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Leslie S2


Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Pink Petals
Flower Boy (by Gumball in the early reel)
Species: Flower
Age: 12
Friends: Penny (cousin), Masami, Teri, Molly, Carrie, Carmen, Sarah, Juke, Gumball, Darwin
Enemies: Jealousy
Relatives: Penny (cousin)
Patrick (uncle)
Mrs. Fitzgerald (aunt)
Penny's sister (cousin)
First Appearance: "The Third"
Voice: Kerry Shale
Color Scheme
coat pot eye petals

Leslie is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a delicate flower who is in Miss Simian's class at Elmore Junior High. He is Penny's cousin, as revealed in "The Flower."


Leslie is a pink flower, similar in appearance to a daisy, who stays grounded in a blue flowerpot. He has a thin green stem coming out of the pot, which he uses to move his head around and two long leaves extend from his stem, which are used as his arms. Green stubby roots pop out under his flowerpot, and he uses them as feet. The inside of his mouth is colored purple, with a red tongue. In Season 2 onwards, he acquires eyebrows, like most other characters who received redesigns in the new season. In the early reel, Leslie's petals are colored baby-blue instead.


Leslie is gentle and while he can be hyper and creepy (similar to Banana Joe), he seems to be intelligent and wise. He can also be very effeminate and hangs out around the Treehouse Girls, possibly because Leslie is great at giving relationship advice. He plays the flute in the school band. Many people confuse him for a girl due to his feminine traits. He often says malapropisms (e.g., using "graceful" or "grapefruit" when he meant "grateful," or "condensation" instead of "conversation"). He appears to be a multi-instrumentalist; he is seen playing the violin in "The Sidekick," the saxophone in "The Fridge," and the flute in "The Triangle."

Episode Appearances


  1. "Early reel": He fills up with Masami's tears and sprays pollen at Rocky. Implying that he is allergic, Rocky then sneezes, causing Leslie's petals to fall off.

Season 1

  1. "The Third": Leslie tries to be Gumball and Darwin's third friend.
  2. "The Quest": Leslie picks up Anais' Daisy the Donkey doll after Tobias let it fall out of the window and onto the road.
  3. "The Pressure": Leslie is seen with The Treehouse Girls throughout the episode even thought he is not a girl.
  4. "The Ghost": Leslie shrivels up and collapses after smelling Gumball's "ghost-proof" breath.
  5. "The Mystery": After seeing Principal Brown all wrapped up and dirty, he remarks that he "smells like manure."
  6. "The Gi": Leslie joins the rest of the students laughing at Gumball.
  7. "The Kiss": He is seen cheering for Gumball.
  8. "The Party": Teri accompanies Leslie to the party, suggesting that he might like her.
  9. "The Picnic": Leslie is on the field trip with the rest of Miss Simian's class.
  10. "The Genius": In the Library.
  11. "The Club": Leslie is seen as a member of the synchronized swimming club along with Darwin, Penny, and the Dog.
  12. "The Mustache": He is on the dodge ball team in the School Gym.
  13. "The Meddler": Leslie is seen in the boys locker room in the shower with Gumball and Darwin.
  14. "The Fight": Leslie is seen cheering on Gumball and Tina's fight.

Season 2

  1. "The Fridge":: He was seen playing the saxophone on Gumball's flashback.
  2. "The Flower":: His first major role. He starts hanging out with Penny, making Gumball jealous.
  3. "The Banana":: He is seen in Mr. Small's class.
  4. "The Apology":: He is shown losing his petals after looking at Miss Simian's butt.
  5. "The Words":: Leslie gets yelled at by Darwin when Gumball is trying to force Darwin to tell Leslie how annoying he is. Leslie is on the telephone and one of his petals gets blown off in the strong wind of Darwin's yelling.
  6. "Christmas":: He appears in the "Christmas is Cancelled" number.
  7. "The Bumpkin":: In the school playground.
  8. "The Sidekick":: He can be seen through the class door at the beginning, and is seen later in the cafeteria.
  9. "The Storm":: He is first seen in the cafeteria at the beginning, then in the schoolyard talking to Penny, then outside Principal Brown's office when Masami started the storm and also in the cafeteria at the end.
  10. "The Dream":: He is seen in Miss Simian's class.
  11. "The Photo":: He is seen waiting in the line at the beginning of the episode.
  12. "The Game": He is seen in Mr. Small's class.
  13. "The Voice": He apologizes quickly to Gumball and Darwin, then runs off.
  14. "The Promise": He is seen riding the school bus.
  15. "The Boombox": He jumps rope with Penny and Carmen, and is later seen naked.
  16. "The Tape": He appears in one of Gumball's videotapes.
  17. "The Sweaters": He is seen in the school cafeteria.
  18. "The Internet": He is one of the students laughing at Gumball's embarrassing viral video.
  19. "The Finale": He appears on the bus of students that Kenneth eats. He's then seen at the end as one of the angry civilians attacking the Wattersons.

Season 3

  1. "The Fan": He is seen outside the school.
  2. "The Coach": He is seen in the school gym, and later in the cafeteria.
  3. "The Joy": He is one of the victims of the Joy Virus.
  4. "The Recipe": He appears in swimming class.
  5. "The Extras": He is seen outside the school.
  6. "The Fraud": Darwin knocks him out of school, landing in Gary's car.
  7. "The Void": During a cheerleading, Leslie and the other girls fall over.
  8. "The Move": He appears in the cafeteria.
  9. "The Allergy": He appears in the school hallway.
  10. "The Mothers": He can be seen in class.
  11. "The Shell": He can be seen during (or after) the school play event, carrying a tree prop by the dressing room.
  12. "The Burden": He walks by Darwin talking to "Chris Morris," and says hi to him.
  13. "The Bros": He can be seen walking in the cafeteria.
  14. "The Mirror": He is inside Miss Simian's classroom.
  15. "The Pizza": He appears as one of the citizens attacking the Wattersons.
  16. "The Lie": He listens to Gumball talk about Sluzzle Tag, and is in a scene where Gumball gives him red high heels as a gift from Sluzzle Dude.
  17. "The Butterfly": He can be seen inside Miss Simian's classroom.
  18. "The Safety": He is one of the students who watch the safety video in horror.
  19. "The Society": He is one of the society's members.
  20. "The Spoiler": He jokingly reveals the plot "The Screamening" to Gumball and Darwin in the cafeteria.
  21. "The Countdown": He and other alternate versions of him appear in Miss Simian's classroom.
  22. "The Triangle": His second major role.

Season 4

  1. "The Return": He appears on the school bus, and is later in Miss Simian's classroom.
  2. "The Others": He can be seen talking to Tina Rex in the hallway.
  3. "The Check" He appears in Darwin's mind when he was wondering what is like if he had money
  4. "The Pest": He appears in The cafeteria during Gumball and Billy's fight.
  5. "The Gift": He gives Masami a gift.
  6. "The Upgrade": Bobert weds him to Alan.
  7. "The Comic": He sings LaserHeart's theme song in the hallway.
  8. "The Romantic":
  9. "The Hug": He is seen in the school hallway.
  10. "The Wicked":
  11. "The Traitor":
  12. "The Origins":
  13. "The Points":
  14. "The Scam":
  15. "The Bus": He appears on the school bus.


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In other countries

In some episodes in France: Leslie is a male ["La Fleur" ("The Flower")], and in others, he's a female ["La Pression" ("The Pressure")].


  • He is one of two male characters that look and sound feminine, the other being Alan.
    • In fact, the pronunciation used for his name is the feminine pronunciation to emphasize this.
  • It is revealed in "The Flower" that he and Penny are cousins.
  • Leslie plays the flute in the school band.
  • In the European Spanish translation, he is often treated as a girl.
  • According to the episode "The Flower," Leslie does not have his own bedroom.
  • Although Leslie's a boy, in the episode "The Pressure," he was seen in the all girls club.
  • In the Mexican Spanish dub, Leslie is a female. It has since been corrected in season 2.
  • The fact that Leslie is a male character with an effeminate appearance and personality could be a reference to the fact that plants are, technically, both male and female.
  • Coincidentally, Leslie's facial expressions and voice are similar to Him from The Powerpuff Girls, another program from Cartoon Network.
  • It's revealed in "The Origins," that when he was younger, his face was covered, as he wasn't bloomed.

Voice Actors

  • Kerry Shale (US/UK)
  • Andrea Kerekes (Hungary, Season 1)
  • Lehel Kisfalusi (Hungary, Season 2 onwards)

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