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This is a list of major and supporting characters that have appeared in The Amazing World of Gumball.

Main Characters

Gumball Watterson is a twelve-year-old blue cat who is prone to causing mischief across the town due to not staying inside of the box. He is fairly egotistical and a veteran snarker; despite this, Gumball has a big heart and is surprisingly selfless. Although Gumball can be intelligent at times, he is not very wise, often doing things in the most convoluted of manners and gearing his energy towards fruitless endeavors. Although Gumball can be cynical towards society and the people around him, he ultimately does believe that there is a supposed way out of such a lifestyle.

Darwin Watterson is Gumball's foster fish brother and his best friend. He was initially Gumball's pet fish, though he was promptly integrated into the family once he grew legs and lungs. Darwin is a kind-hearted spirit who sees the best in everyone and only wants to see others happy. As Gumball's right hand man, he is quick to point out the flaws in his misguided plans and acts as a sort of "moral-guardian" of sorts to him. Darwin is an optimist who helps to show Gumball the greater goods in life and his existence just brightens everyone's day.

Anais Watterson is Gumball's four year-old pink rabbit sister who happens to be the most intelligent in the family. Anais's intelligence trumps that of both of her brothers and she attends a higher grade level then them. Because of her high IQ, she is often the most snarky person in the family. However, Anais suffers from a lack of social skills, struggling to make and maintain friends.

Nicole Watterson is a blue cat and is the loving mother of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. Nicole is a master in martial arts, training under the best of them. Under stressful situations, she is quick to resort to violence and yelling, but despite that, she is very doting and loving of her family and would do anything to protect them from harm's way at the end of the day, contrary to her rough upbringing.

Richard Watterson is a pink rabbit and is the caring father of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. The lack of a father and his mother's sheltering has made Richard an inept oaf who struggles to think past the simplest of ideas. In spite of this, Richard still puts his all into everything he does because of his intense love for his family. Next to family, Richard's biggest love is food, having a large appetite and an even more diverse platter.

Supporting Characters

Elmore Junior High's Student Body

Penny Fitzgerald is a twelve-year-old shapeshifting fairy and Gumball's girlfriend who initially spent the first portion of her life in her family's signature peanut shell. Penny is a sweet, caring girl who would go out of her way to help others, although she can be a bit sensitive at times. Before Gumball coped her through her emotional roller coaster, Penny was insecure of her true form, claiming that it was hideous. Ever since, though, she has become more open and even more bubbly, though she possesses an even more fickle personality accentuated by her newfound shape-shifting abilities. One of her favorite pastimes is cheerleading, being the "leader" of Elmore Junior High's questionable cheerleader squad.

Carrie Krueger is a twelve-year-old ghost and a self-proclaimed punk-rock chick. Carrie is an expert in the supernatural world, often delving into the arts of dark magic and studying the lore of the underworld. As the daughter of a mortal and a ghost, Carrie can be seen as the link between the living and dead. She can often come across as cold and distant from her peers. Inside that rough exterior, however, she is a delicate and emotional girl who has a soft spot for Darwin, her boyfriend.

Tobias Wilson is a twelve-year-old rainbow lad and is the school's signature womanizer. Tobias is a narcissistic jerk who believes that he is a heavily-built jock that all the women will love. Contrary to his fantasies, though, he is a scrawny wimp who the girls very much dislike, a truth that he is in constant denial over. When not pursuing girls, Tobias will find other ways to showcase his supposed "manliness," whether it be slapping the butts of other guys or pretending to work out.

Tina Rex is a ferocious tyrannosaurus rex and is the school's former bully. In her bullying days, she was mean and aggressive, often picking on the smaller students relentlessly. Being a T. Rex, she only bullied others because that was the stereotype she had to fill. However, once she realized she could be her own her, she quit bullying all together and she now spends her days trying to express her femininity. She lives in the town's junkyard with only her father.

Banana Joe is an anthropomorphic banana and the class clown at school. Banana Joe is usually lighthearted, always wanting to crack jokes with his peers, regardless of the jokes' quality. Banana Joe's humor typically involves awful wordplay or committing acts of indecency by stripping his peel off. The kid also is not particularly bright, often taking a long time to understand basic concepts. Although generally trusting of others, he can act out viscerally and ferociously when feeling betrayed.

Alan Keane is a teal balloon and the most popular student at the school. Alan is one of the nicest guys around, often investing all his time into charitable deeds and constantly making sure that everyone is happy, even those who can not seem to stand him. A nice guy indeed, or so it seems - secretly, Alan is a potential dictator plotting world domination and the sentencing of all sad individuals to so-called "happy camps" for emotional realignment.

Rob was a former classmate of Gumball and Darwin. He was disfigured following his escape from the Void and, upon gaining his memory back of the incident, grew an intense hatred of the pair whom unknowingly left him there in their pursuit of Molly. He devises complex plans to end their lives, though they generally do not work out as planned.

Bobert is a robot originating from the Bobert Store oddly attending Junior High for some reason. Being a robot, Bobert is obviously the most intelligent among his peers; Bobert also benefits from his arsenal of weapons and even an ability to transform into defense mode. However, being a robot means Bobert can not process "human" emotions or common sense, making him a potential killing machine when used irresponsibly.

Sarah G. Lato is a twelve-year-old ice-cream cone and the self-proclaimed number-one fangirl of the Watterson brothers. Absolutely infatuated with them, Sarah often doodles Gumball and Darwin and writes erotic fanfiction starring the two. Sarah is also very nerdy, being a massive comic book fan and an expert on all the typical sitcom tropes.

Leslie is a pink flower who is sensitive and musically gifted. Leslie's more sensitive side allows him to be more in touch with the girls, often to the point where he is mistaken for one. He has malapropism, constantly mixing up words to his classmates' annoyance. Despite this, Leslie is still one of the more popular students at school, befriending everyone who comes his way.

Masami Yoshida is a twelve-year-old rain cloud who is the descendant of a high-class family. Having a father who owns the Rainbow Factory and a mother who is a martial arts expert, Masami is fairly spoiled, coming from a life where she gets what she wants immediately. Although she initially used her high-status to boss the other students over time, as time progressed, she has since become more relaxed with her classmates.

Sussie is a strange-looking chinikin puppet that loves eating and making noise. Sussie is loud and obnoxious, and she typically involves herself in strange activities. Strange behavior aside, Sussie is one of the nicest students at the school and is one of the most understanding, wanting to befriend everyone.

Teri is a twelve-year-old paper-doll bear who is engrossed in the science of diseases and is a huge hypochondriac. Although she is very friendly for the most part, her obsession with germs often drives people away from her in annoyance. Because of her fear of germs, she often deludes herself into thinking she is always diseased, leading to many personality clashes with the deadpan school nurse.

Carmen is a twelve-year-old green cactus currently dating the ever-so popular Alan. Having a longstanding relationship with the balloon, Carmen is very loyal to Alan and cannot bear to be apart from him, though she is quick to take extreme actions to ensure that their romance is alive and well. This makes Carmen one of the more vulnerable kids at school, being very quick to breakdown and very clingy to her loved one.

Jamie Russo is a half-cow, half-troglodyte and Tina Rex's best friend. She has great contempt for her classmates because she was held back by Miss Simian, leaving her with much younger peers. Possessing sadistic tendencies, she often performs incredibly violent acts without reason for her own pleasure. It is possible that her anger may stem from never having felt true love, an issue unrequitted by a brief (and one-sided) fling with Darwin.

Juke is a boombox-headed student that is only able to communicate through beat-boxing, a reality that he despises but has no way of admitting to. His incomprehensible speech prompts frequent miscommunication with other classmates. He has a button on the back of his head that allows him to speak English, but his arms are too short to reach it.

Hector Jötunheim is a multi-colored gigantic bigfoot-like creature attending Elmore Junior High. Although he may dwarf nearly everybody in town, Hector is truly a benevolent soul who only wants to make friends. Being sociable proves to be difficult for Hector, however; because he is a giant with huge emotions, his mother has to shelter him to protect everyone else in town from any of his massive tantrums. This in turn, only makes him more sensitive and less sociable.

Harry “Ocho” Tootmorsel is an eight-bit spider attending Elmore High. He is quick to get infuriated and violent when things do not go his way, though he is even quicker to change back to a calmer mood shortly afterwards. Due to him having famous family members, he has many trust issues when it comes to making new friends.

Molly Collins is a shy, insecure sauropod who enjoys spying on the boys in her treehouse. Her one attribute is that she is remarkably boring, so much so that it led to her being trapped in the Void and forgotten by the rest of her classmates. Aside from indulging in dull hobbies, she is also unable to tell compelling stories.

Colin and Felix are anthropomorphic twin eggs who are very intelligent and studious. When not involved in their studies, they can be seen speaking down to those who they deem less intelligent than them, which only helps to make them some of the more disliked students in the school.

Clayton is a living blob of red clay. He is a pathological liar, often telling grandiose tales out of his own lack of self-confidence and the need to fit in. His lies, while attempting to ease tension, almost always seem to make it much worse in the end.

Idaho is a potato hailing from the outskirts of Elmore. Living a life isolated from society, Idaho is unaware of modern technology or the current trends, preferring a minimalist life. Idaho's oblivion to everything in the pop culture world makes him one of the school's happier students as he is not compelled to stay on top of the trends and be "popular".

Anton is a burnt piece of toast and the most accident-prone student in the school. Many of his injuries lead to his premature death, so his parents constantly create a number of clones to take the place of the former fallen piece of bread. Anton is arguably one of most dim-witted kids in his class, never learning from his deadly injuries, and is very gullible to boot.

William is a floating eyeball who possesses psychic powers. Although he is generally calm and collected, when he gets irritated, he uses his powers to wreak destruction upon those who have wronged him. Due to him being unable to speak, many find him to be creepy and awkward, making it very hard for him to find friends.

Billy Parham is a toddler-aged egg hailing from the upper-class. Much like Anais, Billy is highly intelligent for his age, attending Elmore Junior High with adolescent-aged peers. Having been spoiled his entire life, Billy is self-entitled; his self-entitlement plays out in his love life, as his unrequited feelings for Anais causes him to lash out. He also has extreme reactions to video games as he has never played one prior to his first encounter.

Hot Dog Guy is a hot dog currently attending Elmore Junior High. Hot Dog Guy can be described as very awkward, not doing well in tense social situations, specifically ones involving one-on-one interaction. Hot Dog Guy can be seen hanging around town, typically with his phone in-hand.

Julius is a tough ne'er-do-well who takes pleasure in bullying others. Due to his misconduct, he has become the virtual kingpin of detention. He is also incredibly short-tempered, causing his head to explode on several occasions.

A pink teddy bear who is one of the delinquents. While he resembles the Care Bears, he is actually quite brutal.

A rat kid who is one of the delinquents. He can get angry and attack people sometimes.

A rotten cupcake who is one of the delinquents. He was mistaken by Gumball and Darwin for a female.

A tattooed hand who is one of the delinquents. He has a skull illustration on his hand for a face.

Clare Cooper is a pessimistic classmate of Anais. She percieves every situation from a negative stance and is unable to acknowledge how bizarre the world is around her. When faced with her life's tragedies, she would rather tough it out herself and accept her fate than have anybody else interfere.

Wilson Bilson is a paper boy who Clare considers her only true friend. Struggling with his identity, his personality is a mix of cheerleader, goth, football player, and majorette. At the very least, he takes solace in the fact that he is not any weirder than anyone else around him.

A puppet creature who is Clare's love interest and prom king of Elmore Junior High. He seems to find Gumball and Darwin somewhat insane.

While Clayton set him up to be a gigantic muscular menace, in actuality, Razor is a harmless, scrawny nerd; however, this did not stop him from getting suspended for his alleged involvement in Clayton's destructive acts. He has a band called "The Soldiers of Pain" that distributes their music online for downloading. 

Rachel is Tobias' older sister. She is cruel and spiteful to those younger than her, and has a very aggressive relationship with her brother. Despite her unpleasant personality, she has a friendly relationship with Darwin and Penny. She is unpopular with the show's real-life crew, and has been phased out of the series, making no physical appearances since the first season.

School Faculty

Lucy Simian is a sadistic and apathetic baboon whose teaching career goes as far back as two million years ago. Long burnt-out by the thankless job of educating thousands of ungrateful children, Lucy has become cynical towards her job as she barley puts any effort into it and concerns herself more with her unprofessional relationship with the school's principal, Nigel Brown. When not smooching with the furry creature, she is relentlessly harassing her students.

Nigel Brown is a furry creature who is the principal of Elmore Junior High. As Lucy Simian's lover, he spends most of his time flirting with her instead of running the school properly. In spite of his professional position, he never got a proper diploma (instead painting a fake one onto the walls of his office), a source of great insecurity for him. 

Steve Small is the eccentric hippie counselor at Elmore Junior High infamous for his "spaced out" nature and strange rituals. Despite being arguably the strangest of all the staff members, Steve is the most passionate staff, only desiring to inspire his students to make a difference. When not in his office, Steve can usually be seen mediating or involving himself in conspiracy theories.

Rocky weighs down the majority of the school's faculty jobs, most frequently working as the school janitor, bus driver, and cafeteria server. With a distaste for corporations, he seems content with his lower-tier professions, something that his parents are not particularly proud of. While he gets along well with students, he struggles with finding true love.

Joan Markham is the school nurse and perhaps one of the most sarcastic staff members of Junior High, often complaining of her job and having to put up with Teri, whose germaphobic disposition finds her often in the school infirmary. She is quick to make sardonic retorts when presented with strange scenarios, acknowledging them as just another part of her existence. 

Despite working as the school's gym teacher and telling braggadocious tales from her past, Coach Russo is an incredibly inactive gym teacher incapable of the athletic feats she so often describes. When a demonstration is necessary, she often has her daughter, Jamie, to comply.

Moonchild Corneille is a frog who teaches geography at Elmore Junior High. Although he is revered by his students for his emanating sense of suave, he is unable to provide console to them in any way aside from listing geographical facts. Although he appears pixelated in real life, he looks normal when photographed or on video. He has an affinity for Joan, the school nurse, even willing to put himself in a MMMMA cage fight for the sake of stealing a smooch.

The librarian is an old tree-like woman working at the school library. She often hushes students who are being too loud and is quick to turn furious when something goes awry. In spite of this, she is generally perceived as a very relaxed person.

Around Elmore

Gaylord Robinson is a retired Muppet-like creature dedicating his retirement to bickering and showcasing his supposed superiority. Gaylord is long since his days of optimism, now living a life in which he dislikes everything and everyone that is not he or his possessions. He constantly feels the need to assert his authority and possessions, never realizing that nobody in his neighborhood really cares. Despite his obvious distaste for the Wattersons, the family is oddly fond of him, making several attempts to be on good terms with them.

The wife of Gaylord Robinson, she is just as grumpy as, and resentful towards the Wattersons, as her husband. However, unlike her spouse, she also possesses a lele of sheer evil beyond all logic, taking immense pleasure in terrorizing the community. She is also incredibly unfaithful to her husband, willing to leave him at a moment's notice to pursue another lover. Margaret's only form of verbal communication is a harsh, muttering whisper, often prompting difficulties in communication.

Larry Needlemeyer is a young, rock creature that works many of the jobs across Elmore. Larry is very responsible and diligent, taking great pride in his work and his efficiency. However, his strong work ethic proves to be disadvantageous in the long run, trapping him in an inescapable cycle in which he must juggle thirty-eight different jobs, from a store clerk, to a cashier, to a pizza delivery guy. This leaves him sleep deprived and stressed. Despite this, Larry still powers through life, trying (emphasis on "trying") to put a smile on every customer's face.

Doughnut Sheriff is the rather incompetent sheriff of Elmore's police department. He is infatuated with eating, a distraction that often leads him to misread situations or ignore criminal activity outright. In the face of chaos, he is also quick to neglect his designated role, often joining in the ruckus.

Patrick Fitzgerald is not only an important figure in the world of architectural design, but he is also the strict and uptight parent of Penny Fitzgerald. Being one for order and sanity in life, he is not very fond of the reputation the Wattersons have made for themselves, and was once specifically against the idea of Gumball dating his daughter. However, once Gumball proved himself to be beneficial to Penny, Patrick has drastically changed his stance on the cat, still being relatively cautious around him, but trusting him otherwise.

Joanna Watterson, often referred to as simply Jojo, is an elderly, pink rabbit who happens to be the parental grandfather of the Watterson children. Jojo has a very radical take on parenting, believing that all children need to be protected from all of the world's dangers and that they must never leave the restraints of their own home; her philosophy on parenting happens to cause many personality clashes between her and Nicole. Jojo also happens to be very clingy of her current husband, Louie, most likely deriving from the abandonment from her former husband, Frankie.

A former member of Elmore's Senior Citizens and Granny Jojo's husband, Louie is a kind old man who enjoys spending time with his new grandkids. Although he has a relatively happy relationship with his wife, he often feels restrained by her and trapped due to her intensely possessive qualities and fear of losing him.

Gary is an elderly moose who works most of Elmore's community jobs, perhaps because he is retired, though he does them recklessly, often oblivious to the haphazard ways in which he performs them. Even so, he seems to greatly enjoy doing his work. He hides a dark past, however: he is pursued by Russian agents for a crime he testified against in court, and lives under an alter-ego – his real name is "Harry Gedges."

Sal Left Thumb is Elmore's resident crook, with a spoon in one hand and a sack of money in the other. He resembles an average fingerprint. Sal is your typical thief: stingy, aggressive, and fairly incompetent. He never wanted his life to turn out this way, however; as a boy, he has always dreamed of being a Broadway performer, a dream that sadly never reached the light of day.

A pink creature who is Larry's on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Patrick's wife, and Penny's extremely generous mother.

Jackie is Tobias's mother. Like her son, she can get incredibly competitive to the point of cheating to secure a win. She also exercises a decent amount of authority over her husband, Harold, who feels that he cannot be his true self around her.

Harold is Tobias's father and, like his son, a massive womanizer, often "negging" potential dates into submission to win them over. He takes great pleasure in tormenting Richard, a pastime he has enjoyed. Although content with his wife, he is quick to neglect and replace her in favor of great wealth.

Banana Bob is Banana Joe's father, identical to his son in almost every way save his mustache. Like his son, however, he can be dopey at times, though he seems to be slightly more level-headed at times, if not equally as injury-prone.

Banana Barbara is Banana Joe's mother. Like her son, she is not particularly bright. Even more so than him, however, she is incredibly accident-prone, often getting herself injured even when attempting to perform simple, harmless tasks, often due to her complete obliviousness. Despite this, she has been shown to be able to predict future events on more than one occasion.

Lenny is a blocky humanoid who works at Chanax Inc., although he has no idea what he is doing working there. Likening his tie to a noose, he dreams of being free to run in the forest naked...or to run in the forest period.

A living ball of newspaper who works at Chanax Inc.. Underneath his folds lies his alter-ego, Mr, Chanax, the tyrannical helm of Chanax Inc., who enjoys draining the life from his employees and manipulating them.

Charlie is a cloud-like man who works at Chanax Inc.. However, he does not enjoy his job, having only acquired it from walking into the building in search of a restroom and never finding the exit.

A large blue humanoid who seems to have several jobs in Elmore.

A slimy little man who apparently works as a literal baby sitter.

Alison is an elderly crocodilian resident of Elmore. She tends to get aggressive when things get in her way, and she is not afraid to put her "bingo wings" to good use if the situation calls for it. Her only friend is her pet cat, Martin, who she believes to be a real boy.

Marvin Finklehimer is an octogenarian, red bean-creature who spends his days reminiscing about his youth and wishing to connect with the new generation, as is the norm with the senior citizen crew. Falling victim to the crankiness that comes with old age, Marvin at times can be fairly stubborn, specifically when it comes to old family treasures worth hundreds of dollars.

An old elephant who can be seen around the town at times.

An old citizen who can be seen around Elmore, usually with the other senior citizens.

A plaided elderly citizen with a Scottish accent.

Jealousy is a spirit that can possess anyone or anything, causing the victim to turn a shade of green and gain its face and voice, making them jealous. Jealousy possessed many people in "The Flower."

Frankie is Richard's deadbeat father, having left his family with his son at a very young age. He is a rat, both literally and figuratively, often acting out of his own selfishness, not even being above exploiting his own family. The past thirty years of his life had been spent on the run from a three-day prison sentence.

Felicity is Billy's snobbish mother. She disapproves of the Wattersons, frequently getting entangled in unsavory scenarios with them. In addition, she objects to the use of video games and technology, fearing that it causes disillusionment and damage to its users.

Chi Chi is Gumball's goat doppelgänger and part of The Incredible World of Chi Chi, a bootlegged show based off of Gumball's life verbatim. As such, he has no discernible personality separate from that whom he imitates, besides, well, intense imitating.

Ribbit is to Darwin what Chi Chi is to Gumball: a doppelgänger who rips off his every whim. 

Gargaroth is a black blob-like monster who haunts Elmore Junior High. He is an evil creature from the Underworld who devours souls, only capable of being stopped by the sacrifice of a selfless hero. He is allegedly summoned by uttering his name, "Gargaroth the Devourer."

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