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Elmore Plus is a fictional website that Gumball, Darwin, and Hector use. Gumball and Darwin used the site to upload a photo from Shotofop in "The Colossus." They also sent a friend request to Hector, who rejects it. At the end of the episode, Hector sends them a friend request. Gumball and Darwin, not knowing what to do, since they didn't want to make him excited, sad, and destroy the town again, Gumball smashes his computer screen with a hammer. Neck Beard also uses the website to inform other users when he does activities, such as jogging.


It is a website similar to Facebook in many ways, although, the name is a reference to Google Plus. According to "The Pony," users are able to post pictures, statuses, as well as receive likes.

Known Elmore Plus users


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