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"It's A Lovely Morning" is a song from "The Disaster" and "The Rerun." It is sung by the Wattersons at the beginning of both episodes, and in the parking lot.


Nicole: Oh come on, kids!

Stop it with your yawning, It's a lovely morning!

Richard: We're off to buy some stuff at the Elmore mall!

Anais: Saturdays are cool!

Darwin: Cause we don't go to school!

Gumball: And I am gonna buy some donkey...drool...

Sorry, that's all I had.

Nicole: Nothing can go wrong!

Nicole & Richard: We'll be happy all day long!

The Wattersons: And that's the reason why we sing this song!

Parking verse

The Wattersons: There's no space to park but we're having such a lark,

That we don't mind having to wait until it's dark!

"The Rerun" variation

Nicole: Stop it with your yawning, It's a lovely morning!

Richard: We're up to buy some stuff at the Elmore Mall!

Gumball: Wait, I know what comes next!

Weekends always rule,

We're gonna milk a...mule...

Anais: No. Saturdays are cool!

Darwin: Cause we don't go to school!

"The Rerun" parking verse

The Wattersons: We're having fun and nothing can go wrong!


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