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How to Ratatwang Your Panda is a mockbuster movie produced by "Mic Graves Films." Its first appearance was in "The Treasure."

It's a parody of Kung Fu Panda, an original movie by DreamWorks or Little Panda Fighter, a Brazillian knockoff of Kung Fu Panda by Morningstar Entertainment.


  • Panda (a possible protagonist)
  • Good Rat (a possible protagonist)
  • Bad Rats (are possible antagonists)



  • This film is a parody of two mockbuster films by the Brazilian animation studio Video Brinquedo: The Little Panda Fighter (DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda), and Ratatoing (Pixar's Ratatouille). The conjunction of the two titles is a reference to another one of DreamWorks' movies, How to Train Your Dragon.
  • The film's characters make a cameo in "The Void."
  • The DVD appears again in "The Man" as part of Gumball's Rube Goldberg machine.
  • The film company; Mic Graves Films is a reference to one of the shows producers, Mic Graves.

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