when Gumball and Darwin try to hide from Molly.
Garden Gnomes Garden Gnomes Male ♂ and Female ♀ Gnomes "The Flakers," "The Kids," "The Puppy," "The Boss," "The Night," "The Scam," "The Console," "The Petals" After Richard runs over the female gnome, the male gnome cries in "The Flakers." The male gnomes also appear in the Manly Warrior's bus, throwing food at Gumball and Darwin.
Kitty 1 Gary's cat Unknown Cat "The Nest" Gumball and Darwin mistake him for a monster.
Geese Geese Unknown Geese "The Uploads"
Genie Genie Unknown Genie "The Sorcerer"
MrCooper George A. Cooper Male ♂ Human "The Others," "The Deal" He is the father of Clare Cooper and gets a new job working at the Rainbow Factory.
Filth Germs Unknown Germs "The Singing" They appear in Teri's hallucination.
Operative Government Operative Male ♂ Humanoid "The Box" He gives Richard a mission to save the president.
Graphs Graphs Unknown Graphs "The News" They sing a song about the economy going down.
Green man Green Guy Male ♂ Unknown "The Romantic," "The Disaster," "The Rerun," "The News," "The One" He is mostly seen in the mall.
Fanchild Gumball and Carrie's Child Unknown Unknown "The Shippening" They are created by the magic journal. Gumball and Darwin see the child with its parents and are horrified.
Gumball and Penny's Child Gumball and Penny's Child Unknown Unknown "The Cringe" Gumball travels to the future and sees himself having a child with Penny.
Jamie's kids Gumball, Darwin, and Jamie's Kids Male ♂ and Female ♀ Unknown "The Girlfriend" When picturing their futures being married to Jamie, Gumball and Darwin end up having many kids.
DNA Monster Gumball's DNA Monster Unknown Monster "The Apprentice" It appears as part of Gumball's altered DNA.
I AM AWESOME! Gumball's Ego Male Humanoid "The One"
Fear Gumball's Fear Male Humanoid "The One"
Anxiety Gumball's Humor/Anxiety Male Humanoid "The One"
Optimism Gumball's Optimism Unknown Humanoid "The One"
Gumball's Eight Children Gumball's Eight Children Male ♂ and Female ♀ Cats and Fishes "The Dress" When Darwin falls in love with Gumball due to him wearing a dress and mistaking him for a girl, Gumball imagines having eight children in their future.
Gumball Internal Organs Gumball's Internal Organs Male ♂ Internal Organs "The Bumpkin," "The World," "The Coach," "The Grades"
Goodbye, Cruel World! Gumball's Phone Male Phone "The Phone," "The Bus," "The Catfish," "The Stars," "The Best," "The Nuisance," "The List," "The Vegging," "The Cringe" Its first major role was in "The Phone," when Gumball and Darwin first had it delivered to their house. In "The Catfish," it breaks, due to picturing Granny Jojo.
TheTest2 Gworp Unknown Alien Robot "The Test" Tobias introduces Gworp as a new member of the Watterson family.
Hairy hippie Hairy Hippie Male ♂ Unknown "The Choices"
Hairy Hairy Student Unknown Unknown "The Fight" This character can be seen while Gumball is being chased by Tina.
Handguy Hand Guy Unknown Hand "The Compilation" He sings in "Nobody's A Nobody."
Banemp Harold's Employer Male ♂ Bandage "The Cycle"
No image available Harry Male ♂ Unknown "The Gift" (mentioned) He was in third grade with Gumball and Darwin, but moved out of town when his dad lost his job at the Rainbow Factory.
No image available Harry from Richard's Third Grade Male ♂ Unknown "The Gift" (mentioned) He was in third grade with Richard and sat behind him in math class.
Hazmat Hazmat Workers Unknown Humanoids "The Uncle"

"The Best"

Hitman Hitman Male ♂ Dog "The Box" He is sent to retrieve a box of money.
HoodieWoman Hoodie Woman Female ♀ Humanoid "The Anybody" She beats up Rocky when he hits on her.
Horse Horse Unknown Horse "The Comic," "The Uncle," "The Heist"
No image available Hot Dog Guy's Brothers Male ♂ Hot Dogs "The Awkwardness" (mentioned) They are mentioned by Hot Dog Guy when he and Gumball are exchanging secrets. They were attached to Hot Dog Guy by his head and rear at birth, leaving separation scars.
No image available Hot Dog Guy's Father Male ♂ Unknown "The Cringe" (mentioned) He is mentioned by Gumball (who is acting as Hot Dog Guy's stepfather). It is implied that he does not live with his family or that he is dead.
Hot Dog Guy's Mother Hot Dog Guy's Mother Female ♀ Mustard Bottle "The Cringe"
Chanaxemp2 Invisible Employee Unknown Unknown "The Boss"
Insectoid Insectoid Male ♂ Insectoid "The Vegging" They are present at Gumball and Darwin's marriage ceremony.
Insectoid Bride Insectoid Bride Female ♀ Insectoid "The Vegging" Gumball and Darwin get briefly married to her.
No image available Invisible person Probably Female ♀ Unknown "The Compilation" She sings one line in "Nobody's A Nobody."
No image available Jaden Male ♂ Humanoid "The Upgrade" Replaces Cody when he accidentally reveals the Bobert store's policy of planned obsolescence. He is an employee at the Bobert store.
Jamesobrien James "Jim" O'Brien Male ♂ Chimpanzee "The Worst," "The Deal" He works at the Rainbow Factory.
Japanese man
Japanese Man Male ♂ Human "The Vegging" He appears dancing in The Wattersons living room, he is later asked to leave along with the skeletal man and teleports away.
Giselle Jazelle Female ♀ Rainbow lass "The Cycle," "The Faith" She replaces Jackie as Harold's wife in "The Cycle."
Tumblr o56t3cBAfU1src38co1 500 Judge Male ♂ Unknown "The Love" Seen during the "Love solves every problem" skit, where he puts Richard in a jail sentence. He is based on a judge seen in the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall.
Julius Oppenheimer Sr-0 Julius Oppenheimmer Sr. Male ♂ Dynamite "The Sucker"
Worldkebabfighter-0 Kebab Fighters Male ♂ and Female ♀ Muscular rat and hot dog "The Responsible," "The Third," "The Secret," "The Game," "The World," "The Name," "The Uploads," "The Downer," "The Detective," "The Disaster," "The Potato," "The Matchmaker," "The Ollie," "The Weirdo," "The Best" The rat was originally a male, but it was changed to a female in "The World." The two characters also had their first speaking roles in the same episode. The female rat was voiced by Teresa Gallagher, and the hot dog was voiced by Hugo Harold-Harrison. Other than their appearances in the Kebab Fighter games, they can also be seen on a sign in "The Responsible."
Keyboard Dog Keyboard Dog Male Keyboard Dog "The Puppets," "Waiting For Gumball"
Person Kid Male ♂ Human "The Spoiler"
Kittens Kittens Unknown Cats "The Allergy" After Darwin sneezes through a seemingly pointless hole in the fence, it's revealed that his sneeze destroyed a shelter full of kittens.
Kola Kola Bottle Male ♂ Kola Bottle "The Fridge," "The Bumpkin," "The World," "The Bros," "The Saint," "The Nobody," "The Points," "The Matchmaker," "The Singing," "The Deal," "The Rival," "The Vegging," "The One" A green version of it appears in "The Matchmaker."
Kuprock Krupoch the Barbarian Male ♂ Action figure "The Plan," "The Puppy," "The Name," "The Puppets," "The Vegging"
Leaf Leaf Male ♂ Leaf "The Oracle" The leaf appears when Gumball looks around for signs, this leaf appears and Gumball panics. When Gumball strips naked, Anais throws the leaf at Gumball to cover him up.
Librarian 2 Librarian Male ♂ Bull "The Treasure"
Little Teddy Little Teddy Male ♂ Bear "The Safety" He is the first character to be animated by a guest animator.
Lollipop Woman Lollipop Woman Female ♀ Lollipop "The Misunderstandings" She appears when the Construction Men are trying to get her attention, along with the Cupcake Woman.
Lord Hamilton Lord Hamilton Male ♂ Human "The Ollie" He appears in Gumball's imaginary history of skateboarding.
Adobe 20170714 151936 Lozenge Lady Female ♀ Humanoid "The Boss," "The Deal"
Lumberjack Lumberjack Male ♂ Tree Stump "The Spoon," "The Genius," "The Bumpkin," "The Internet," "The Night" A purple version of him appears in "The Spoon" and "The Bumpkin."


Image Name Gender Species Episode Appearances Description
Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Unknown Magic carpet "The Sorcerer"
Magicfrog Magic Frog Male ♂ Frog "The Apprentice" He appears in Gumball's dream to deliver a warning.
Mailbox Mailbox Male ♂ Mailbox Anais' Flickr, "The Kiss," "The World"
Makeup Artist Makeup Artist Female Human "The News" Two versions of her are briefly seen in the episode. In the human version, her full body is seen, in the newspaper version, only her hand is seen.
Mandrake Mandrake Unknown Mandrake "The Sorcerer" This is possibly a reference to Harry Potter.
Margaret's Brother Margaret's Brother Male Puppet "The Wicked" He has been pushed off of the boat by Margaret.
Margaret's Father Margaret's Father Male Human "The Wicked" He is seen sewing Margaret together in the photo album.
Marshmallow Firefighters Marshmallow Firefighters Unknown Marshmallows "The News," "The Cringe" When they were trying to put out the fire that took place in The Wattersons' house, three of them ended up burning.
Martin-0 Martin the cat Male ♂ Cat "The Nemesis," "The Comic," "The Awkwardness," "The Weirdo," "The Anybody" (mentioned) He is Alison's pet cat.
Maskedcrook Masked Crooks Male ♂ Humanoid "The Box" They attack the President.
No image available Master of the Dark Arts Male Master "The Routine"(mentioned)
Mecha Mecha Male ♂ Robot "The Kids" It appears near the end of "Make the Most of It."
Meteor Meteor Male ♂ Meteor "The World" It is among the objects singing during the musical number "The Amazing World of Elmore."
Terror Mighty Flyz Male Action Figure "The Puppets" He is found in the attic by Darwin. He then ends up turning the action figure on, causing it to fly successfully, but it destroys some parts of the attic, the electrical wires, and a bird while it hovers away in Elmore.
MIlk Bottle Milk Bottle Unknown Bottle "The Wicked," "The Grades," "The Faith"
No image available Molly's grandmother Female ♀ Sauropod "The Stories" (mentioned) She is mentioned in one of Molly's stories.
No image available Molly's uncle Male ♂ Sauropod "The Stories" (mentioned) He is mentioned in one of Molly's stories.
No image available Mom-Unit Female ♀ Robot (presumably) "The Robot" (voice), "The Finale" (mentioned) She is Bobert's mother.
Monkey & Pug Monkey and Pug Male ♂ Hallucinated Monkey and Pug "The Move," "The Uploads" They appear when Clayton hallucinates and they go round and round in "The Move." They reappear in a clip of "The Uploads."
Toilet Monster Toilet Unknown Monster Toilet "The Sorcerer"
MooseWife Moose Female ♀ Moose "The Shippening" She is the Hamburger Cop's wife.
DesignerJeans Mother and Baby Male ♂ and Female ♀ Humanoids "The End," "The Mustache"
AvertYourFraglieEyes Mother and Son Male ♂ and Female ♀ Humanoids "The End," "The Mustache," "The Ape," (mother only) "The Curse"
BlueCreature Mouse Unknown Mouse "The Spoiler"
No image available Mr. Collins Male ♂ Sauropod "The Stories" (mentioned) He is the father of Molly Collins.
No image available Mr. Jötunheim Male ♂ Giant "The Hero" (mentioned)
Mr. Man Male Mutated Humanoid The Anybody
Mr.Poop Mr. Poop Male ♂ Poop "The Kiss," "The Pony," "The Boombox," "The Tape," "The Downer," "The Nuisance"
No image available Mr. Parham Male ♂ Humanoid (presumably) "The Extras" (mentioned), "The Pest" (mentioned)
Jamie's dad Mr. Russo Male ♂ Golf Tee "The Coach," "The Saint," "The Spoiler" He is the father of Jamie. He greets Jamie and his wife Coach home after Gumball and Darwin catch up with them in "The Coach."
SimianDaddy Mr. Simian Male ♂ Baboon "The Apology," "The Compilation" In "The Apology," Miss Simian goes to the museum to ask for his advice. He can also be seen in "The Compilation" during "Nobody's A Nobody."
No image available Mr. Small's mother Female ♀ Cloud-like primate (presumably) "The Promise" (mentioned)
No image available Mrs. Collins Female ♀ Sauropod "The Stories" (mentioned) She is the mother of Molly Collins.
Mrs Mrs. Oppenheimmer Female Missile "The Sucker"
OchosMom Mrs. Tootmorsel Female ♀ 8-Bit Spider Cloud "The Phone" She intervenes to stop Ocho from fighting Gumball and Darwin.
Muffin Man Muffin Man Male ♂ Muffin "The Extras"
Mule Mule Male ♂ Mule "The Treasure" It appears in Gumball's vision of his previous lives.
Muriel Muriel Female ♀ Teapot "The Catfish" She responds when Gumball calls her name by mistake.
Mutant animal Mutant Animal Female ♀ Bird/Elephant Hybrid "The Stars" Larry creates it at Gumball's behest.
EWWWWWWWW!! Mutant Animal's Baby Unknown Bird/Elephant Hybrid "The Stars"
Mutant Desert Monster Mutant Desert Monster Unknown Cryptid "The Vacation" It appears at the ending of the episode when it attacked the Scary Old Man in "The Vacation."
Tongue Mutant Tongue Unknown Tongue "The Loophole" It exits Gumball's mouth after Bobert hits him with radioactive waves.
NASA Scientist NASA Scientist Male Humanoid "The Vegging" He tells Gumball and Darwin to evacuate their house; he is later seen trying to fend off a mutant outbreak.
GRANDMA!!! Nigel's Grandma Female Furry Slug "The Compilation" Apparently she has been deceased and set up as a model display, much to Principal Brown's dismay.
Ninja Ninja Male ♂ Humanoid "The Dress" He is seen when Gumball comes up with a name for a country.
Noodle Man Noodle Cup Master Male Noodle Cup "The List" He is presumably a reference to Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid.
Number 7 Number 7 Male Number Puppet "The Puppets," "Waiting For Gumball"
Nurse Nurse Female ♀ Bandage "Christmas," "The Boss," "The Oracle," "The Wicked," "The Test," "The Slide" She is one of the Bandage Paramedics and is voiced by Maria Teresa Creasey.
No image available Obadiah Banana Male ♂ Banana "The Banana" (mentioned) He was the founder of the Banana family. Octopus Male ♂ Octopus "The Saint," "The Awkwardness," "The Grades," "The Faith" He briefly appears watching the Clown turn Alan's Parents into shapes in "The Saint."
Office dog Office Dog Male ♂ Beagle "The Mustache" He is seen at Chanax Inc., being fired by Gumball and Darwin in "The Mustache."
Ollie Vendor Ollie Vendor Male ♂ Humanoid "The Ollie" He is a vendor at the skateboard shop Ollie Vendor.
No image available One-legged Finklehimer Male ♂ Humanoid (presumably) "The Watch" (mentioned)
Poss Opossum Unknown Opossum "The Origins: Part Two" Darwin mistakes its tail for a worm.
Optician Optician Male ♂ Unknown "The Treasure" He appears in Gumball's vision of his previous lives.
Ostrich Ostrich Male ♂ Ostrich "The Safety," "The Heist" A character who appears in a cartoon Gumball is watching. A parody of The Road Runner.
Owl Owl Unknown Owl "The Sorcerer"
Paper Paper Male ♂ Paper "The Mustache"
Paper woman Paper Woman Female ♂ Paper Mass "The Name," "The Signature" She works at the City Hall.
Paperclip Paperclip Male ♂ Paperclip "The Void" He appears while Gumball, Darwin, and Molly were trying to escape from the Void. He asks Gumball a question about writing an email, only for Gumball to knock him out with a disco shoe and activating the disco floor in "The Void."
Parrot Parrot Unknown Scarlet macaw "The Roots" Richard talks to it in the pet store, but it only repeats Larry's complaints about him.
Pear Pear Woman Female Pear "The Father," "The Cringe"
Pizza baby Pepperoni Baby Unknown Pizza "The Wicked" It is the Pepperonis' baby. In "The Wicked," Margaret switches it which the Shape People's baby in the nursery, causing the husbands to fight.
Pet Fishes Pet Fishes Unknown Fishes "The Origins," "The Roots," "The Catfish"
Pigeons Pigeons Unknown Pigeons "The End," "The Microwave," "The Fridge," "The Recipe," "The Extras," "The Gripes," "The Allergy," "The Procrastinators," "The Lie," "The Question," "The Saint," "The Nest," "The Slap," "The Choices," "The Sorcerer," "The Console," "The Line," "The Nuisance," "The Pact," "The Neighbor" They appear around Elmore. They have a different design in "The Neighbor".
Pilot Pilot Male ♂ Humanoid "The Nest," "The Bus," "The Blame," "The Slap," "The News," "The Vegging" In "The Blame," he is seen flying a plane when Felicity turns his flight radar off. In "The Slap," Gumball and Tobias signal his helicopter for help on the roof of Elmore Junior High.
PIlots Pilots Male and Female Fingers "The Bus"
PInk Gummy Bear Pink Gummy Bear Unknown Bear "The Choices"
Pixelaliens Pixel Aliens Unknown Alien "The Phone," "The Blame," "The Compilation" They sing in "Nobody's A Nobody."
Pizza Mold Pizza Mold Unknown Pizza mold "The World"
PizzaSpider Pizza Spider Unknown Mutant Pizza Slice "The Game" It escapes from Gumball and Darwin's room in "The Game."
Shovel Platybelodon Unknown Platybelodon "The Rerun" It is one of the mistakes sent to the Void.
Poodle Poodle Unknown Poodle "The Origins: Part Two, "The Nest," "The Nuisance" It can be seen watching Marvin getting attacked by the Evil Turtle.
Poor Boy Poor Boy Male ♂ Human "The Ollie" He is a character in Gumball's made-up history of skateboarding.
Potatoes Potatoes Unknown Potatoes "The Uploads," "The Loophole," "The Potato," "The Lady" (mentioned) They appear in the Tobias-Remix video in "The Uploads.
Prospector Prospector Male ♂ Humanoid "The Treasure" He appears in Gumball's vision of his previous lives.
Puppies-0 Puppies Unknown Puppies "The Diet"
Purple Hippie Purple Hippie Male Humanoid "The Choices"


Image Name Gender Species Episode Appearances Description
No Image available Queri Female Automated voice "The Best" (mentioned) Queri is a reference to Siri and Amazon Alexa.
Raccoons Raccoons Unknown Raccoons "The Oracle"
Rainbow Bird Rainbow Bird Male ♂ Bird "The Genius," "The Extras," "The Compilation" He is seen dancing on the roof of "The Wattersons' house in "The Extras."
Blob Rainbow Blob Unknown Blob "The Fight" He can be seen sitting on a chair while Gumball is being chased by Tina.
Ollie Rat Rat Male Rat "The Ollie" He almost crashes into Gumball and Darwin on his scooter.
Reader Reader Male ♂ Human "The Ollie" Gumball rides on his skateboard past him.
ThePainting71-1 Receptionist Female ♀ Unknown "The Painting"
Red Security Guard-0 Red Security Guard Male Humanoid "The Safety," "The Worst"
Referee Referee Male Whistle "The Lady"
Thegift3 Reginald Male ♂ Frog "The Gift" He is kissed by Anais as she tries to find her prince charming.
Slidereject Rejected Lady Female ♀ Humanoid "The Slide" She falls in front of Elmore Junior High.
Richard, Richard, RICHARD! Richard's Brain Unknown Brain "The Authority," "The Fuss"
Richard's Grandma Richard's Grandma Female ♀ Rabbit "The Remote," "The Man" She is seen in a picture that is near Gumball, and is the paternal grandma of Richard. Richard's Heart Unknown Heart "The Menu"
No image available Ricky O. Male ♂ Unknown "The Uploads" His account is only seen on Elmore Stream-It, when he makes a Youtube Poop-esque version of Tobias' prank video.
Robot Sponge Robot Sponge Male ♂ Sponge "The Genius," "The Internet"
Rock lady Rock Lady Female ♀ Rock "The Slide"
No image available Roosevelt Male ♂ Python "The Vase" (mentioned) He was Louie's pet python.
AnybodyRooster Rooster Male ♂ Chicken "The Anybody" Gumball slaps him to make him stop crowing.
ChickenWaiter Rooster Waiter Male ♂ Chicken "The Game," "The Love," "The Singing"
Safe Lock Safe Lock Female ♀ Lock "The Spoon"
Sailor Sailors Male ♂ Humanoids "The Boss," "The Stars" While Mr. Robinson is sick, Mrs. Robinson is shown on vacation with a load of sailors. She planned to marry one if Mr. Robinson did not recover in "The Boss."
No image available Sammy Sunscream Male Sun "The Puppets,"

(mentioned) "Waiting For Gumball" (mentioned)

TheWorldPromo6 Sausage Male ♂ Sausage "The World"
Saxophone Chihuahua Saxophone Chihuahua Unknown Chihuahua (Dog) "The Uploads," "The Compilation," "The Singing," "The Best" Appears multiple times as a parody of Bait and Switch memes.
AHHHH! Scary Fish Unknown Fish "The Spoiler," "The Uploads"
Scooter Kid Scooter Kid Male Human "The Ollie" He crashes into Steve Small on his bike.
Sea Monster Sea Monster Unknown Serpent "The End," "The Apology," "The Words," "The Game," "The Butterfly," "The Safety," "The Singing," "The Nuisance"
Sebastian Longquin Sebastian Longquin Male ♂ Humanoid sheep "The Date" He is an imaginary ex-boyfriend of Penny's that Darwin made up in "The Date."
Sewercap Sewer Cap Male ♂ Sewer Cap "The Third," "The Pony," "The World," "The Bus"
Shadow Person Shadow Person Male ♂ Shadow figure "The Comic" He mugs Gumball in the park, then gets punched by Nicole.
SharkBearaGator Shark-Bear-Gator Unspecified Mutant Hybrid "The Gi," "The Kids"
Sheepfromgumball Sheep Female ♀ Sheep "The Game," "The Check" When playing Dodj or Daar, Richard's turn makes him go out on a date with a sheep. Richard accidently orders lamb on the date, and then chicken but the waiter happens to be one Richard ends the date by ordering the check.
Shower Faucet Showerhead Male ♂ Showerhead "The Singing" He sings "I'm Singing" and wakes Nicole up, then gets tossed in the trash by her.
No image available Simon Male ♂ Unknown "The Painting" (mentioned)
Skateboardbeast Skateboard Beast Unknown Beast "The DVD," "The Gi," "The Secret," "The Burden," "The Password," "The Uploads," "The Slap," "The Detective," "The Compilation," "The Vision," "The Box," "The Matchmaker," "The Ollie," "The Uncle," "The Best," "The Lady," "The One" It appears in the Watterson Children's Room. It also sings in "Nobody's A Nobody."
Skeletons Skeleton Kids Male ♂ and Female ♀ Skeletons "The Lie"
Skull Skull Unknown Skull "The Sorcerer"
Skunk Skunk Unknown Skunk "The Gripes" It helps Darwin destroy the house in "The Gripes."
Sleeping Man Sleeping Man Male ♂ Human "The Ollie"
Slime Monster Slime Monster Unknown Slime Monster "The Romantic" It is created when Penny mixes two unstable chemicals supplied by Gumball in the science lab.
Smelly Cheese Smelly Cheese Male ♂ Cheese "The Kiss," "The Internet," "The Triangle"
Wiki G Snail Female ♀ Snail "The Kiss" A giant snail appears as one of many obstacles set for Gumball, mainly to help him overcome Granny Jojo's kiss.
PurpleSnake Snake Unknown Snake "The Question," "The Hug," "The Catfish," "The Nuisance" A red version of him appears in "The Catfish," and "The Nuisance."
Soap Opera Doctor Soap Opera Doctor Male ♂ Human "The Saint" He offers to help Martin in "The Saint."
Theworldpreview4 Soda Can Male ♂ Soda can "The Ghost," "The Kiss," "The Promise," "The Castle," "The World," "The Kids," "The Law," "The Mothers," "The Butterfly," "The Friend," "The Egg," "The Signal," "The Outside," "The Ex," "The Uncle," "The Singing," "The Rival" He appears before Darwin throws him away, and he returns at Elmore Shopping when Darwin gets milk in "The World."
SodaCop Soda Cop Male ♂ Soda can "The Friend," "The Father" He works as a police cop.
Sombrero Sombrero Guy Male ♂ Humanoid "The Uncle" He is seen with Ocho before he destroys him.
Adobe 20170714 152232 Soulless Office Worker's son Male ♂ Skeleton "The Boss" He is the son of Soulless Office Worker.
Adobe 20170714 152110 Soulless Office Worker's wife Female ♀ Skeleton "The Boss" She is the wife of Soulless Office Worker.
Spider Spider Unknown Spider "The Wicked," "The Weirdo," "The News"(mentioned)

"The Lady" (mentioned)

It bites Darwin in "The Weirdo."
Specter Specter Male Ghost "The Vegging," He gives Gumball and Darwin an ominous call and comes out of their TV.
Spoonsforks Spoons and Forks Unknown Eating Utensils "The Night," "The Compilation" They sing in "Nobody's A Nobody."
PinkSquid Squid Male ♂ Squid "The Fight" He briefly appears while Gumball is chased by Tina in "The Fight."
Stars Stars Unknown Stars "The Genius"
Stick Figures Stick Figures Male ♂ and Female ♀ Humans "The Joy" Miss Simian draws a shark fin in their drawing, making them frown.
Network Student in Cafeteria Unknown Unknown "The Fight" This character can be seen while Gumball is being chased by Tina.
Sugar Cubes Sugar Cubes Unknown Sugar Cubes "The Laziest" When Gumball undergoes a sugar rush, a bunch of sugar cubes can be seen singing and tickling his heart.
Strawberry Suzy Female ♀ Strawberry "The Comic," "The Awkwardness," "The Slide," "The Diet," "The Grades" She is seen playing with Gumball and Billy.
Suzy's Mother Suzy's Mother Female Strawberry "The Diet"
Swan Swan Unknown Swan "The Law," "The Guy," "The Catfish" It gets hit by the ice cream truck driven by Felicity in "The Law." And steals Gumball's wallet in "The Guy."
Tarantula Tarantula Unknown Tarantula "The Uploads"
Tattoo Artist-0 Tattoo Artist Male ♂ Dog "The Fuss", "The Lady," "The Cage," "The Shippening" He is a tattoo artist that works at the Tattoo Shop.
Teapot Teapot Male ♂ Teapot "The Choices," "The Cycle," "The Line" He is seen pushing a stroller with the Cupcake Woman. A red version of him appears in "The Line."
The Candidate (10) Television Unknown Television "The Candidate" It turns itself off when it loses signal.
No image available Teri's father Male ♂ Paper bear "The Hero" (mentioned), "The Potato"
No image available Teri's mother Female ♀ Paper bear "The Virus" (mentioned), "The Potato"
Termites Termites Unknown Termite "The Stars," "The Nuisance" They eat through Mr. Robinson's house, car, and trash can.
No image available The Blue Hedgehog Male ♂ Hedgehog "The Uncle" (mentioned) He is Ocho's second uncle, and is probably a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.
President The President Male ♂ Human "The Points," (mentioned) "The Box" Richard is tasked with rescuing him.
PuppetsTrailer05 The Tree of Permanent Happiness Unknown Tree "The Puppets," "Waiting For Gumball"
PSFix 20170727 231901 The Weatherman Male ♂ Humanoid "The News" He shows the weather prognosis.
Tiger Tiger Unknown Tiger "The Pizza" It briefly appears attacking Marvin in "The Pizza."

It bears a refernce to Giant Realistic Flying Tiger from Uncle Grandpa.

Toilet -1 Toilet #1 Male Toilet "The News"
Toilet -2 Toilet #2 Male Toilet "The Awkwardness," "The Nuisance," "The News," "The Cringe"
Toilet -3 Toilet #3 Female Toilet "The News"
Toilet -4 Toilet #4 Male Toilet "The News"
Toilet -5 Toilet #5 Male Broken Toilet "The News" Tooth Kid Unknown Tooth "The Wicked," "The Grades," "The Faith"
No image available Toy Maker Male Unknown "The Friend"(mentioned) He is the creator of the Chimera.
Capture 11272013 154034 Traffic Lights Male ♂ Traffic lights "The Internet," "The World," "The Safety," "The Night" They fall asleep in "The Night," causing cars to crash.
Tree Librarian Tree Librarian Female ♀ Tree "The Blame," "The Nuisance," "The List" In "The Blame," she is seen rejoicing that children are still interested in books and later stamping the books they borrow.
Triangle Guy Triangle Guy Male ♂ Triangle "The Genius," "The Internet"
Trolls Guards Troll Guards Male ♂ Troll "The Routine" They attack Richard when he refuses to pay the toll.
Tubaguy Tuba Guy Male ♂ Tuba "The Compilation" It follows Martin Peaches in the store.
TV TV Male ♂ Television "The Party" He briefly appears throwing himself out the window in "The Party."
Twitchy Scientist Twitchy Scientist Male ♂ Pig "The Saint," "The Compilation" He tests a serum on Gumball and Darwin, but mutates their body. He is later fired from Elmore Hospital due to these actions in "The Saint." He also sings in "Nobody's A Nobody."
No image available Two goldfish in the distance Unknown Goldfish "The Advice" (mentioned)


Image Name Gender Species Episode Appearances Description
No image available Uncle Eddie Male ♂ Toast "The Helmet" (mentioned)
Mario Uncle Mario Male ♂ Human "The Uncle" He is Ocho's uncle and a parody of Super Mario. Uncle Phil Male ♂ Balloon "The Traitor" He is Alan's uncle. In "The Traitor," Gumball accidentally pops him and then uses him as a surgeon glove.
Living pants Underpants Male ♂ Underpants "The Dress," "The World" As his name suggests, he is a living pair of underpants. He makes his first appearance in "The Dress," and a smaller version of himself appears in "The World." In the latter episode, he aspires to be like his "father," which is a pair of Captain Elmore's shorts.
Vendor Vendor Male ♂ Octopus "The Kiss," "The Curse," "The Downer"
Vult Vultures Unknown Vulture "The Origins: Part Two"

"The Slap"

Walrus Walrus Male ♂ Walrus "The Kids" He briefly appears during the montage of Make The Most of It in "The Kids."
Weasel Weasel Male Weasel "The Uploads"
White Cat White Cat Female Cat "The Comic," "The Uploads," "The Roots," "The Nuisance" When stuck in a tree, Gumball and Darwin try to help the cat, but the cat jumps off the tree, causing Gumball and Darwin to get pulled up by the tree branch.
12122540 1653884801495315 82964733096378388 n Wild Animals Unknown Bear, Snake, Wolf "The Romantic" They attack Penny in the forest of Doom.
Wolf Safety Wolf Male ♂ Wolf "The Safety," "The Heist" A character who appears in a cartoon Gumball is watching. A parody of Wile E. Coyote.
Woman Woman Female ♀ Human "The Downer," "The Signature," "The Parking," "The Fuss," "The Stars"
Yellow Driver Yellow Driver Male ♂ Humanoid "The Ollie" He almost crashes into Darwin in his car.
Theoldguise-1 Yellow Old Man Male ♂ Lumpy Oval "The Debt," "The End," "The Poltergeist"
Yellow Wig Yellow Wig Male ♂ Wig "The Dress," "The Void" He briefly appears next to Idaho when Gumball is thinking of a name in "The Dress." He is seen walking the Tan Dog, and barks at Mr. Small, Gumball, and Darwin in "The Void."
ZechariahLopezCaramie Zechariah Lopez Kirby Male ♂ Winged Cat "The Shippening" He is one of Sarah's original characters, brought to life by the Magic Notebook. In the fanfiction, he is Gumball's cousin. He greatly resembles the fan character Zack Silvia, appearing to be a mix of him and Gumball. He dated Bexi before Gumball and Darwin broke them up.
Zelmore Zelmore Protagonist Male ♂ Elf "The Flakers" Darwin is seen playing this character of The Tale of Zelmore.
Zombie-thebox Zombies Unknown Zombie "The Box" They are the result of a viral outbreak. Zombie Woman Female ♀ Zombie "The Fuss" She is the wife of the Cowboy.

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