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"I Wanna Be Free" is a song performed by Mr. Robinson in "The Debt."


Mr. Robinson: Up til' now, my life's been good. Treated me well, I can't complain. Met a woman, raised the kid and every day just felt the same.

But there's something deep inside of me that always wanted to be free. And now I think the time is right... [starts to sing raising his voice] to show you what I mean!

[takes off his suit, revealing his dance clothes]

I wanna sing!

I wanna dance!

I wanna touch the sky with my own two hands!

If I sing to the world, it'll set me free, and let me be who I wanna be!

Dance, dance and sing! I'm gonna give it my everything!

And fortune and fame will be at my command, as I whisk you off to a wonderland!

I'll hip-hop and jive with my heart and my soul!

I'll press down to the bump, to the rock and the roll, I'll tango and jango, and the hanky and panky. I'll fly like a bird if you set me free!

Like a skylark on the wing, or a rosebud in the spring, like a gangster and his bling, like fish bait from a sling, like a puppet with no string, like an English feudal king! Like all those kinds of wonderful, wonderful, things!

I wanna be freeeeeeeee!


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