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Guaranteed fit!!

Electro Fat is a weight-loss product seen in The Amazing World of Gumball. Supposedly, it works by sending electrical shocks to electrodes placed onto specific areas of the body, stimulating muscles and possibly "melting" fat.

Appearances in the Show

In "The Car", Richard uses it and gets electrocuted. He rips it off, and throws it into Mr Robinson's car. This leaves a dent in the car, causing Richard to attempt to bang it out. In "The Poltergeist", Gumball uses it to try and cheer up Mr. Robinson. This only hurts him and singes his skin so some parts are blackened.


  • The Electro Fat slogan is: "Electro Fat! Gets you fit while you watch TV!"
  • In "The Car", Electro Fat has a single power setting and is turned on and off with the use of buttons as opposed to the model shown in "The Poltergeist", where power settings are controlled using a dial, though it is possible the on/off button is in the back.
  • It is shown to be extremely painful.
  • In both of it's appearances, it has never actually made anybody more fit.

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