Gargaroth the Devourer
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Monster
Age: Unknown
Enemies: Gumball,
First Appearance: "The Compilation"
Voice: Unknown

Gargaroth the Devourer is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He first appears in "The Compilation" as a cameo before the events in "The Scam."


Gargaroth is a gigantic blob monster. His body is a black blob of slime. He has multiple arms and hands in every direction and multiple eyes, ears, and mouths on every part of his body, and his skin is pitch black. He has a white face with red dotted eyes and a crooked mouth. His main face has one eye and his main mouth is huge that has crooked teeth and produces green slime.


In the legend told by Gumball in "The Scam," Gargaroth was an evil, hideous creature from the Underworld who devoured a soul sacrificed to him every year by the king of the Underworld. One year, the monster demanded the hand of the king's daughter in marriage, on the promise of no further sacrifice; however, the princess was so disgusted by his monstrous appearance that she left him at the altar. In his sorrow, Gargaroth devoured every soul around him and, according to Carrie, he was then banished through the sacrifice of a selfless hero. All mentions of his name were forbidden, for saying it would summon him into the mortal realm.

Gumball, Darwin, and Carrie used the legend, along with Carrie's powers, to scam everyone in Elmore by offering paranormal expertise in exchange for candy. When Gargaroth's story turned out to be true and he rised from the Underworld to haunt Elmore Junior High, the citizens relied on the kids to defeat him.

Gumball's attempt to suck Gargaroth into a vacuum quickly proved useless, likely because of the size of the monster. Carrie then suggested they make a sacrifice just like in the story, and so they fed him all of the scammed candy. The creature was on the brink of explosion, but this failed due to Gumball keeping one last piece of candy for himself. As Gargaroth chased them down the hallway, Carrie made a final sacrifice and decided to become his bride. They had a wedding ceremony in the library, and Darwin felt devastated as this meant she would have to stay in the Underworld for all eternity. Noticing his brother's distress, Gumball threw the last piece of candy into the monster's mouth, thus ending the ceremony and killing him.

Episode Appearances

Season 4



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