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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Clay
Age: 12
Friends: Gumball, and Darwin
Enemies: Tina
Relatives: An unnamed mother, and an unnamed father
First Appearance: "Early reel" (prototype)

"The Third" (final concept)

Voice: Rupert Degas (Season 1)

Max Cazier (Season 2 onwards)

Color Scheme
Clay Mouth eye other

Clayton is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball.


Clayton is a living pile of red clay, with big purple lips, and googly eyes. He possesses the ability to morph into different shapes. In Season 2, Clayton is given eyebrows, and his clay is more fixed. His face has eyes and a mouth that seems to also be made out of clay.


Clayton enjoys telling fantastic stories about his life to impress his friends, but most of these stories are either completely false, or grossly exaggerated.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Third": Clayton is seen sitting next to Bobert at lunch. He is also seen again at the gym while Miss Simian says they're playing Trust Ball.
  • "The Dress": Clayton is stricken with Gumball, and attempts to help "her" get across a puddle by changing into a bridge, before Tina steps on him.
  • "The Pressure": Clayton is seen sitting next to Bobert at lunch the same way he was in the episode "The Third."
  • "The Ghost": Clayton can be seen fleeing from Carrie (in Gumball's body).
  • "The Party": Clayton is seen attending Rachel's party.
  • "The Robot": He is seen in the lunch room.
  • "The Picnic": Clayton is seen with the rest of Miss Simian's class on the field trip.
  • "The Fight": Clayton is seen cheering on Gumball and Tina's fight. Later, he is seen sitting next to Juke at the lunch cafeteria when Tina crashes at him.

Season 2

  • "The Banana": Clayton got smashed in the face with the door when Gumball and Darwin were rushing to Banana Joe's locker.
  • "The Apology": He's seen in the fight crowd.
  • "The Skull": This marks his first major role. Clayton becomes friends with Gumball and Darwin, but must stop lying to maintain it. He also disguises himself as Gumball, Darwin, Principal Brown, and Banana Joe.
  • "The Tape": He appears in one of Gumball's videotapes.

Season 3

  • "The Joy": He is one of the victims of the Joy Virus.
  • "The Recipe": He greets Anton in the school hallway.
  • "The Move": His second major role. Gumball and Darwin try to teach him not to lie, with great difficulty.
  • "The Shell": He appears in the crowd watching Gumball and Penny kiss.
  • "The Safety": He can briefly be seen on one of Darwin's surveillance monitors.
  • "The Money": He can be seen waiting at a bus stop.

Season 4


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Clayton: "I could build you a bridge!"
Tina: [Steps on Clayton] "No!"

"I'm having the time of my life!"

Clayton: "Why don't you just wet your hair, and say you had a shower?"
Darwin: "Isn't that lying?"
Clayton: "I prefer to call it creative truth."

Gumball: "What is this "finger-touch heart-disintegrating move" nonsense?"
Clayton: "What-it's true! I saw it on TV."

Clayton: "Well. After school, I'm gonna go pirate hunting with the president of the solar system in an underwater theme park where-"
Darwin: "Okay! Okay. Let's just try and take out half the things that aren't true."
Clayton: "Okay. After school, I'm going hunting in a theme park with the president-"
Gumball: "Wow. Even your half-truths are full of absolute bunk."

"You're right! I guess being someone is good enough. I don't need to lie anymore. [Hugs Gumball] Thanks dudes!"

Clayton: "I've got a contagious rash on me-"
Gumball: "WHOA whoa whoa-alright! I'd like to skip this one, thank you very much."

Clayton: "You can't just frame Jamie for knocking out Tobias."
Jamie: "WHAT!? You were gonna frame me for knocking out Tobias?"


  • Clayton's animation resembles Claymation, a reference to the fact that he is clay.
  • Clayton's voice changes in every appearance he speaks. In "The Party," he has a more feminine voice, and more of an accent in "The Dress." In Season 2, he has a different voice altogether.
  • His first major role was in "The Skull."
  • Gumball and Darwin chastise him for lying, despite having lied themselves in the past.
  • Clayton's mouth color changes from purple to pink as of Season 2.
  • In his Season 1 design, Clayton did not have eyebrows.
  • Clayton has the ability to shape shift, and even turn into other people.
  • In "The Move," Clayton reveals the reason for his compulsive lying: he perceives himself as an uninteresting person.

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