Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Goblin
Friends: Dolphin Man, Spray-Paint Bottle, Butterknife
Enemies: Richard, Nicole, Frankie, Gumball, Darwin, and Rocky
Occupation: Current boss of Chanax Inc.
Repossession worker
First Appearance: "The Finale"
Voice: Alex Jordan (C.E.O. of Chanax Inc.)
Kerry Shale (Repossession Worker)

The Goblin is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He made his first appearance in "The Finale."


The Goblin is a green round goblin. As a repossession worker, he wears a worn out bike vest and black pants. When he is at Chanax Inc., he wears a navy blue business outfit and a red tie.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

  • "The Finale": He is seen with the prisoners in a jail cell with the Wattersons. He also punches Richard out of the jail cell, making a hole to escape.

Season 3

Season 4

  • "The Signature": He is seen moving Frankie's belongings out of his house, due to him not paying his rent.
  • "The Check": He is seen working at Darwin's imaginary business.
  • "The Parking": He is seen at Chanax Inc. while watching the Wattersons out the window.
  • "The Apprentice": His second major role. He was going to sign up a contract to build a hospital by Patrick.
  • "The Wicked": He scans his credit card, and his wallet got stolen by Margaret.
  • "The Traitor": He is in the cinema.
  • "The Love": He is in a prison cell.
  • "The Awkwardness": He is briefly seen with Gumball during the Ketchup Rap song.
  • "The Nest": He is attacked by the baby turtles while he is taking a shower.
  • "The Fury": His car gets damaged by Nicole.
  • "The Disaster": He is seen in the mall.

Season 5

Season 6

  • "The Cage": He is seen in the crowd cheering for Corneille.
  • "The Founder": His third major role. Richard makes him think he is the founder of Chanax.


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  • In "The Boss," it is revealed that the Goblin works at Chanax Inc., while in "The Money," he worked as a repossession worker. Like Larry and Karen, it's possible that he has various other jobs as well.
  • Almost every time he is seen, his skin changes color. In "The Finale," his skin was a brighter shade of green, his skin was whitish-green in "The Money," and in "The Check," he was colored pink.

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