Chi Chi's Parents



Character Information
Gender: Female ♀ and Male ♂
Species: Goats
Enemies: The Wattersons
Relatives: Chi Chi (son)
Ribbit (adoptive son)
First Appearance: "The Copycats"
Voice: Teresa Gallagher (Chi Chi's mother)
Dan Russell (Chi Chi's father)

Chi Chi's parents are minor characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. Their first and only appearance is in "The Copycats," in which they serve to imitate Nicole and Richard for profit, much to their dismay.


Chi Chi's mother is a cream-colored goat with an uncanny resemblance to Nicole. Unlike Nicole, she dons a thick head of blonde hair punctured by massive brown horns. She wears a purple shirt with a white collar and a beige colored skirt, similar to Nicole's clothing. Also unlike Nicole, she also wears sand-colored shoes.

Chi Chi's father is a cocoa-colored goat with an uncanny resemblance to Richard. He has two tan horns protruding through the top of his head, a small brown nose, and 3 black freckles on each of his cheeks, along with a tuft of hair on his head similar to his son Chi-Chi. He wears a white t-shirt and brown shorts with black sandals, a more casual outfit compared to Richard's. He also has slightly thicker eyebrows than Richard's.


As Nicole's and Richard's doppelgängers, Chi Chi's parents have no real distinguishable character traits outside of those whom they imitate.



  • Chi Chi's mother and father are based on Chun-Ni and Miao Cheng Gong respectively from Miracle Star, a Chinese knockoff of The Amazing World of Gumball produced with the intent to sell powdered goat milk.

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