Joan Markham
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Bandage
Friends: Mr. Small, Principal Brown, Mr. Corneille
Enemies: Miss Simian, Teri
Occupation: School nurse
First Appearance: "The Mystery"
Voice: Teresa Gallagher

Joan Markham is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the school nurse of Elmore Junior HighTeri, being a hypochondriac, is one of her most frequent visitors. She also dislikes Miss Simian, because she believes that her treatment of students is terrible, as seen in "The Joy."


Joan appears to be an anthropomorphic bandage. She is dressed in typical nurse fashion, wearing a white dress and hat, with a red cross symbol on them. Her limbs are skinny and red. She also resembles the Bandage Paramedics shown in "The Prank," and the Bandage Doctor from "Christmas." In fact, every medical professional seen in the show so far has been a bandage, except for Dr. Butt and the Twitchy Scientist. She appears to have a bit of an overbite, and possesses a large pair of glasses. As revealed in "The Cage," she has blonde hair under her nurse's cap.


Although not unskilled, she doesn't appear to care much about the well being of the students overall. This is seen when she chooses not to bother with helping Darwin in "The Allergy." This may be in part due to Teri, who constantly sees her for silly reasons due to her own hypochondria.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "The Banana": She is seen with Mr. Small healing Banana Joe after he accidentally pulls off an eye. This is also her first speaking role.
  • "The Skull": She gives a medal to Clayton for saving Gumball in a montage.
  • "The Bet": She is consulted to fix Bobert three times; on the third time, she gets fed up, and complains that she is a nurse, not a mechanic.
  • "The Virus": She makes a checkup to Gumball, and argues with Teri because Teri thinks she is useless.
  • "The Boombox": She is one of the passengers on an airplane.

Season 3

  • "The Coach": She regretfully gives Gumball and Darwin a slip to skip going to the gym.
  • "The Joy": She doubts Miss Simian's claims of the Joy infection, and later falls victim to said infection.
  • "The Law": She briefly appears outside of the police station.
  • "The Allergy": Darwin goes to her when he gets an allergy but she immediately turns him away for unknown reasons.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

  • "The Father": She takes the Joyful Burger staff to the hospital.
  • "The Cage": Her first major role. She gets wooed by Mr. Corneille.
  • "The Pact": Gumball mentions her briefly when he tells Principal Brown about his experiences with Miss Simian's bad breath.


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