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Gary Hedges
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: This Guy (by Gumball in "The Tape")
Species: Moose
Friends: Mr. Robinson, Blue Elephant, The Senior Citizens
Occupation: Performer
Bus driver
First Appearance: "The DVD"
Voice: Dan Russell

Gary Hedges is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He first appeared in "The DVD."


He is an elderly, purple moose with large antlers. He is commonly seen wearing a pale brown hat, and a green sweater with blue slacks.


He is rather joyful, yet oblivious. He often does not seem to know what is going on, or ignores it and continues with his duty. His occupations seem to be temporary, as he is often seen doing different jobs in different episodes. It is possible he is retired and is doing it for sentimental community service.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "The Remote": He is seen in front of his house, watching his car get smashed by the garage door.
  • "The Colossus": He is seen driving his car.
  • "The Fridge": His soda is stolen by Gumball at the Gas Station.
  • "The Phone": He is seen standing outside his house, and is hit by the Wattersons' laptop.
  • "The Job": He is seen walking a dog, when Richard passes by on his scooter.
  • "The Bumpkin": The Wattersons almost hit him with their car.
  • "The Hero": He makes a cameo appearance outside Food N' Stuff.
  • "The Dream": He makes a cameo appearance in one of Darwin's dreams.
  • "The Sidekick": He makes a cameo appearance outside one of the stores.
  • "The Tag":He is seen briefly driving his car while the trash can constantly gets ran over.
  • "The Game": He is a bystander during Nicole's backseat driving.
  • "The Limit": He passes by the Wattersons, whose kids are throwing tantrums in Elmore Shopping.
  • "The Castle": He is a contestant on Win or Don't Win.
  • "The Tape": He is referred to as "this guy" in one of Gumball's videotapes.
  • "The Internet": He is one of the drivers involved in a massive pile-up, and later, he is seen relaxing at the park.
  • "The Plan": He is seen at Elmore Park.
  • "The Finale": His bus gets hijacked by Richard, and reappears along with the angry crowd attacking the Wattersons.

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Rerun": He can be seen at the mall.
  • "The Stories": He is seen walking his dog.
  • "The Guy": He is at the mall.
  • "The Boredom": He appears during Sal's song.
  • "The Choices": He is seen doing road work in the park.
  • "The Slide": He is pushed through a store window by Gumball.
  • "The Loophole": He slurps his soup in the mall, causing Bobert to threaten him.
  • "The Fuss": He delivers mail to Nicole.
  • "The Vase": He delivers a tablet and the vase to Gumball.
  • "The Box": He hides in a telephone booth, and gets attacked by the zombies.
  • "The Sorcerer": He is swallowed by the troll, and later gets vomited out by the troll.
  • "The Stars": He happily crumbles up people's mail once the stars lose their effect.
  • "The Diet": He is in the crowd watching Richard pose with the fire hose.


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  • He lives next door to the Wattersons, as seen in "The Wand," "The Allergy," and "The Nest."
    • However, in "The Remote," he lives across the street.
  • He has wide hips, like Gumball.
  • He is very generous, as he gave Gumball and Darwin a dollar in "The DVD," while most people who passed by gave them barely any money.
    • Despite this, he hides from Jackie, Gumball, and Darwin when they walk by asking for money in "The Sidekick."
  • His first name was revealed in "The Extras," while his last name was revealed by Richard Overall.
  • He likes entering Win or Don't Win, as he was seen on the show in "The Castle," and "The Extras."
  • Gary is seen at middle school with Richard in "The Wand," despite appearing at least 20 years older. It is possible that he was a teacher, not a student.

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