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The elmore
A view of the town's general overall area.
State California
Country United States
Population Weird (20,000)

An aerial view of Gumball's neighborhood.

Elmore, CA, USA (pop. 20,000) is a fictional town in The Amazing World of Gumball, and is the setting for most of the episodes. Though it generally functions like a normal city, Elmore is unique in that almost everything in the city has the potential to come to life.

Elmore, like other minor metropolitans, has its own financial district, park districts, residential districts, and an interstate highway running through it.


Known Residents




  • The Elmore Daily is a local newspaper, as seen in "The DVD," "The Prank," and "The Password."
  • Elmore Junior High is the local school, as seen in many episodes.
  • Elmore Gas is a gas company, as seen in "The Fridge."
  • Elmore Stream-It is a video-hosting webpage, as seen in many episodes.
  • Elmore Hospital, the local hospital of Elmore, as seen in "The Goons."
  • Elmore Wing, an airline service mentioned in a commercial in "The Boombox."


  • Despite Elmore Junior High supposedly being the local school, the Wattersons have to drive through a busy expressway to get there, as shown in "The Bumpkin."
  • Tobias and Rachel are so far the only characters, along with their family, known to live on the outskirts of Elmore, as shown in "The Third" and "The Party." Though this may have been contradicted in "Christmas," as the Wilsons are shown to be living on the same street as the Wattersons.
    • As seen in "The Bumpkin," Idaho's family appears to live on the outskirts, in a large barren field that Richard had to access via traveling the ocean.
  • The population of Elmore is a modest 20,000, suggesting that it is a somewhat large city in the USA.
  • The town of Elmore is mainly based off Vallejo, California, while the school and certain buildings are based on San Francisco.
  • Elmore's region is surrounded by huge bodies of water, which requires a very large bridge to cross.
  • Win or Don't Win is the most popular show in Elmore.
  • There are numerous towns, cities, and counties in the U.S. called "Elmore."
  • Elmore has a second dimension known as The Void. This is where all of Elmore's mistakes end up.
  • In "The Origins", it is shown that a massive desert surrounds Elmore.


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