Idaho's Family

Idaho's family are minor characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They first appeared in "The Bumpkin," when the Wattersons took a sick Idaho to them. They can be seen again in "The Name" in Gumball's subconscious. They reappear in "The Shell," where they watch the play of Gumball and Penny. Idaho's dad is also mentioned in "The Best" when Gumball tries to stop Idaho from seeing a video about Carmen. Idaho's sister is also mentioned in the Elmore Stream-It video, "Wet Cement Dash."


The entire family are all potatoes with skinny black limbs. They're simple country folk who live within an hour's drive away from the city, believing in hard work and simplicity. Their one appearance showed all of them working on the field together.

Fresh soil seems to be a cure for them as a sick Idaho was cured by being buried under it for a while. It can also be possible that junk food could make them sick (as it did to Idaho).

Known Members

  • Idaho: Gumball's friend and classmate, seen in the front.
  • Idaho's sister: Idaho's younger sister, seen next to her mother in the picture above.
  • Idaho's mother: Seen next to his sister in the picture above.
  • Idaho's father: Seen on the left of Idaho in the picture above.
  • Idaho's uncle: Seen on the right of Idaho in the picture above.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "The Bumpkin": (debut) They cure Idaho when he is sick.

Season 3

  • "The Shell": Idaho's father and mother watch the play.

Season 5


  • They seem to resemble the Amish in their beliefs and appearance. Two of the members wear clothing usually used to portray an Amish person.

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