Elmore Hospital is a location in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is, as its name implies, a hospital in Elmore. It made its first appearance in "The Goons."

Episode Appearances

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Known Employees

Known Patients

Episode Patient(s) Reason
"The Goons" Gumball, Anais, Rocky, Banana Joe, Idaho, and Anton They were all injured during the Dumb Race.
"The Date" Gumball He was bitten several times by Penny's pet spider, Mr. Cuddles.
"The Curse" Gumball He fell off the Elmore Expressway bridge.
"Christmas"      Santa Claus, Martin Peaches, Felicity Parham, and Marvin Santa is accidentally run over by the Wattersons; Marvin, Felicity and Martin are there for unknown reasons.
"The Bumpkin" Gary His foot was run over by the Wattersons' car.
"The Authority" Richard He fell while trying to fix the satellite dish.
"The Kids" Gumball and Darwin They went to see a doctor to fix their breaking voices.
"The Extras" Hamburger Cop and Drum Kit Guy The Hamburger Cop had high cholesterol; the Drum Kit Guy was sneezing nonstop.
"The Boss" Mr. Robinson He lost all his stuffing.
"The Saint" Gumball and Darwin They went to test serums.
"The Gift" Anais She got sick from kissing her frog Reginald.
"The Apprentice" Gumball He was knocked out by a golf ball.
"The Traitor" Alan and Jessica Alan gives one of his organs to his mother, and the transplant surgery is performed by Gumball and Darwin.
"The Love" Richard He was sent flying and landed in the hospital after the prisoners punched him.
"The Choices" Nicole She was pregnant; Gumball and Anais were born there.
"The Code" Richard He gets stuck in a lawn chair.
"The Test" Tobias He was unconscious for a few days after trying to jump a shark on water skis.
"The Copycats" Richard and Chi Chi's father Both donate their kidneys.
"The Cringe" Gumball and Hot Dog Guy They get hospitalized due to cringe overdose.




  • Gumball has been admitted to the hospital six times throughout the series, the most out of all the patients.
  • In some episodes, a mirrored poster of the Elmore Junior High Computer Club can be seen on a lamppost.
  • One of the doctors at the hospital, Dr. Butt, looks almost identical to Richard's butt. This was done to reference an event earlier in the episode he appeared in.
  • The hospital has a different design in Season 5.

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