Alison Sandra Gator
Lizard Woman
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Crocodile
Friends: Martin (pet)
Enemies: The Wattersons, Karen, Rocky (former love interest)
First Appearance: "The Fridge"
Voice: Sandra Searles Dickinson

Alison Sandra Gator is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. Her first appearance was in the episode "The Fridge," in which she fought Gumball for a discounted chicken under the guidance of Nicole. She also appeared in "The Job," where she complained that it was snowing during June.


Alison Sandra Gator is an elderly, pale-blue skinned crocodile. She wears a green dress with a matching beanie. She has white hair, and yellow eyes with black pupils. Her eyes, lips, arms, and legs are all very wrinkly.

According to Rocky, she has 87 teeth and her butt is 5 feet wide.


Alison Sandra Gator is portrayed as being somewhat aggressive when things get in her way, such as when she gets into a fight with Gumball in "The Fridge" or when she "bingo-wings" Darwin, who is forced to hold up the check-out line for Zach, in "The Name." 

She is also seen as particularly lonely, such as in "The Butterfly," when she is quick to accept what she believes to be a proposal from Rocky while outlining how long she had been waiting for that moment. She finds a level of affection in her cat, Martin, whom she believes to be a real boy.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Boredom": She can be seen at the mall.
  • "The Code": She is sitting next to Gumball on the bus.
  • "The Slide": She is one of the people Rocky meets on Trawlr.
  • "The Console": She asks Gumball to help her find her lost pigeons.
  • "The Cycle": She can be seen at the mall.
  • "The Stars": She is feeding pigeons, and kicks one.
  • "The Diet": She watches Richard pop out of the mall fountain.
  • "The Uncle": Gumball jumps on her head and grabs her hat.
  • "The Weirdo": She is at the park feeding pigeons.
  • "The Singing": Mr. Small yells at her.
  • "The Line": She is in the line for Stellar Odyssey.
  • "The News": She is seen on the news walking.

Season 6

  • "The Sucker": She is seen sleeping on a bench.
  • "The Cringe": She can be seen during the flashback to "The Awkwardness."
  • "The Faith": Her car is stuck in traffic.
  • "The Anybody": She is watching the movie and notices her cat is gone.
  • "The Neighbor": Gumball and Darwin try to marry her with Gary.


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  • Rocky mistakes her for an alligator. This is similar to how people usually mistake alligators for crocodiles and vice versa.
  • Her full name was revealed in "The Neighbor."
  • Her middle name is likely a reference to her voice actor, Sandra Searles Dickinson.

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