The Amazing World of Gumball #2 is the second issue of The Amazing World of Gumball comic books


Gumball and Darwin might have done of lot of things that could be considered immature and dangerous in the long years that they've been alive, but none of that even comes close to what they're about to do in this issue. May Anais have mercy on their souls...


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  • Gumball is referred to as a "cat-rabbit boy" by the instructor.
  • Beat Fighter Ben may be named after series creator Ben Bocquelet.
  • Anais isn't in this issue despite being mentioned in the official description.


  • The plot of this comic is similar to "The Gi," except Gumball and Darwin actually attend karate classes instead of just wearing gi's for fun.

Cultural References

  • The issue has a few references to "Street Fighter":
    • The game Gumball and Darwin are playing at the beginning is named "Beat Fighter" and heavily resembles Street Fighter.
    • Gumball asking Darwin to "beat up" the car is a reference to the bonus stage in Street Fighter.
  • The karate instructor resembles Chop Chop Master Onion from "PaRappa the Rapper."
  • The karate tournament between Gumball, Tobias and Darwin is similar to the climax to "The Karate Kid."
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