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Hard hat hustle

Hard Hat Hustle is an online game based on The Amazing World of Gumball


Gumball and Darwin's class are on a field trip at a Construction Site. Mr. Fitzergald warns the class about wormholes and tells everyone to stick to their buddy. Gumball after listening to Mr. Fitzergald had already lost Darwin and has to find him.


Run - A or D/ Left or Right Arrow Key

Jump - W or Space Bar

Grab boxes - S or Down Arrow Key


In this game, the player controls Gumball, and the objective is to find Darwin. The player can warp through the edges (as long as it is not blocked), jump on Alan to get a boost up, move boxes (including spike boxes) and travel through wind tunnels in order to get closer to Darwin. Along the way, the player has to avoid spikes (including spikes that are shot out of spike boxes), the tools held by the Construction Men, as well as the obstacles that are shot out by the them.

To get a star on the level, the player must collect all the jellybeans scattered around. Bonus points will be awarded if the player finishes the level quickly.

Some gestures in the game (notably, Gumball and Darwin's special handshake) were recycled from "The Third".



Gb hhh mystery

Attention Students - Mystery badge

Gb hhh jellybeans

Bean Counter - Collect 25 beans

Gb hhh beatgame

Finding Darwin - Beat the game

Gb hhh warp10

Warp Zone - Warp 10 times

Gb hhh enemy

Wrecking Crew - Defeat an enemy



Play it here!

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